Inchcock Today Thurs 4 Aug 2016. Good start: Help from M and C, British Gas hassle joined by Duo Denal, Anne Gyna and Dizzies in making it a horrible day!


Thursday 4th August 2016

Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair and to the wetroom for a WRHD job. The senna tablets seem to be working then? I’m glad I did now, the sky from the kitchen window was astounding. Took the photo at the top of this page.

Back into the now not working £300 second-hand recliner chair. Around 0300hrs, I sprang awake and lay there pondering about the dream I’d had, an odd one even for me as I recall. Underground tunnels, mining equipment and blokes bringing what looked like natural rocks to me to be cleaned with a jet power thingy… I then shaped each one into a ball and bowled it along a tunnel, and a bloke appeared each time out of a hole in the roof and displayed a score card? Beats me!

10dWRWW and a sudden decision that as I’d woke up so early, I’d get caught up with the laundry.

By 0315hrs, I’d got the laundry going in the washing machine and was on my way back up to the flat and started this post going.

0350hrs: Back down and moved the laundry to the dryer. Back to the apartment again and updated this and finished yesterday’s Diary of Woe off.

0450hrs: Back down, a lady arrived and put her washing in the machine, and I got the dried clobber folder so that they need to come out so as to fit in the airing cupboard, into my bag. Cleaned the filter and wiped the machine. Another well-tanned tall lady I’d not seen before arrived, and she wanted to dry only, she started to put her things in the dryer I’d cleaned and vacated. I had to point out nicely to her, that the other lady’s washing would be done in 22 minutes, and she would need the dryer. She was not very happy about it, but I was glad I was there to stop her. Otherwise, the first woman would come down to use the dryer after using the washer, and she’d have to wait 50 minutes. Folk who use both machines have to take priority over those tenants with a washer who only want to use the dryer?

Quite busy early this morning in the laundry room. The other dryer now has a notice on it informing us that a new machine is on order, the sign was dated June 26!

I put away the attire and after a WRWW made a cup of tea and back on the laptop.

Spent three hours on the latest TFZer series, in between WRWW visits. Huh! Then got the nibbles and photographs ready for the Winwood Tenants Social Hour. BJ is coming today he said on the phone last night.

Did the ablutions. Took the rubbish to the chute. Set off to the Winwood Tenants Social Hour at the Community Shed.


Very few people there today, the least ever since I’ve been going there. And yet, it was one of the most enjoyable. BJ came and entertained us, William and Eddie were in fine form. I left a little earlier than usual for me, so I got back to the flat promptly for the cleaning ladies, just as well too.

t0002Cheryl & Maggie, owners of the M&C Home Cleaning Ltd arrived, they set to sorting the bedroom out, incredible speed and commitment.

Later I updated the poster card I made, I’d got the names on the wrong ladies. (Left)

Gj2They even fitted the curtains for me! Then cleaned the windows for me in the front room. They even said they’d see if they could get the shortened for me!

10k6I was so thankful and over the moon! Real Angels these two ladies!

GCk1Just before they finished, they informed me I’d had a letter delivered… guess who from… British Gas with another Red Demand for payment to the meter they told Warden Dean Walker a few days ago (For the third time!) had been Cancelled!

The ladies must have seen how this affected me, and they ran Deana and asked her to call and see me once again Sort out this horrendous situation.

This time, French-owned British Gas threatened me that they would get a legal entry warrant and replace the non-existent meter with a payment meter, I’d lose my Credit Rating, and they will pass on my details to Credit Collection Agency!

The girls departed leaving my flat much neater and organised for me. Bless them!

Warden Deana arrived a bit later, and took the paperwork, saying she is going to contact them by email this time, so she has a record, and off she went, too.

Heard nothing back from her yet.

Worried, anxious bothered and uptight again now. Got some chips in the oven to have with some Bochek pork loin, beetroot, tomatoes, orange peppers, gherkins and bread. I always seem to want to eat when I’m under pressure. Tsk!

Did a bit of hoovering then I updated this diary of woe once again. Then updated today’s events to the British Gas TrustPilot comment.

The ulcer joined Anne Gyna in making it a lousy night for me.

Had the nosh, and sat fretting about the British Gas situation – even if I have to pay this bill for the mystery second meter – Why has no one been in touch about it?

09Well fed-up, in pain and depressed now!

The fodder looked inviting and tasty, but my spirits didn’t allow me to enjoy it as I should have.

One hell of a sedulous, busy worrying day.

And the weight-scales were playing up again… up, being the optimum word! Hehe!

Dizzies came on, and I felt awfully confused.

Oh, and I didn’t have time to do any Facebooking – must try to catch up tomorrow if I can.

What a day!

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