Inchcock Today Fri 22 Jan 16: A Long Day


Friday 22 January 2016


The rain set in this morning

I sprang awake at 0200hrs.

So I stumbled to the bathroom, to find sadly that Little Inchy had been bleeding again, the haemorrhoids flowing as well; and then remembered Jane and Pete were calling later. So I made a cuppa and got on with finishing my diary off and starting this one, so I would have time to get myself ready for their inspection… I mean visit… or do I? Hehe!

I know I will not be able to make the place or myself acceptable to their standards, but I feel should make the effort. Pete said yesterday he’d try to get the radio programmed and the binoculars set up for me, so that will divert their criticalisationing instincts and attentions I hope.

Laptop on and made a start.

After an hour or two, I made a start cleaning and titivating the flat; as quietly as I could so as not to disturb the neighbours.

I did the kitchen floor with some expensive straight-to-the-floor cleaner, using a large micro fiber cloth. Much better results than using the mop. But getting up and down to and from the ground level was a bit of a bother of course.

Having said that, the Arthritis is kind to me at the moment.

Nipped into the bathroom for what must have been my fourth visit up to now. Tsk!

Then as I was sweeping the hall, I noticed many letters had been posted. Bearing in mind, this was about 0555hrs? I suppose they must have been delivered yesterday, and I didn’t notice them?


This gives me some time to fret over the weekend until Monday when I can get to see them about it at their offices – again! Humph!

After getting notification of me being in rent arrears last month; I went down to see them. They changed the payment and assured me not to worry, all would be okay. Humph!

Must get to see them again. Might have time on Monday after my INR Warfarin blood-level test? Won’t have time today because of Jane and Pete’s apartment inspection taking place.

P1020891When I was doctoring this photo I took, of the mail, I came across a picture of yesterday’s satisfying meal, that I couldn’t find when I first looked for it yesterday? Damned poltergeist!

It was the best I’d enjoyed since being in the flat. Baked potatoes, potato farls, beetroot, and traditional Polish Frankfurters. Thinking about it, I’ll give Taste rating of 9.69/10.

Enjoyed a good scrub-up, and then did some graphicalisationing. Created a decent graphic to go along with my Ode about life, entitled ‘I get so excited!’.


Then got to work sorting the paperwork out and into the two file boxes.

Jane rang, she will not be coming to inspect the apartment now. She’s got a sore throat and sounded unwell the poor thing. Spoke to Pete, he will be coming up on his own.

Finished the sorting out and made a cuppa, realised I’d actually taken me medications. Humph! So, I just took the beta-bock, blood release, angina and reflux tablets.

It’s been raining since I got up at 0400hrs. I sorted and took down the bags of rubbish and recycle one to outside the caretakers door, as they were too big to get into the shoot. Met a couple of tenants and had a little chin-wag.

Pete arrived, and we had a good natter, and he programmed the battery radio for me. Then he set up the binoculars, so I had got them at the optimum settings.Got the laundry ready and went down and got it loaded into a machine in the laundry room. Nipped out to the community shed and handed the letter that’s arrived for the flats previous tenant Margaret.

I walked him down to his car, thanked him and wished Jane all the best with her horrible severe sufferings.

Got the laundry ready and went down and got it loaded into a machine in the laundry room. Nipped out to the community shed and handed the letter that’s arrived for the flats previous tenant Margaret.

Returned to the lobby and did my crosswords while I was waiting for the washer to finish.

Has a couple of little gossips to some tenants as they passed in or out of the building.

Got the washing transferred to the drying machine, and nipped up to the flat and updated this diary.

Down and collected the washing laundry room.

Back up to the flat and put the togs away.

The last N9 bus to Arnold was due at 1437hrs. I decided to catch it and go to Sainsburys and get some bread, potatoes and er… what was the other thing? I know there were three things… I suppose I’ll remember it when I get there and have a look around? Tsk! 

Had a quick bath and I readied things then set off to catch the bus. I was the sole person waiting for it.

01W04Dropped off at the Sainsbury store and had a wander round for ages.

Then strolled (Limped), into Arnold and popped into the Iceland store to get some Weight Watchers mini pots of ice cream and beef slices in puff pastry.

I ended up getting more than initially planned of course. Tsk!

P1020894Timed it to get to the bus stop after consulting the timetable I had with me. The last bus back was due according to the leaflet, at eleven minutes past the hour. I arrived lugging me bags at Ten to the hour.

The need for the usage of porcelain was growing in urgency.

The rain had stopped at last, but I fear the L9 buses had too!

P1020895I waited as all the other buses passing by picked up other passengers, and soon it was 20 minutes past the hour, no L9 bus.

So I caught another one and dropped off in Sherwood.

It was getting a bit dark quickly now as I walked up the hill towards the Woodthorpe Grange Park.

P1020897As I entered the broken iron gates into the park, the sky was so beautiful.

The moon appearing in haste, and the multi-coloured streaks of reds, purples, blues, etc. along with the darkening overall looked incredible.

I tried to capture it in this photo, but it didn’t come out very well.

I suppose my haste to get to the porcelain might have cocked-up my focussing?

Somehow, I painfully managed to get to the flat’s bathroom and the pain that awaited me. Hehe!

Got some fodder, took the medications and sat musing on things for a good while;

  • The rent arrears and how to get them sorted
  • My making Pete a cuppa and forgetting to give it to him
  • My buying unneeded nosh and overspending again
  • The constipation
  • The damned solicitors delaying the house sale 
  • My weight and belly increasing in volume and girth
  • The lost lottery ticket?
  • And why did I just pass wind that will probably affect tenants three floors up and down?

I got the TV paper and took a look at what was on offer. Some good stuff from eight until eleven.

I watched them in hundreds of episodes between my periods of nodding off, then needing the porcelain again around 1200hrs.

Felt a bit odd as I drifted off to the land of nod.

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