Inchcock Today Tue 16 Aug 16: Launderette day, three great bags of washing! Visited Olive for a cuddle!


Tuesday 16th August 2016


0455 hrs: Hardly any kip last night. Can’t recall any dreams and I was in desperate need of a WRHD session. Escaped the £300 second-hand recliner and got to the throne in time. Only the tiniest bit of blood from the rear-end this morning. Anne Gyna Haem Aroid, Duo Denal and Arthur Itis being kind too. This lack of bleeding, was almost worrying? Hehe!

Fretting over Olive, or rather not seeing her yesterday.

I did my ablutions while in the wetroom, to make sure I was ready for when BJ calls to say he’s coming and I can nip out with the three bags (Well, 2½) of washing for the launderette. I got them ready to go later, I squashed the clothes int two bags, just.

The scales might have got stuck, same weight as yesterday, which was too much to high of course. Humph!

Took the rubbish bags and threw them down the waste chute.

WAK001Titivated the kitchen.

Made a brew and got the laptop on to finish yesterday’s and start this diary off. Realised I’d not taken the medications, so I did so.

Sometime today or tomorrow I will lose the Virgin Media internet connection, so please bare with me… no, that should be ‘bear with me’ I think?

BJ called on the phone, he’s on his way – scurried around and got me ready, called on Olive, she was not in, and down to and out of the foyer, and met BJ and put the bags into his car and off we went to Carrington and the launderette. Where a nice welcome awaited us from Mandie.

01hA large machine was free so I used that, using the guidance given from Mandy.

The wash took an hour and a bit and cost me £8, oh dear! The door of the dryer I used afterwards kept springing open, and she informed me I’d put in too many clothes, so after putting the £3 in, I had to split the load with the next machine and put in another £3! Blimey, £14 for launderette session!

Still, had a good chinwag with Mandy.

Off to Asda (Walmart), and set about buying stuff I didn’t need and spent a fortune again! Tsk!

01jHowever, I did get some fodder that I did want to get. A packet of leek and potato ready prepared, and a packet of Fresh pod garden peas that I will add to the leek and potatoes go into the Crock-Pot tomorrow when I get back from the INR blood test.

01kAlso, I could not resist the cooked Nordic Style bacon joint with herbs and garlic they had on offer.

I tried some of this a while ago from the delicatessen but have not been able to get any since until today.

I hope it is the same as that one was because it was Wunderbar tasty!

A good sell-by date on it too.

The feet, were stinging for some reason again? BJ ran me home to the flats dropping me outside with the washing and shopping bags, cheery farewells and off he went.

I struggled up with the bags and put the washing and fodder away promptly as I could, and went to see if Olive was in again. No. I was getting a little concerned and decided to go to the Community Hut to see if Obergruppenfurheress Julie or Warden Deans was in, to ask if they had seen her.

On the way out of the flats, a chap, a new tenant stopped me and asked what the long keys were for. He was in flat number seven.

His breath stunk of alcohol, but he was a cheerful enough bloke. I took him to the storage rooms but we could not find one for number 7. So we searched next one and that was the same. We searched and found another one and there it was. Nice to be abe to help someone innit.

Plodded to the shed and Obergruppenfurheress Julie was in, and I inquired if she had seen Olive, “Yes” she said, “Yesterday”. This cheered me up and I was singing to myself as I returned to the flat.

IMG_0002Got the meal going and updated this. Still not sure when the internet will go down.

Still not sure when the internet will go down.So I’ll finish this off in a while and post it while I can if I can, by then. I think? 

If you know worra mean like?

The lamb hotpot with the Crock-Pot vegetables and a few chips was very tasty indeed. Rated it a 9.25/10.

Went to visit Olive, and she was in! Had a great cuddle and chinwag for hours.

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