Inchcock Today Fri 5 Aug 2016: British Gas – Anne Gyna, Got a painful hobble in, Whoopsiedangleplop… Thank heavens for Olive and my cyber-pals cheering me up and supporting me!



Woke around 0525hrs, which considering the lack of sleep I had surprised me, I thought I might overlay. Could not recall any dreams at all. Duo Denal and Anne Gyna were still hassling me badly, yet the warm feeling from the help I got yesterday from the C&M Cleaning Ladies still glowed in my heart, despite the French-Owned British Gas animals sending me yet another threatening demand for payment of the mystery bill! I felt confused.

No calls for a WRHD yet, but repeated WRWWs were needed. Hehe!

Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair, WRWW and made a cup of tea and took the medications with an extra painkiller to counter Duo Denal and Anne Gyna giving me so much hassle.

The sky looked reddish, and I took a photograph of it from the kitchen window. It came out far less vivid than as saw it real life.

Laptop on and found 286 Facebook notifications and 206 emails awaiting my attention! Yesterday was so much hassle and bother taking place I had not found time to respond to them. Must catch up later if I can.

Not feeling up to much, I still wanted to get out of the flat for a walk, but so much to sort out.

Got the laptop going and finished the Thursday Inchcock Today off, did some graphics for this one, then started it off.

Decided to get on with the Facebooking, get the diary posted then check the notifications. The latest TFZer graphicalisation series have got to be posted too, hope I have time. Changed my demented mind, and did the emails first.

Got the TFZ series posted, here’s a couple to give you an idea of them.

10PatMC 10SandraHope they like them.

Warden Deana Walker came to see me. She’s emailed British Gas a sharp letter of complaint! Lynton Cox gave some ideas about this on a comment on Facebook, and she copied some addresses from it and took them with her.

Might get time to go out shopping at today. Must get to visit Olive, though. Got a shower and did my ablutions.

The left feet under the toes was very tender?

Nipped to see how Olive was at flat 84. She had a lot of pain and not good news from the hospital visit, and still Olive managed a radiant smile for me – my love and heroin! She told me where a good greengrocery shop was in Mapperley, so I decided to catch a bus up there. Bade her farewell and promised to return later after I’d finished the trip to the shops on Mapperley Plain. (X’s exchanged)

Set off to catch the bus up into Mapperley and the stores, and a much regretful and agonising hobble back. Hehe!

0101aAfter I dropped off the bus, it only took around three minutes for a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist to nearly clout me one as he passed at great speed on Mapperley tops, then swerve through a queue of people at the bus stop and carried on along the pavement…

Despite the mystery pain from my left toes, I shouted out at him – to no avail 01bof course.

I thought I spotted the shop over the road and called in it. Terrible produce on display.

Then I realised Olive told me the one next to the Co-op store, which was a few hundred yards up the road.

Found the right shop, and bought too much stuff to carry actually – Tsk! Two large apples, twp satsumas, garden peas, English yellow tomatoes, a leek, Spanish onion, two yoghourts, half a cucumber, a potato, a carrot and a parsnip. Nice to be abe to buy just what I need, instead of getting packs of stuff. Not cheap, mind.

Called in at the butcher shop and got some frozen lamb burgers, I asked the chap if I could cook them in the oven, told me to cook them in the oven for 35 minutes from frozen. Then perused the small Sainsbury shop, they tempted me with some short-dated reduced English vine tomatoes and reduced price bits. The Fresh Cream Cakes, I resisted getting! (Head swags and pride)

01cThe pain from the left foot began to over-ride the pain from Anne Gyna and Duo Denal, it was that bad.

I limped like a wounded elephant onto Woodthorpe Drive and down the hill and eventually home.

The first view of the flats I photographed through the bushes.


A Nottingham Pavement Cyclist was coming up the hill and struggling a bit with the task – I resisted the urge to push my walking stick in the spokes!

The weather was beautiful, a little windy perhaps.

Had a dizzy when I was taking a photographicalisation of the road.

01eAll okay after a minute or so, though.

I stood looking at the greenery, trees and flowers and a couple pulled up in their vehicle and spoke to me.

I eventually worked out they wanted to know how to get to the railway 01fstation. With my bad hearing and their Eastern European, sounding voices… well, I hope they understood me. I wrote a map on the back of the paper bag and gave it to them.

I carried on down the hill and in due course I arrived at the entrance into Woodthorpe Grange Park.

01gLots of vehicles in the car park, with plenty of swearing kids with mobile phones about.

I wandered through the undergrowth, but the pain in my foot/toes forced me to exit the trees. On the main path again, I spotted some unusual bushes and flowers.

Walked through and into the 01hpark proper, coming out on the Pitch & Putt area.On the horizon, I could see the tops of the flats, and I doddered on with some difficulty on through the top area and down towards the Woodthorpe flats.

On the horizon, I could see the tops of the apartments, and I doddered on with some difficulty on through the top area and down towards the Woodthorpe flats.

01iOn the limp along, I had thought about the painful toes. Had I not been drying between the toes properly and got a fungal infection perhaps?

As I tackled the steep walk down the hill to the flats, the children’s play area was being used well today. Picnickers, dogs barking, children swearing and spitting, parents smoking and drinking, the humming noise from the radios, I even caught one bloke having a wee-wee against a tree! Ah, summer in Nottingham eh?

I call in at Olive’s, and her wonderful smile greeted me again, and all felt well. She told me some of her past life. She was in great pain, that was evident, but she didn’t complain. Bless her. After a chinwag, kiss and a cuddle, I had to make as much haste as I could to get back to the flat and use the throne.

01kThat achieved, I got down in the £300 second-hand recliner to have a proper look at the painful middle toe.

The photograph came out a bit brighter than it actually was, but, how come I didn’t notice this earlier when I got up and had my shower? And, on the fourth toes nail, I thought it was dirt under the nail, but it turned out to be another blood-spot coming?

01jI got the fodder ready.

Some pork loin, roasted onions, mushrooms, egg thingies in breadcrumbs, red and yellow tomatoes, pickled beetroots, cucumber, gherkins and orange peppers… oh, and the chips recommended by my cyber pal Martin too.

Enjoyed this a lot, I got my hurtingly tired and worried self down in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch TV, fully expecting to nod-off, I didn’t. Hours later I put on a Law & Order SVU DVD, and watched all five episodes on it without nodding off! (Honest!) In the early hours of the morning, I put in the other DVD part-two, at last, after two episodes I nodded off! Hurrah!

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    • Thank you Sir.
      Crossing my fingers that this time they may send written proof to Warden Deana that the account has been closed. (I am not too confident though, Huh!)
      Hope you and the lads are keeping well, a bit of fuss from over the pond sent to them through the ether.

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