Friday 17th March 2017: Did Graphicalisationing – but nowt else much


Friday 17th March 2017

Myanmar (Burmese) သောကြာနေ့ 17 မတ်လ 2017

Arose 0350hrs, after one hour’s proper sleep. Feeling well dejected, melancholy and dispirited – and Anny Gyna along with Duodenal Daniel giving me a hammering pain wise.

This is not going to be a good day, I thought. The sepulchral demoralisation combined with physical pains will, I reckon ensure this today will be a struggle.

I’ll not waffle today, I’m finding it hard to lift myself out of the depths of depression this morning, feel horrible.

I moped in the chair for ages before finally forcing myself to get up out of the chair and to the porcelain. Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding badly, rich dark red and had to have a wash-up and cream things. I was not in the least bothered about this as I sat listlessly on the thrown afterwards, complete acceptance that everything I do is, painful, confusing, frustrating and bound to happen?

Did the ablutions and set about finishing off the TFZer graphicalisations, using CorelDraw and CorelPaint.

Six hours later, and I had got them finished. Hoping I have not missed anyone off.

Here are some of them, just to show off a bit like, cause nowt else happened much today.


Apart from me moping around and feeling sorry for missen, and fighting to keep things out of my mind by doing anything else like.

6Sat03Had a meal with a difference. The choices will get less as the days go on and I still can’t access my money. Tsk!

Good job Morrison’s are still taking the old card in payment?

The half-wheat Rye, half-Wheat Sourdough bread has all gone now. Liked that I did.

Settled to watch some DVD, then the TV – nodded off for hours, woke up, tried to watch the TV that was still on, fell asleep…

TTFN folks.

8 thoughts on “Friday 17th March 2017: Did Graphicalisationing – but nowt else much

  1. When Timothy has the praise for your art, you know it is high praise! (I love his work as well! He is deadly funny as heck!) To try to add to what he said is redundant, but I loved your whole output. You, sir, are a very clever person, and funny, too!

    • Up and down at the moment Angel. Once the banking farce gets sorted (if), things should get better methinks. then I can wait for the next Whoopsiedangleplop. Hehehe!
      I had peas in the meal last night, but used a raised sided tray to eat it from. Much easier.
      TTFN thanks pet.

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