Inchcock Today – Wed 14 Oct 15: Bus Trip out for the lad (He loves his free pensioners bus-pass!)

Wednesday 14th October 2015

Up at 0335hrs – straight to the porcelain again, Little Inchy bleeding but the haemorrhoids a lot less so this morning. 

Made a cuppa and used over the none-delivery of yesterdays Wilko order. Laptop on, auto-reply-email back from Wilko telling me they have received me email and intend to reply within 72 hours.

Stomach started churning up, so when I took me medications I had an extra Omeprazole and a swig of Sertraline.

Not too good this morning at the moment, but I still want to go to Derby on the bus and get a decent walk in, feed the ducks and take some photographs. I might see if they have any hot-cooked ham joints on the market there… well me stomach is telling not to though. Hehe!

Did some work on me graphics for me ‘Duncan comes to the rescue’ (Or whatever I decide to call it when it’s finally done) funny blog. Got it finished at last, I’ve been working on the graphics for weeks now, just hope it goes down well. Gorrit posted on WordPress.

Had a bath without any Whoopsiedangleplops.

Unfortunately I enjoyed it a little too long and missed me bus from the flats. Huh!

01topj2Hey-ho. I had a walk through Woodthorpe Grange Park onto Mansfield Road and over the hill to the bus-stop.

Not many folk on the bus this morning, seemed odd that. Took a photo.

Got into town and wandered down into town and called at the bank to get a £10 bag of 20p pieces for the laundry machines to gobble up later.

01topj3Out and to Friar Lane to catch the Y5 bus to Derby. One arrived as I got to the stop – and I was off on me within a minute.

Got a free Metro and read that en route through the villages.

There were more people on the Y5 than
were on the Sherwood bus.

01topj5As we went through Draycott a lot of houses and businesses had the flag flying ready for Remembrance day I assume.

That was encouraging given the current mood in the country.

I got a call on me mobile. It was the delivery courier driver for Wilko asking were I was? I told him I waited in yesterday all day for the agreed delivery – he said he called and pressed 76 on the keypad for ages and got no answer. I informed him the number was 72 (But felt a bit nervous in case I had given them the wrong number – oh dear!). He said he would call tomorrow morning once more nd try again. He was not a happy bunny!

I put the phone down and it rang again!

This time it was Steve from Age UK. He told me he’d had the house valued (£20k less than I’d hoped for) he added of course you might get less! I now need to meet with him and a representative from the Nottingham Building Society to sign some papers, pay for a solicitor, agree their £2k and a bit handling charge, and pay for something else I can’t remember what now. That’ll put me balance near bankruptcy I told him. He said they should not charge for all of it now, some will be taken off the top when the house is sold.

I’m getting confused now…

He said he will call to see me Friday afternoon (As usual on his way home and he can’t spare any time or do anything as he doesn’t work again until Monday Tsk!). Along with a building society representative.

I wrote own the timings on the Metro newspaper so I don’t get it wrong when i get back to the flat and record things on me Google calendar.

01topj7Got into Derby and I walked to the Derwent riverside, got me camera ready and fed some seeds and earthworms to the pigeons.

The many pigeons!

Then took a photo of the pigeons that had not landed for some nosh as they 01topj8flew around in a gigantic circle above.

No idea why they did.

There sees to be more of them than ever today. How they find enough to eat and avoid the attacks from the seagulls I’ll never understand.

But I can’t help liking them – the 01topj9bpigeons not the seagulls.

Had a walk into the Eagle Marketplace. So sad at how many closed down stalls there were. Same in Nottingham and Mansfield as well.

Walked up and visited the hot meat shop to peruse what they had on offer.

It was all crap I’m afraid, the joints were dried out and unattractive to look at. So I didn’t bother getting any like.

I wandered back down through the market and came across a new place selling menswear and hats – I noticed there were no prices on any of them. I was looking a one that I fancied that was similar to the one I got from Primark for £4 last month, but a better colour – a lady approached me to inform me they were reduced to £20 each today… £2o each! – I moved on.

01topj9cTo the bus station and caught a Red Arrow Express bus back to Nottingham – I was getting off the bus 35 minutes later, boy can them buses move!

Dropped off and walked to and through the Slab-square.

As I poddled round it the two rob-dog coffee shops opposite each other on two 01topj0101acorners, Starbucks and Costa, you know the ones who get away without paying any tax that was on the radio bout it last month.

Despite not being so many folk around, yet they were both well filled with people who can afford £3 for a plastic cup of coffee.

I’m just glad I don’t like coffee.

I walked to L9 bus-stop and met with Norman, a tenant of the flat on the same floor as wot I am. A grand old chap, we had a natter and he told me about his first job as a van-lad in Carrington.

The bus arrived and were lifted back to the Woodthorpe Court.

The driver we assumed was a fan of stock car racing! We were thrown all over as he accelerated, jammed on the anchors with venom and went around the corner and bends with a-gusto!

Still, on the bright side, it stopped me falling asleep!

Got in and paid the porcelain a visit – passing the letters on the floor en-route. Bad news here, ‘Little Inchy’ was bleeding again. Did what I could to stop him, but only managed to slow it down.

Got the letters after cleaning missen up, one from the hospital with me INR level reading. Down to 1.8, not good that. I emailed the surgery to try and book in for a test next Monday, no reply yet.

That reminded me about putting the appointment wot I wrote on the Metro in me calendar – the Metro that I’d left on the bus!

The other letter was from the Nottingham Hospice Charity, about their Lucky Day Weekly Lottery. I’m thinking of doing this £1 lottery instead of the National Lottery now. It only has a top prize of £25,000 every 3 months, £2000 each week. But the cash I spend on it will do more good that on the big lottery methinks?

Did a bit of blogging, checked emails again.

Rang Jane to tell her I had to cancel me meeting with Pete for Thursday and explained why. They were both going out to a nosh so they didn’t have much time to natter.

IMG_0023Got me nosh ready.

Took me medications.

To the loo, and little Inchy bleeding yet again!

I must get to the GP again about this and get an appointment to see the GUM specialist when he’s iin Nottingham again.

Morrisons delivery tomorrow morning, Nottingham City Homes representative coming to talk to me – about what I know not? And hopefully the Wilko order should be coming for a third time…

So another day stuck inside.

Friday the same, got to wait in for the Nottingham Building Society bloke/woman to call see me, and Steve Age UK coming too.

I’ll be in a right pickle if I get the GUM appointment for either of these days… Huh!

Got me head down early and was soon off to the land of nod for a change.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wed 14 Oct 15: Bus Trip out for the lad (He loves his free pensioners bus-pass!)

  1. I sure hope this reply gets there, because my last few don’t seem to have made it. Might just have to get on my reader and see if that helps. Should be doing that anyway,
    Your memory is getting almost like mine luv. I totally forgot about an appointment I have tomorrow, and now it’s too late to make travel arrangements, I don’t know the phone number to cancel the appointment, and have no idea what to do about it now. I guess I’ll have to try and find the number some way and call in the morning to reschedule the appointment, even though it’s not a test I’m crazy about having.
    Sure hope all of your deliveries arrived, and everything gets taken care of for you okay. I especially hope the money problems work out. I have those also, but they are my own fault. Just wanted to get this apartment shaped up all at one time, and didn’t watch my spending while doing it. At least now I have everything necessary to finish what I want, just have to make it all now. A lot of crochet work ahead of me, but I enjoy that part.
    Take care of you luv.

    • Thanks Angie love.
      Your tale of the missed appointment sounds just like it could be me talking Angie! ♫Two of a kind♫ Hehe! I hope you can get another appointment arranged soon.
      Delivery arrived gal, I’ve put a photo in me diary of it in me hallway, where it blocks me in the flat! Haha!
      You’ve betterer than I have in getting sorted – proud of you gal. X
      Seeing the finance man about selling the house later today – fingers crossed.
      TTFN – hug sent. X

      • I’ve got you beat in one thing luv. The construction crew cut the phone wire to my apartment, and I haven’t had internet service for almost a week. Wondered why nothing was going thru, and when I finally realized it wasn’t me, I got the provider after being on and off hold for hours, finally called them back today, 10-20-2915, and told them if it was not repaired by end of week, I would find another service provider. It is fixed!!!!
        Take care of you luv.

      • Well done gal, so glad it’s going right now. My TV reception has gone to pot, luckily I don’t watch it much, and when I do I fall asleep. Hehe!
        My internet was dodgy to say the least yesterday, so I gave it a rest until this morning and it’s going aright now.
        TTFN and a quick cuddle sent through the ether. X

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