Inchcock Today Sun 13 Dec 15: Papplewick Pumping Station Visitation

One nice thing about egotists: they don’t talk much about other people! 

Sunday 13th December 2015

Up with a start at 0300hrs – Porcelain visited, kettle on, took morning medications and thoughts f the visit to Papplewick Pumping Station arranged last night came into me mind.

I think BJ said he was to ring me before he set off from home to pick up David and then me, to lift us to the pumping station? To meet them outside the flats.

Laptop started to finish Saturday’s diary off, and start this one.

Made another cuppa and a dizzy spell hit me – not nice this one. Wondered if I should call BJ and cancel me going to the station? Decided against it and crossed fingers it’ll be a one-off.

Did  bit of Facebooking then got missen washed and changed.

All ready for 0745 hrs and awaiting the phone call from BJ.

0845 hrs, still waiting for the phone call.

Watched some rubbish on YouTube.

0945 hrs, still awaiting the phone call from BJ.

I suppose I got the time wrong perhaps?

1040 hrs still awaiting the phone call from BJ.

1145 hrs still awaiting the phone call from BJ.

1210 hrs took me midday medications.

12.15 hrs the phone call came… got missen ready and down to meet BJ and David.

P1020642We were soon parking up in the Pumping Station’s car park.

Took a photographicalisation of David (Left) and BJ when we got out of the vehicle.

The drizzle started and it got a bit cold as we entered the site.

P1020643Took some photographs and wandered around. BJ and David soon lost me, so I wandered around knowing I’d bump into them again.

The rain began to pour down and the wind got up a bit and I started coughing – which was not good at all as it affected ‘Little Inchy’ and he bled away. This ruined the day.

Tried me best to clean missen up in the toilets, but all I really wanted was to get home and in the bath I’m afraid.

P1020653 P1020649I moved into a steam generator warehouse and although the lighting was not good, tried to take some shots of the many Commemorative Colliery plates in the cupboards on show.

There were about a hundred or so scattered around in cabinets.

The place was well busy, with families and fans and experts visiting.

The was a steam generator running, built in Manchester 1912 that was used in the Players Cigarette factory for years that had been given new life at Papplewick.

P1020644P1020656A break in the rain and the mini-railway. was soon filled with passengers as it trudged around the back of the site. More adults than kids went on it.

The rain came heavy again and i made me way into the Pumping house.

The ornateness of the place, considering all the gigantic machinery that was running so smoothly and efficiently was a pleasure to see.

I stayed in there cause it was a bit warmer. David found me ans told me he was going on a trip to visit the underground reservoir and I told him I’d wait where I was until he returned, BJ had lost him too.

P1020662Their was a Santa’s Grotto on the top floor for the kids, and a brass band playing carols.

Which I enjoyed.

As it got late Santa and his two helpful female elves departed in style.

BJ found me and it seems David had P1020659gone back on another trip to the reservoir.

I went out and waited for David to return, which meant an hour in the drizzle. I kept popping back in to the boiler room, where a girl was energetically stoking the boiler and loving it.

Eventually David returned and we departed.

Not a good day for me really, but I love visiting the place.

BJ dropped me off at the flat then ran David home. I thanked him, painfully got out of the car and limped up to the flat.

I must say I felt horrible then, tired, irritable, coughing, Little Inchy sore and bleeding and then I had a dizzy spell.

Took me evening medications while I thought of it, and cleaned up and medicated ‘Little Inchy’.

P1020663Got me nosh. I was hungry but so tired.

Nothing fancy or I thought would upset me stomach as that had started rumbling now. Tsk!

Had it not been for ‘Little Inchy’, the weather, the others losing me and the coughing it would have been a wonderful day.

I ache all over now. Hehe!

Remembered to put me Warfarin record card in me pocket for the blood tests in the morning though.

Hope make a pictorial post of the visit when/if I get time tomorrow or Tuesday.

TTFN all.

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