Inchcock Today Sun 15 2016: Ineptitude in abundance today


Sunday 15th May 2016

05After waking up agitated many times throughout the night and having fruitless searches for the Wrist Alarm, I finally got off to sleep around 0300hrs and had some odd dreams again. The first and the most memorable was (Sorry the graphic didn’t come out well, but you get the idea?) about me in a room with floorboards with a hole neatly cut out of them. And, below was a blue ocean with a speedboat that was attached to the end of my green oven glove and I was attempting to tug it free? The second one I recall, I was in a delivery van I drove many, many years ago and had lost my shoes and could not reach the pedals? Odd?

Around 0330hrs, I sprang awake, again in need of the Throne and again, it was painful. Although feeling tired, I decided to stay up and have what turned out to be another futile search for the Wrist Alarm that went missing in action yesterday. Not feeling comfortable at all with this losing and forgetting things lately.

Got the kettle on and made a cuppa, took the medications and got the laptop on to do the diaries.

The sun was out early (0525hrs) when noises from somewhere I could not identify started off, a bit like drilling and gurgling? Not often this happens.


Made another cuppa and a pot of porridge.

A nicely prospective day, coming perhaps?

It looked likely from the kitchen window around 0630hrs.

Checked the emails: Loads of junk over the last two day. 

10Checked out Facebook. WordPressed a little, then made yet another brew in the small mug that is new, see, a poet I am, I tell you. Hehe!

05Decided to do some cleaning today.

Despite not feeling too good, as a self-punishment for losing the Wristlet alarm and not being able to find it. So I got the togs and set about doing the laundry. While the washing machine worked, I took some bottle to the bank at the end of the road, and three bags of rubbish to the chute. Then moved the washing into the laundry room dryer, having a little chinwag with a couple of tenants.

08Back up on the lift to update this, and got the window cleaning gear out ready to tackle them later. Then down to collect the dried clothes. Another little gossip. And then back up to he apartment.

Put away the clobber in the airing cupboard.

Still irritated with myself, I set about doing the flat windows. Did the outside of the living room first. The main result were:

  1. 07I nearly fell off the step ladder several times.
  2. I used liquid soda first off, thinking it was the window cleaning spray, and it took ages to get it off and start again.
  3. I trapped my right thumb between the door and railing when it blew open and I tried to stop them colliding like. 
  4. Used three rolls of paper towels and all the Asda window cleaner spray and had to use the Morrison one too.
  5. Moved on to the kitchen windows, trapping forefinger in the release mechanism.
  6. The window flaked of rust and grime as I opened it and cleaning it up off of the ledge and floor caused the back to start off.
  7. Took a photograph of the cleaned windows fro a distance to avoid you seeing the fact that in the living room ones, I had appeared to just moved the smears around as opposed to getting rid of them. Hump!
  8. Got the living room and hall carpeting vacuumed with the Dyson and did just outside the door too… Huh! The dirt box filled up in seconds.
  9. Emptying the dirt box out into the bin lined waste bin and missed it! Grrr!

Felt so knackered then, I gave up trying to do any more housework and seasoned a tin of tomatoes then into the saucepan, to have with the remaining cooked belly pork later.

Got the laptop on to update this as the back pains got worse.

Also, I had failed to assuage or mitigate the guilt of losing the alarm wristlet, as I didn’t finish doing all of the windows in the living room, missed off two of the inside ones. How did I miss these? Incompetency? Stupidity? Banality? Or sheer deterioration of bodily and mental functions?

Did another pointless search for the alarm wristlet.

P1070211Weary, drained and depressed, I had the quick and easy meal of tomatoes and the remainder of the pork.

Despite my feelings of remorse and lack of confidence, I really enjoyed this.

I thought that Sister Janet and Pete would have enjoyed the belly pork. Wondered if I could take some for them to enjoy. They are very busy, though, and I’m in the same pickle. The pot of mandarins in jelly to follow was low-calorie, but not very nice. A bit bland.

Watched some of the old Hustle episodes from a DVD, and managed to enjoy them for the short time I managed to stay awake. Hehe!

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