Inchcock Today – Wed 23 March: Not very well, dizzy-spells rampant – Huh!


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Wednesday 23 March 2016

01 cupidFeeling terrible this morning, dizzies, due to the thin blood I think, no life, zest or interest much. Worried about the house sale not going on and feeling sorry for myself I’m afraid to say. The faffing about having to have daily INR blood tests don’t help.

Got up around 0400hrs, first dizzy of the day when I rose up, hauling the ever increasing body mass with me to the porcelain.2Ersk01

All I did the was make a cuppa, take the medications and onto the laptop doing posts and Facebooking.

Les Johnson contacted me to send me a copy of his latest book – Erskine Quint – Tentacles of Evil. His timeless Insanity book was the most entertaining one I’ve ever read – Mad it is! Hehe!

Erskine Quint – The Book – The Film – The Trilology

I was on the laptop for hours! It’s nearly 0900hrs now I’ve got around to sorting this diary put.

I must get myself ready for the two buses trip to the QMC for me INR blood tests now. Had a good soak in the bath, shaved (only the one cut today), teggies bled a bit, though, No blood from Little Inchy (Hurrah!) but two dizzies when in the bath, Tsk!

I’ll be back later, just hope I’m up to telling you about the trip, and not too drained.

Must get my ablutions done now. See you when I get back, hopefully. I hope I remember to get some paper and envelope so I can reply to Pete’s letter from Hong Kong that arrived yesterday.

I’m back – sooner than expected too – and after a hiatus or two, and period of sheer panic as well!

I’d left the flat, taking the  rubbish bags to the chute as normal, went down to the bus stop where I asked the only person there, a chap if he could tell me the time, please. He grunted, sneered and shouted “20 past ten” and spat on the floor? The first enemy I’ve made since being here in the flats. I foolishly tried to let him know of my displeasure at his attitude, by replying in as loud a voice as I could manage “Well thank you kindly, really sorry to bother you, git!” He just ignored me.

Onto the bus and into the City Centre. Stepped off the bus and into the Post Office, where I made inquiries about sending letters to America with the lady at the customer services counter. Apparently we no longer need Air-MAil envelopes, plain ones will do. Take the readied letter to the Post Office and they will weigh it and charge you whatever it comes to. I thanked her and set off to the bus stop for the QMC buses.

P1050900I was soon at the Queens Medical Centre.

Straight to the Haematology, took a waiting ticket and waited.

Read a few chapters of me Sniper book.

Number 178 came up on the screen and I was in and being greeted my the young lady on station three. Then the fun began.

I had to explain to her, why I didn’t have a dated appointment card: I told her about having it (the INR blood test) on Monday, and they (The Anticoagulation Team), had phone me Monday night to tell me the level was far too high and not to take any Monday night – and I had told them, I’d just taken the Warfarin with the other medications. They changed the dosage and told me I ‘Must’ make an appointment with me doctors nurse for another test on Thursday, so I do not have an appointment card.

Tuesday morning, a Nottingham City Homes Coordinator rang the surgery for me, who informed us that they have no free appointments for Thursday at all. So, I had to come here instead to get it done.

The nice lady nurse told me to sit in the corner on a chair and wait while she rang them, which she did.

Fifteen minutes later she came back to me and told me to wait until they rang back, which I did. Read a few more chapters of the Sniper book while doing so.

They rang back the nice lady nurse answered them, then came to again and asked me if I knew it was Wednesday today and not Thursday?

“Ah”, I said, “Is it indeed?” Putting on suitably ashamed and embarrassed expression on my face, I asked the pretty young nurse “Would it be possible to take it today please?”

The nice girl nurse returned to the phone and spoke with the Obergruppenfurher from the Anticoagulation clinic again, before returning to me and telling me I had caused problems for them, but yes, she’ll take it now.

“I knew what day it was really, but I didn’t want to miss tomorrow’s Windwood Hut Tenants social Hour, I felt so guilty – Tsk, hehe!”

She took the blood and I was soon off out to catch a bus back into Nottingham City Centre.

P1050902I checked the time when I arrived, dropping off at theVictoria Centre shopping mall. I had about 45 minutes before the next L9 bus was due. So I walked into the mall and got some Wholemeal Irish soda bread and a TV paper for next week from Tesco.

Some folks at downstairs on seating caught my eye, as everyone seemed to have a mobile phone on the go?

I called in Smiths and got some writing pads and envelopes.

P1050901As I passed the jewellery store, I noticed they had now got a window at he bottom, dedicated to used items.

These wristbands I thought the TFZ gals might like, so I took a photo of them.

Getting back up I had another dizzy, it lasted a good while this one and when I  was ready to hobble on, realised I had to get a move on or I might miss the last L9 bus.

P1050903I walked as fast I could, well, hobbled and limped more like. Hehe! As I walked through the walk over above Upper Parliament Street, I took a quick photo of the traffic and shoplifters below… oh sorry, I meant pedestrians below.

Haha! I am a fool!

I limped down and onto the street, along the pavement on the left of this photograph above to end, and down into Queen Street and waited for the L9 bus, timed it well. The auto-sign read it was due in 4 minuted.


Lost her purse, and still smiling!

It arrived 10 minutes later and I alighted, and as the only passenger on it. At the next stop, a lady who I met at the Windwood Hut Social Hours got on and sat next to me, well in front of me anyway.

We had a jolly good natter en route to the flats. This lady lives in the other block of flats, Winchester Court. She had lost her purse last week she was telling me. Lovely lady, when I got off at the stop before her, she said she’d see me tomorrow at the social hour. Her daughter was helping her sort things out. Cheered my up a bit with chin-wag did!

Up to the flat, did some WordPress sorting.

Made a cup of tea and got the lamb in the oven and tomatoes in the pan. Took the medications.

To the porcelain, another dizzy. Humph!

P1050905I ate lambs leg chop and tomatoes, soaking up the juices with the wholemeal Irish Soda Bread.

Rated this one as 5.2/10!

The chop was very tough for some reason, I’d over-salted the tomatoes, but the soda bread and dessert were okayish.

Got the pots washed, and as I settled to watch, feeling a little despondent, another dizzy arrived! Only a short one, though. I’d thought that the dizzies affected me more when the INR level was low, not like it is now the highest ever? I felt a bit discombobulated now and started to fret over everything as the mind raced away on its own. I watched much TV, but it wasn’t sinking in what I was looking at.

Hours and hours spent waiting to nod off. Huh!

At least, I’ve wangled getting myself free for the highlight of the week in the morning, the Winwood Hut Social Hour.

Started shaking all over for no apparent reason, it wasn’t cold at all?

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  1. well done, inchy – i’m impressed!

    that was a right crafty move pretending to have got your days mixed up so the clinic would do the tests a day early and leave you free to attend the coffee meeting this morning 😆

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