Inchcock Today Fri 23 Feb 16: Fings going alright for once – I should not have said that, should I?

Have you heard about the lawyers’ word processor?
No matter what font you select, everything comes out in fine print!


BusstopRainTuesday 23 February 2016

Shot awake at around 0300hrs, the TV still flickering away, headphones still on my head, the wind howling outside and in urgent need of the bathroom porcelain.

Stood up, overjoyed at how the leg gave me so little defiance in this effort. Anne Gyna was giving no bother, the Reflux valve was sticking just a bit, and Arthur Itis was very kind to me. It concerns me when I wake up feeling good like this because history tells me I’ll pay for it later? Hehe! As I set off on the long eleven-step walk to the bathroom, I pulled the wire of the headphone with my foot – clunk the mug and mobile phone clattered onto the floor. I bent down and retrieved them, still no hiatus from the leg or back?

Sat there on my throne, I decided to get a shave then. BJ is coming to lift me to the launderette around 0800>0830hrs. So I’ll have to have a bath earlier than usual (Remember I left the hot water tap running last night so couldn’t have one then, besides I fell asleep, Humph!). Hoping it will not disturb my neighbours, I’ll have it around 0715hrs, that should give me time to get the things ready for BJ then.

Deerhat1When I came out to go to the kitchen, (All of at least eight-paces), I actually remembered I’d selected to keep my hearing aids in Auntie Kath’s fancy China pot thing. I got the idea from some of TFZ gals who responded to my photo of it on Facebook.

Well chuffed with oneself, this morning I was… up to now, no agony from the ailments, not forgetting where I’d moved the hearing aids too; this can’t go on I thought? Haha!

CG poorly2I made a good strong cup of Punjana tea and had my breakfast while setting the laptop going to finish Monday’s diary off and start this one.

I’d left the headphones I use for the laptop out on the 1967 G-Plan sideboard where the laptop sits proudly awaiting its next break-down. This prompted me to listen to some music on YouTube. There, the first thing I saw was on the history – ‘Gossip Calypso’, Bernard Cribbins – Argh! The flipping thing came back into my head again. I opted to listen to a compilation of Frankie Vaughan songs, 200 songs on it, all memory provoking stuff. Won’t have time to hear them all mind this time. Ah, ‘He is started with ‘Gimme the moonlight’, nobody could sing this like Frankie. ‘Tower of Strength’ the next one, just like I feel this morning for some reason. Tower; definitely brings back some memories of my lustful days of youth. Margaret her name was, another one I lost. Hey-ho!

Email from Patti. Set about doing another graphicalisation that suited her better and got it sent off via email.

Started to work on a humorous post about ‘Comments and Quotes on Women and Men, by Women and Men. Then realised the time; oh dear, I just had time to get a wash, before BJ rang to say he was on his way.

Forgot my hearing aids, but too late to go back up the lift to collect them, or I might miss BJ.

P1050046I walked to the end of Chestnut Walk and waited for him to arrive. The view from the corner was magnificent with the lighting as it was.

BJ scooped me up and off we went to the launderette in Carrington.

He helped me with the crosswords, and I managed a good gossip with Mandie.

P1050047Back to his house where he popped in for a few minutes, and then off to Asda (Walmart) for some Trousers, because I ripped mine this morning in getting down to clean the bits I’d left in the oven. Tsk!

I found just one pair of trews the size I wanted, so got them. Then had a wander around getting a bit of a nosh in. Spent some more cash today, £36.01! Mind you I did get the trousers didn’t I, £9 there, and I got a DVD that I hadn’t known about for £5, Tremors 5 Bloodlines. I saw Tremors 4 years ago and had such a laugh at it; I hope this one is funny too.

We were soon back at the flats where BJ dropped me off, bless him. If it wasn’t for Duncan and BJ, I don’t know how I’d manage at times.

Up to the flat, five letters had been delivered. Two for Margaret the previous tenant, two advertising bumph and one informing me I have an appointment at the clinic rearranged fro the  6th March.

Made a jolly strong cup of tea while singing Frankie Vaughan’s ‘Green Door to myself, took the midday medications, passed wind, and got the laptop on.

Updated this load of manure then went on facebook for a bit.

Having Lamb stew and Colcannon mash with green beans today for the nosh. I’ll look up what Colcannon mash is later.

Got around to doing some more on the Ladies v Men post.


Lamb stew, carrots, peppers, onions, green beans (from Israel, very sweet!), and the Colcannon mashed potatoes. Rated 9.26/10.

The Colcannon mash had kale and onions in it. Rather delectable, although I’m not supposed to eat kale, there was only a tiny bit of it, and it was so nice! I dipped the continental bread in the gravy. Followed it with a pot of mandarins in orange jelly.

Got an excellent bathing and soak. Got into and out of the bath with relative ease tonight? The leg was not much bother at all; on the mend nicely now.

Fatigue soon came over me again and within minutes, I had turned into a poorly bloke again. Tsk!

Watched some goggle-box and soon went into the land of nod. Zzzz!

TTFN all.

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