Inchcock at the Protest March


There we were, all Old Age pensioners, all demanding equality,

Determined we were, awesome and gritty,

Despite no public loos nearby, that was a pity,

The rich getting richer, the poor can’t afford their electricity,

Limping along in pain beyond believability,

The police escorting us started to show their irritability,

Eventually, not without some physical difficulty,

We all arrived at the protest in the City.

* * * * *

This is where I fell off my walking stick, sadly,

I’d cut me knees, and was bruised rather badly,

I grabbed a nearby leg to raise myself up again,

And a policeman’s truncheon hit me head causing more pain,

They mobbed me and arrested me seemingly so gladly!


* * * * *

I didn’t protest, resist them or curse,

At the station, they provided me with a first-aid nurse,

A strip search and interview, then things got worse!

They said at the march, I had refused to disperse,

I said the hearing aid batteries had died,

One officer threatened to tan my hide,

I remained none aggressive, my smile was wide,

Needing my tablets including the Furosemide,

They gave me a Caution, Chapter and verse!

* * * * *

The sergeant, when escorting out of the station,

Shoved me down the steps, causing me irritation,

It developed into a confrontation,

I underestimated my risky situation,

As I clouted him, on his shin accidentally with me stick,

I was lifted off the ground without any hesitation,

And thrown in the cell at the back of the Station!


* * * * *

Oh course, this is all rubbish and not true,

But I was depressed and feeling blue,

So thought I see if I could offer you…

A laugh, from this pensioner’s point of view.

No Inchcocks were harmed in the production of this twaddle!

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