Inchcock Today Sat 12 Dec 15: Got some undies at last!

My weight is perfect for my height – which varies


Saturday 12th December 2015

Up with a start at 0310hrs – Porcelain visited, kettle on then laptop started.

Finished yesterdays diary off. Took a while as me fingers are a bit stiff this morning – first time for weeks they’ve been like this.

Thought about it being a dreaded Saturday today, dreaded because it is always a Saturday when I get letter/s from FraserBrown the imitation solicitors, and its always bad news! Feeling apprehensive now.

Cuppa and medications taken.

Started this diary off, then did some Facebooking.

It was persistently persisting with persistent wet rain this morning.

I packed me bag with Bird seed, umbrella, gloves etc, covered them with carrier bags to help keep out the rain and made sure I’d got me camera, mobile and bus-pass on me person. (Note: I didn’t mention anything about taking me camera SD card out of the laptop did I? Humph!)

Then took a bath and the rubbish to the chute.

Set off on a walk through the park into Sherwood to catch a bus into town. Met Frank from the 4th floor on the way out and had a little natter with him.

It only took me about 15 minutes to get to the bus stop, but the rain was such as i was soaked through by the time I got there.

Dropped off on Mansfield Road and straight to the Victoria bus station and on a bus to Derby, in search of finding some cotton loose-fit underpants again.

At Derby I went to the back of the bus-station and fed the ducks and pigeons, went to take some  photo’s… that was when I realised I’d left me SD card in the laptop.

I swore profusely!

P1020641Walked to the Primark store in the rain and I got carried away a bit… well a lot really.

Spent too much again!

I was so excited at finding they had some of the underpants I wanted in stock I got three packs of 3 pair… a dressing gown on offer, a cardigan on offer, jumper with a hood and lounge pants on offer. Tsk!

I went through the market on the way back to the bus station and  nipped on the shop there to get a TV paper and somehow a pack of fresh cream cakes fell into me bag as well. (Ahem!)

So annoyed with missen for not taking me SD card with me yet again – and it dawned on me, I’d put one in me pocket last time I forgot. So there I was, having an SD card all the time and not knowing it – I considered asking the doctor for a mental test later. Hehe!

P1020635 P1020634Fell asleep several times on the way back to Nottingham. When the bus got into Nottingham I found the card and took some photographs of the slab-square amusements.

Shoppers galore today.

Plenty of folk out and about despite the prices they were charging and the rain.

The wind was getting up a bit more now.

P1020638P1020633As I strolled up King Street slowly, I had a good 40 minutes to wait for the bus, a pigeon came down and did a little dance for me?

I sneaked her some seed.

I think they must have seen the inordinate amount of pavement artists in the town and folk throwing money at them, they tried it for themselves? Haha!

P1020639I took a wander around for a bit and got a hot bacon cob from a shop and as I left noticed how run-down the Old Turf Tavern was looking on Upper Parliament Street now if has closed down.

Got a break in traffic and pedestrian at just the right time when I took this photo.

P1020640Caught the bus and was soon back at the flats after nodding off a few times again.

Caught one of me neighbours form the flats getting on the bus.

WC’d made a cuppa and took the photo shown earlier of things I’d bought unintentionally like.

Got me nosh and fell asleep.

Phone woke me up, it as BJ asking me if I wanted to go on a visit to the Papplewick pumping station in the morning.

I thanked him and he said he’d ring on the land-line when he was on his way so I could meet him and David in front of the flats.

I think he said about 0800 hrs.

Missed me evening medications. Fool!

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