Inchcock Today Mon 15 Aug 2016: Horrible! I couldn’t get to see Olive!


A bit of graphicalisationalised fun here, start wiv a laugh eh?

Monday 15 August 2016

Poniedziałek 15 sierpnia 2016

0400hrs: Woke pondering about the dream I’d been having about an old, old flame.

0425hrs: Felt the wet-and-warm sensation in the lower regions and eventually dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner – that worked smoothly and without any shuddering to permit me to attend the wetroom for a WWHD session. Passing was easier than yesterday, but the blood flowed from Haem Aroids much easier too! Oh dear, not had it like this for months – Tsk!

The duodenal ulcer was beginning to play up and Anne Gyna was joining in.

To the kitchen and cleaned the pots that I’d left soaking last night, back for another WRWW, then got the kettle on and took the morning medications.

Straight on with graphicationalisationing, this took a few hours.

Then the diaries.

Far too long on Facebook, by the time I’d done, it was too late to get the ablutions done and catch the bus to town – Humph! So, it was quick ablutioning session, change, rubbish bags to the chute and down the lift to the bus stop: And, I didn’t forget anything either! Oh yes!

01aGot down to the foyer and an ambulance arrived with it’s blue and twos going. I waited for the pair of paramedics to get out and swiped them into the  flats – I followed them to see which floor they got off at because I was bit bothered and concerned in case they may be going to Olive’s or Norman’s flat. They got off on the first floor.

Had a chinwag at the bus-stop and was soon on the L9 going to Arnold.

01bAt the bottom of Winchester Street Hill, there were some roadworks and temporary lights and I took a photographicaisation, as the bus driver waited for them to change.

You should have seen the looks I got from the only other passenger – if looks could talk, he would have said something like: “Hello, what’s this Herbert up to?” with a discombobulated scowl on his face. Hehe!

After a longer than usual journey, due to the road works. A notice informed passengers:

On Monday 8 August to 22 August, phase 1 of gas mains replacements will begin on Nottingham Road in Arnold. 

This will cause delays to  Calverton Connection and L9 buses of around 10 – 15 minutes and the following stops will not be served during this time:

Towards Nottingham

Opp. The Vale

Adj. Daybrook Square

Adj. Portland Street

Adj. Sainsburys

Towards Calverton

Adj. Charles Street

Opp. Sainsburys

Opp. Portland Street

Opp. Daybrook Square

Temporary stops used during this time will be:

Towards Nottingham

Adj. Carmel Gardens

Adj. Conway Gardens

Adj. Saville Road

Thackerays Lane (SW bound)

Adj. Calstock Road

Nr The Vale

Towards Calverton

Behind The Vale

Opp. Calstock Road

Thackerays Lane (NE bound)

Opp. Saville Road

Opp. Conway Gardens

Opp. Carmel Gardens

The L9 will be diverted at the turn off to the Sainsbury store and through the Bestwood Estate in reverse to its usual pattern, at the terminus passengers wanting Arnold must stay on the bus and when they arrive in Arnold the bus will circle around front Street and onto Mansfield Road missing out the centre of Arnold and returning to the usual route on Daybrook Road.

I must, remember to thank them for that bit of clear as mud advice? Hehe!

Dropped off in Arnold and visited the Fulton Food Store in search of the tasty small pots of pickled beetroot and they some in, so I got a couple of them. 

Then over the road and down into Asda (Walmart) for the vegetables and fruit. Got some carrots, fresh pod peas, Cheese sticks, potato sticks and, er… just a few lemon drizzle desserts… Cough shame face adopted!

Got a call on the mobile from the Nottingham City Homes Assessment man Joel while in Asda. He said the shower stool will arrive shortly and the chair will need picking up. I pointed out that the stool had been collected a few days ago, and the man took away the chair. Tsk!

Went into the non-food section and got some extra large loose fitting underpants… now you may wonder why after getting some only last month? Well, with the lack of movement on the replacement for the conked-out dryer machine in the laundry room, we still have difficulty in getting the washing done. (BJ is hopefully lifting me to the launderette tomorrow) I’ve run out of clean knickers!

Still time before the bus was due, so I nipped to the Boyes store and got some more medication pots – again, you may be asking why when I got some last week? I got four last week, got confused with the Mon to Sun pots and the morning and evening ones. So, thought I’d got four more and keep the morning and evening ones separate and use the old pots for the midday ones. A good idea I thought?

But they only had four strips left on sale, so I gave them one back and bought the three seven-day strips. Ater paying for them and leaving, I was terribly confused ad wondered if I’d done right after all?

Got anohter call, it was from a bloke who told me he was at the flat and had to pick-up the shower chair? Double Huh! I told him the story again and the chair had been collected by the man who brought the stool. Talk about British Gas… not funny, sorry I said that now.

01cCaught the bus after a wait in the sunshine, and at the next stop who got on the bus, but Eddie!

I fumbled and got the camera out to catch him just in time!

He didn’t see me and walked by and sat at the back, I couldn’t catch his attention.

When we got near the flat, he noticed me and we had a chinwag as we went into the flats. Grand chap is Eddie! We parted with cheery cheerio to each other.

01dWRWW, got the fodder away and prepared the vegetables and got the in the Crock-Pot a-cooking.

Then set to trying to sort out the medication pots and fill the new ones in rotations, which meant emptying the old ones out and generally getting myself in a pickle with them.

But I did get them done, in the end.

I then made a Morrison order to be delivered Wednesday, a busy day but with Morrisons doing a times delivery in an hour, I think it will all work out well enough. Wednesday, the internet will be down Huh! The Morrison delivery 1000>1100 hrs, Cleaning ladies 1030>1145 hrs? and the INR Warfarin blood test at 1330hrs, should all gel okay, that reminds me, I must ask for a prescription for some extra pain gel at the surgery too.

Got the laptop on and updated this while I could smell the vegetables bubbling away and making me hungry! Haha!

Getting late now. I turned the Crock-Pot down to low and went off to see how Olive was doing.

Darnations! She isn’t in, I’ll pop back later.

Did a bit more Facebooking.

Back to Olive’s apartment, no luck again.

I’ve got BJ calling early in the morning, kindy lifting me to the launderette. So it will be too early to call on Olive then, haveto call when I get back.

01eGot the nosh ready.

I had lenty of vegetables left in the Crock-Pot for use tomorrow. Carrots, onions, leeks and fresh garden peas.

Not very good, rated this effort as a miserly score of 6/10.

The vegetables were nice though.

Had some cheese sticks and a lemon drizzle afterwards.

The night was horrible again, sleep did not want to visit me again!


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