Inchcock Today – Saturday 1st July 2017

Saturday 1st July 2017

Dutch: Zaterdag 1 Juli 2017

0345hrs: Once again the memories of the dreams I knew I’d been having dissipated within seconds. Got out of the recliner and had a wee-wee. The bruise that I acquired last night on my foot was no bother. Must try the trodden on last night DVD remote control later to see if it still works.

Took the morning medications.

Started to finish off yesterday’s diary on the computer, and had to return to the wetroom for a heavy duty session. An instant, immediate evacuation that felt all wrong somehow? Needed a lot of tissue and a cleaning up afterwards? Oh dear!

Back on the computer and completed the Friday diary. Got it posted.

Made a brew and did the Health Checks.

Back to the Porcelain Throne… talk about pebble dashing! Most uncomfortable sensation. I think that Diarrhoea Derek has returned.

Took a lot more clearing and cleaning up again. My rear-end department was now so sore. I applied some antiseptic cream! Tsk!

No bleeding from Haemorrhoid Harold at all.

Made another cuppa and took two Senna tablets. By mistake for the Morrison Diahorrea Capsule! FOOL!

I pressed the wrist alarm to check the battery with the Control Room and mentioned the flashing yellow/orange light on the box. She said not to worry, she’ll leave a message for the warden. Thanked her and apologised for bothering her.

0500hrs: Got this diary started off.

Checked the Emails and WordPress responses.

Found this in an Email from the Nottingham City Council. Depicting the ‘Tricycle Joust’ from last year in the Nottingham Castle grounds.

I’d love to have a go at this, but Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna might not permit me to? Hehe!

Had a go at starting another graphic off for the TFZer site. TFZer Nancy in her new shop, with TFZer Thomas playing with his train engine? Hehehe!

Did some Facebooking.

I made the decision to go to town today, and get some interesting (I hope) photographs to share on here.

Had a wee-wee. Did the ablutions and readied me to go catch the bus. Took the bin bags to the rubbish chute on the way out to the lift.

Outside the flat foyer entrance door, the builders who re-updating the complex had erected these steel poles come bars in front of my beloved Woodthorpe Court block.

I wondered what they were for?

Had to do a bit of manoeuvring to get around them and to the bus stop at the top end of the road, next to the Winchester Flats. They had moved the letter box as well, closer to 6Sat03the Winchester Court of course. Hehe!

A woman and husband from my Woodthorpe flats passed me as I walked along. My cheery ‘Good Morning’ going unresponded to. They got seated on the bench they have kindly supplied for us near the bus stop.

Across the road was the new temporary staff 6Sat066Sat05offices being erected for the duration of the ‘Build’ and modernisation of the place. 2½ to 3 years, is the forecast.

Took a photograph looking back towards the Woodthorpe Court. The new temporary staff offices being built for the two and a half year period of the updating of the compound.

Then I had a stroll behind the Winchester Court onto the Woodthorpe Park. And I 6Sat04photoed the workers building section off area on the previously grass lawned patch.

Off course being a Saturday, there were no workmen about.

No vandalisation had taken place as far as I could see. Although a bit of Nottingham Street Art was spotted nearby near the garages awaiting demolition.

Back to the bus stop and few more tenants had arrived at it, but they were all from the other flats, not mine. Not vert talkative either, only amongst themselves.

Got on the City bound L9 and was soon in the City Centre.

Walked up to the Aldi Store on Upper Parliament Street, where I spent too much and got stuff I did not need, again! They were having a Taste of America event.

Thought I’d take this photo of some and put it on the TFZer site, see if they are interested or actually eat any of this stuff on show, or are they copies, not genuine?

Out of the shop and hobbled into the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall) and to the Tesco Store. As I walked the length of the ground floor, carefully, as there were many folk milling about today, I thought I could hear an elephant wailing at first.

Nearing the Tesco shop, I gleaned what the racket was. Artists were singing on a stage and being filmed doing it. The acoustics in the place did them no favours – of course, my hearing ain’t right – but it sounded terrible to me. Overly loud, distorted and cringe-making.

Just got some fresh garden peas from Tesco, I’d spend too much as it is in the Aldi shop. Batteries, nibbles, pate, pasty, Frikadellens, potato slices, thrice-cooked chips (Had these later for my meal), etc.

Left and recorded this set of closed down shops on Glasshouse Street. Sad!

Hobbled around the City Centre snapping away, Clinton Street first.

You’ll notice I’d managed to move the selector wheel on the camera? So many photographs came out horrible and just not right the colour at all. Humph! Disappointing!

Long Row next.

Still packed with folks, I knew why then. I could see the distant market stalls in Slab Square.

This bloke was doing football tricks, and he had all the females donating into his bucket. Jealous? Me? Hehe!

I had a hobble around the market stalls. (See the wrong setting still on the camera, Tsk!) It was too dangerous for me to stay there long. Kids were running about, cyclists, women with pushchairs, Mobility scooters, etc.

I did manage to6Sat15 take a photo of one stall that

was selling what looked like Bill & Ben wooden models for the garden. They started at £23.99 for the tiny ones, up to £69.99 for these larger ones.

I decided it would be better for me to do a hobble of the peripheral area then, best not to risk injury. As the crowds were milling and rushing about, many with phones on their earholes, too dangerous

for me anyway.

The gigantic new Burger King on the corner of South Parade and Exchange Walk only had three customers at the tables inside, and they have another floor with another dining area upstairs apparently.

How do they make it pay?

Back on Long Row near the Primark Store, this entryway leads to the book shop and a bookie.

I imagine that Americans would find this so cute. But again, how do they make it pay?

All the time I was in the area, I saw nobody actually go into or come out of the alleyway?

Maybe there might be another way in or out?

The only photograph I was pleased with was this one of a Fothergill Watson designed building behind the Council House.


This hairdressing shop only opened a few months ago. The girls who started it made such a good effort to make it look nice as well.So sad that they failed, like so many others in Nottingham.

So sorry that they failed, like so many others in Nottingham.

As I made my way back to the bus stop on Queen Street, the police were removing four people from the Primark Store. With all the bags with them, I assumed this would have been Nottingham shoplifters again.

Caught the bus back to the flats.

On the way, I took this photograph through the buses window. Not a good one, all reflection. But I can’t remember why I made it?

Sad innit?

The extra walk now they moved the bus stop to the other block of flats, meant I was lucky in getting in the apartment and to the Porcelain Throne in time… Just!

Absolutely drained now.

Got the meal cooking,

Had a wee-wee,

Perused the TV magazine, some films on I fancied watching.

Great meal tonight. Chicken leg, cheese and mini pickle pies, triple cooked chips, pork & mushroom pate and beetroots.

Lemon yoghourt, a luxury lemon yoghourt! Hehe!

Got settled to watch the box and the films. I forgot all about testing the DVD remote that I stood on.

Stayed awake, well, there might have been the odd ten minute here and five minutes there of my nodding off and viewed two of the films. Of course, a few breaks for wee-weeing.

When I could no longer stay awake, I dreamed wildly, but can only recall them being about me being lost?

TTFN all.

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Saturday 1st July 2017

  1. There are too many people like you first comic around here. Constructing stuff and putting up barriers — that seems considerate of them. The tricycle jousting looks like a lot of fun. You could put a bucket at your feet and just stand in front of it, and see what happens. I don’t remember you posting photos of the modern buildings in Nottingham. Noisy music? That seems to be what a lot of it is these days. A chicken leg seems to be a little different of the vittles.

    Speaking a vittles, did you ask nurse Nicole about a chair side table. Here’s what I was thinking about:

    • The tricycle jousting looks like a lot of fun to me too, Tim. I’ll get the date for this years and try to get down and get some photographs of it, methinks.
      Just had a look, seems it is in October, Tim.
      Not a lot of modern buildings in Nottingham. They are mostly Student residences or new college departments. So near Triumph Road are futuristically designed. Getting there is messy, three buses or a two-hour hobble. But and however, if I get the time and the weather is okay I will have a go, Sir.
      Loud music, I should have said. Most of the singers just shouted to my mind?
      Your right about the chicken too. It was on offer price, and they claimed the chickens were free range, so I gave them a go. The BBQ flavouring was nice.
      I’ll have a look at the server now. Back in a bit…
      A lot to pick from here mate. I’ll have to investigate, and the recliner chairs are very reasonable too!
      Yo may be seeing a photographicalisation of one on my chair soon. Hehe!
      Cheers Sir.

      • I just saw the buildings in the background and was curious about them. University buildings? Sounds about right. I don’t know about universities in Nottingham, but here universities build buildings for the sake of building buildings. Enrollments are down, finances are a mess in all 9 state universities, and they still build new buildings. Our state’s finances are a mess as well, and the Governor and legislators are at budget odds. The governor defunded all the universities to make a point, and it was like 9 thousand stuck pigs squealing over her mean, insensitive act against education. All the squealing, misery and gnashing of teeth coming out of the universities was quite entertaining. She finally reinstated their funding and I think they all finally came to some stupid budget deal, so the universities continue to build (actually the funds for buildings and construction are completely separate from the operational budget the governor had cut, and ner’ the two shall mix; but most of the squeaky pigs at the universities don’t know that, because they are so preoccupied worrying about gender neutral pronouns, not offending people and hating Trump that they have no time to learn about silly things like how finances universities work).

      • Just the same as over here, Tim. I could almost tell what you were about to say, Sir.
        Wait until you see the photographs I intend to take. Remember all of the decaying closed down business shots that I’m taken, then see these. It might amaze you a bit but get the blood boiling. Tsk!
        Just got a call from the hearing centre to remind me of tomorrow’s visit for the test.
        Nice of em, that.
        Also, had a visit from the Nottingham City Homes representative about the upcoming mayhem while they do the modernisationing later. She told me that all tree windows would be replaced, I told her I was very happy about that, cause the kitchen one lets in the wind and cold and has no end of chips in it. The one in the front room has gaps between the frame and glass, and the bedroom one will not let me open it to clean the outside. Brave I was! Hehe!
        Told her about my not being able to hear the fire alarm, she said they are dealing with this and new alarms with lights should (Should?) be fitted.
        Just got the lamb shank in the pan boiling away. Rosemary and mint flavoured gravy in the bag with it – no messy preparations for me today.
        TTFN Don’t let them get to you! If you can help it.

    • It says on the Castles page on’t web, October. Dark nights for the kids. I’ll have a deeper look, this one might be for the ones with real horses and imitation knights? £8 a ticket it says, we older personages get a concession, £6.
      Yes, I’ll look again now gal…
      No, can’t find it again. Tsk!
      My plates are still giving me a lot of stinging… I wonder why?
      TTFN pet. XXX

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