Inchcock Today Fri 11 Dec 15: Medicationalistical problems improve today – Now I’m worried… Hehe!

Experience is the thing you have left when everything else is gone.


Good Morning all!

Friday 11th December 2015

Up at 0400hrs – And no urgent or immediate demands or calls to the porcelain? (A first this was! Hehe!)

At 0404 hrs the calls to the porcelain started…. Tsk!

The radiators were red-hot after  the chap set them for me the other day. Dread to think what the cost will be in electricity. Toyed with the controls in an effort to turn them down a bit. Still, it meant the draught coming into the kitchen was warmer than usual. Hey-ho!

Made a brew, got me morning medications and realised I’d missed last nights when I found the unopened pot near me laptop – Humph!

As I typed my elbow joints became stiff and painful – no idea why?

Still, not complaining, Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis were being kind to me, the rumbling innards seemed easier… oh that reminds me, must take another one of the hydrochloride capsules, they seem to be helping, the reflux valve ain’t bad either this morning, the hernia is twanging just a bit, the skin cancer path has stopped itching all together now too. Even me legs were not as swollen as of recent. The ulcer was no bother and the haemorrhoids a well.

Either I’m going to croak out unexpectedly or things might be improving?

The best of all was there was only a tiny bit of blood from Little Inchy.

Even found missen singing Helen Shapiro songs to missen when I was on the thrown?!?!

Started the laptop and this diary.

Got a wash and brush up and bath and readied missen for me search for the ‘Loose fitting underpants’.

Took rubbish to the chute on me way down, then called at the Community Hut to see Dean and Julie who were both their today. Handed them some letters I’d received for Margaret the previous tenant and returned to the reception area to join some other tenants waiting for the bus and had a good natter and laugh with em.

Caught the L9 into town.


Top of Hockley

Dropped off before town and walked up Hockley browsing for any of the ‘Loose fitting underpants’ en-route up into the City Centre. None found.

Walked down to Fletcher Gate and called into the C&A store – went in and eventually gave up trying to find the menswear department and left.

On towards the shopping mall and visited the British home Stores shop and again searched for any ‘Loose fitting underpants’ – failed to find any again.

I think I might have to go to Derby to try and find some at their Primark store?

P1020627Had a wander round looking in other shops without any luck.

Getting busy now and I had to keep an eye out for the Pavement cyclists.

There were plenty of the belting around dangerously between the pedestrians.

Walked back to the slab-square where I P1020630came across a group of schoolchildren being monitored by three teachers as they walked into the festivities in the Winter Wonderland area.

I worked it out, if they all went on one ride on the Horses ride, it would cost them over £90 at the prices advertised for kids.

P1020631At the other end of the square a pick-a-duck stall had these animal figures above it.

Why snow leopards connected with picking a duck escaped me for a while – then I realised ‘Snow’ leopard – Christmas?

Took this photo cause I thought Caroline on Facebook would like it.

P1020632As I walked up King Street to the bus stop I turned looked back and saw the chance to try to do another ‘Moody’ photo.

I can see if I go on like this some Newspaper or art gallery will be contacting me to offer me work. (Ahem!)

Decided to walk to Tesco as I had not been able to get any fresh cream French horns for over a week now and was getting withdrawal symptoms. Hehe!

P1020622Wondered around Victoria shopping centre on the way there and got some photos for the TFZ gals.

What this is apart form a mirror I don’t know, but I bet one or more of the TFZ gals will know and will inform me?

These wigs looked comical to me, but they were very cheap.

P1020625Oh… they aren’t wigs are they? They are winter hats.

Silly me!


I noticed here were several gangs of youths lurking about in the mall today.

Some lovely pearls here.

P1020628Got into Tesco and they had some cakes in and I got a pack of em.

Walked out through Trinity Square slipping the birds some seeds on me way to the bus stop, checking shops for ‘Loose fitting underpants’ on the way – again without any luck at all!

Still think I might have a ride out to Derby tomorrow in search of some.

Met a fellow tenant from the 4th floor at the bus stop and had a chin-wag with him.

Back to the flats without falling asleep on the bus – Good that fer me!

But I was drained when I got in. WC’d made a cuppa, took me medications and had me nosh before falling asleep, a deep sleep in the chair.

That was the end of me day…

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