Inchcock Today – Friday 22nd December 2017

Friday 22nd December 2017

Nepali: शुक्रबार 22 डिसेम्बर 2017

0145hrs: Stirred from the dreams, and found no signs of any nocturnal nibbling. For a few moments the brain was in an apanthropinisational mood, but it kicked into gear and informed me that I required the use of the Porcelain Throne, and to check out the damp sensation coming from the lower regions and Little Inchy. So I made moves to do just that; Unfortunately for me, Hippy Hilda was not too keen on my getting up and shuffling about. So I diverted to the kitchen and took a pain-killer, that I’m pleased to announce seemed to work later, and she became more tractable with me. I got further diverted from the Porcelain when I took the usual dosages of the morning medications and then did the Health Checks. Unwise really, my holding things in.

Eventually, I got to the wet room and had a mini-marathon session that proved messy and uncomfortable. Also needed a lot of cleansing and medicating afterwards. I resisted taking a Senna tablets yet, though.

Little Inchy then had to be treated. I’m hoping the bleeding stops soon, as I am very low on the Daktacort Miconazole nitrate/hydrocortisone cream now. Still, it has stopped for now.

Got a decent headache coming on, but I’ll put up with it gladly now that Hippy Hilda has eased off for me. My EQ gave me the impression that Duodenal Donald is brewing up to have a go at me later, though. Tsk! Worra flipping life! Hehe!

I got the computer on and started to finalise yesterday’s diary. Then made a start on creating some daily headers of a humorous and political nature, and made up the templates for the next few days with them. This took a phenomenal amount of time because I got carried away and made few of them complicated and needed a lot of patience to get them something like right. I reckon I lost four hours just doing these. But as I had planned to not go out anywhere anyway today, I enjoyed doing them.

It was gone 0730hrs by the time I got back to inaugurating today’s diary going.

I poddled into the kitchen to make a brew, another brew! And, as I have often wanted to take a decent photograph of the local birds, and I noticed a wood pigeon (I think it was anyway), land on some bushes down below. Although it was well-misty out there, I adopted perseverance and endurance to try and get one. I could not get close up without losing clarity. So, as I hung out of the window, camera-strap around the wrist, I waited and waited for the bird to fly off so I might get a shot of it in flight.

As I waited, I heard the ‘Herbert from upstairs doing his clanging and banging about again. Most annoying to think he might be bothering some other tenants who might actually want to sleep in. The Swine!

Of course, the moment I instinctively moved my head away and up towards the animals flat above – off went the bird, and all I got was bare empty bushes in the picture. Tsk!

Christ, he’s started drilling along with the banging now! I know they told me the building workers had finished yesterday, so it must be the ‘Herbert’ making the noise, right above where I am sat at the desk – and getting more and more annoyed and doing myself no good at all, cause Duodenal Donald has kicked in now! Season of Goodwill you know… Grrr!

I had a perusal of the comments and answered them, there were masses of them, and I replied to both of them. Haha! Then on to WordPress Reader.

Did some Facebooking.

Now on CorelDraw creating a new series of TFZer graphicalisations.

Nosh sorted out. Seasoned baked beans (Light Soy sauce, Balsamic Vinegar and Distilled vinegar), the German franks, last of the tasteless, bland, dull Tesco bread (Threw the rest away). Lemon curd yoghourt, Lemon Mousse and an apple to complete the meal. Nice one apart from the Tesco bread, still gave it a rating of 8.2/10.

Hippy Hilda started to play me up again, so I took a limp up and down the hallway to see if that would ease her temper.

Took the medications, with an extra Codeine Phosphate 30g and did the Health Checks, then hobbled up and down the hall again.

Something was shoved through the letterbox, one of the famous ‘Notes’ we get here, you know. Hehehe! I opened the door seconds later to find nobody there? He or she was quick!

I saw that the illegal and not allowed unless you are someone unique, doormat was still there.

So, we have Bats in the Belfrey? Some rare ones apparently too. I wondered if, by the ‘Removing Render’, they mean the cladding outside or the air vent slots to the kitchen?

I settled in the £300 second-hand recliner. Got a Boon DVD on and the landline tone chirped up. There was no way Hilda would let me get out of the chair in time to answer it, but I tried – and then Dizzy Dennis attacked.

I actually considered whether or not to press my Wrist Alarm Button for a while. Glad I didn’t, because the dizzies eased off after half an hour. But I don’t think I had much kipping. It seemed every time I lifted more than moved the right leg, Hippy Hilda didn’t give me some jip! Fingers crossed on this. I would have risked another painkiller, but the agony of getting out of the chair to the kitchen dissuaded me. Hehe!

Oddly, even with the pains, I stayed awake and watched three episodes of the Boon DVD, and really enjoyed them. So as not to get up again and bother Hilda, when the disc ended, I put on the TV as I still could not get to sleep. I managed the odd minute or two but would wake up again, watch TV, nod-off, wake up… Humph! Gave up at 0005hrs and boy, the pain getting out of the recliners, yet half an hour later it had eased?

Taketh care all, and try to have a fantastic holiday period if you can manage it!

25 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 22nd December 2017

  1. Holy fucking God, maybe GAWD even, I want to take you in and make you a fixed feature of my home, take you in, mind you, and just take care of you, give you love all day long, in the form of being nice to you, checking on your medications, and overall making you feel good. You have such a sense of humor that is getting you over the problems you have, but basically, I think you should move in with me. I read every word and just feel like you need tender loving care and the freedom to ride the 300 pound second-hand recliner at your convenience, which fits my schedule so well. I understand. You’re a brave man. Keep chugging on. Understand that I want to take care of you and make you feel more comfortable than you are, because the conditions you are living in, given your health problems, are deplorable, and you have my sense of humor, which turns you into my other Dad. My father had your sense of humour, and you have all my respect. Please tell me how I can help you live better. I’m dirt poor, but whatever I can do I will do.

    • Cheers. I’ve been unlucky for a longtime now. Hehe! But I worry when something goes right, get nervous, edgy… I’m not a confident person really. But I do try to cope well without any help.
      Verbal support is appreciated and welcome Sir.
      I now know why I thought I was going batty! Hehehe!

      • I truly read this and think I should take you home with me. You’ve still got time. Brexit isn’t finished yet and we can say you’re my cousin.

  2. The bird did a good disappearing act on you. Do the grumpy gals who run the place do inspections? Sounds like an official needs to see what Herbert’s working on. The Soprano pipistrelle bats are actually quite common and range throughout Britain and most of Scotland and Ireland. However, the chiropterologists can’t seem to get a good handle on the number of Soprano pipistrelles in Britain. Field studies show the bats have increased since 1999, nest studies show the bats have decreased form 1999, but they say that’s due to the little critters changing nest sites every year, and the chiropterologists don’t find the new nests. They estimate there are 1.3 million Soprano pipistrelles in Britain, but they have a cautionary note that reads: “The population estimates are considered to be poor and should be treated with caution. Estimates are based on very limited population data and rely on expert opinion only.” Seems like British chiropterologists are batty. Good you could get down the whole dinner.

      • I guess I don’t follow why either my comment or mustache would make you believe you should steer clear of this blog.

      • It’s called sarcasm. I know you’re two different people. But you both happen to have sometime in common. It’s like what we used to say about Letoya and Michael Jackson, never seen together.

      • Since we happen to live on the opposite sides of the world, Inchcock and I will never be seen together, unless I happen to make it Nottingham. I read on your about page that you spent some time in Spain. I lived in Spain for nearly four years at the end of the 20th Century.

      • I live in Spain now. I’ve been here for five years and lived here part-time ten years! So cool to have met you, too! Thanks for having a look at my about page. It’s a bit old, I think. I can’t even remember what it says!

      • I missed that you were still in Spain. Are you up there with the unrest in the north or elsewhere?

      • I’m in Castille and León’s capital, Valladolid, where the Catalonian independence movement is generally loathed. Around here people get involved in “tertulias” in which both sides of the debate agree that Catalonian independence is wrong but disagree about why it’s wrong. Spanish nationalism versus Spanish unity without the nationalism, basically. It’s really a shame that Catalonia has gone in this direction. All it’s done is reopen a can of nationalism that this country does not need to revisit after becoming a democracy in the 20th century, overcoming fascism.

      • We lived in Madrid, but we had visited Valladolid on various occasions. It’s a beautiful area. I do miss teturlias, as there is no discussion in the US anymore. It’s all opposition and violence against you if you oppose the opposition. There were a lot of Catalonian rumblings when we lived in Spain. There are so many arguments for and against, but to me the simple reality is economics. Catalonia does not the economy to be truly autonomous.

      • Especially now! More than 7000 companies moved their headquarters to other places in Spain. That’s the nationalism part. The national government is run by the Partido Popular, which decided to punish Catalonia with an emergency law that temporarily allowed companies to leave Catalonia easily. This is why the new elections yet again have the result of a local government that wants independence. Politics here, as you see, works much like the “lack of discussion” back home in the USA. I suspect it’s the same all around the world. In the end, it makes no difference if you can chit chat with friends about politics or not. The system is made of one wall not talking to another wall.

    • I’d love to know what he is up to, Tim.
      There I was, reading all your details about the investation with my serious-side in evidence, the ngot to “Seems like the British chiropterologists are batty” Had me in tucks! Thanks for that. Haha!
      I looked up bat protection on HMG site, Tim. Got this:
      All bat species, their breeding sites and resting places are fully protected by law – they’re European protected species.

      You may be able to get a licence from Natural England if you can’t avoid disturbing them or damaging their habitats, or if you want to survey or conserve them.
      What you must not do:
      You’re breaking the law if you do certain things including:
      deliberately capture, injure or kill bats
      damage or destroy a breeding or resting place
      obstruct access to their resting or sheltering places
      possess, sell, control or transport live or dead bats, or parts of them
      intentionally or recklessly disturb a bat while it’s in a structure or place of shelter or protection

      Either or both of the following could happen if you’re found guilty of any offences:

      you could be sent to prison for up to 6 months
      you could get an unlimited fine

      Activities that can harm bats

      Activities that can affect bats include:

      renovating, converting or demolishing a building
      cutting down or removing branches from a mature tree
      repairing or replacing a roof
      repointing brickwork
      insulating or converting a loft
      installing lighting in a roost, or outside if it lights up the entrance to the roost
      removing ‘commuting habitats’ like hedgerows, watercourses or woodland
      changing or removing bats’ foraging areas
      using insecticides or treating timber
      In many cases you should be able to avoid harming the bats or damaging or blocking access to their habitats. You’ll need an expert to do a bat survey. You can find one using the:
      Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environment Management directory
      Environmental Data Services directory.
      Sorry it’s long, and it may be a long time getting sorted?
      Ah-well! TTFNski

      • Sounds like your new windows might be endangered as well. Bats are actually very cool. I studied biology under J. Scott Altenbach many years ago. He specialized in bats among other things. He developed a high speed flash system in the 1980’s to capture bats in flight.

      • Cheers, Tim.
        I saw a programme om TV a year or so ago. Somewherei n South America underground caves with so many bats they could not estimate their numbers. Undeground river furthr down Local stole the egg to sell to restuarant to make something, was it a soupd some kind? Can’t remember at the moment. TTFM Sir.

  3. A year or so ago I found a bat on the church floor. It was alive but poorly. Went home to fetch gloves and a box and took it home and fed and watered it. I did all the right things but it didn’t fly off. I took it to the vets. The receptionist said they didn’t want it so I told her the vet had a ‘duty of care’ for it. They took it in but it died. Poor thing. It was rather wonderful to see one up close though. Amazing wings.

    • According to the list Inchy provided above, you broke the law by 1) disturbing the bat, 2) by transporting it home, 3) by keeping it in your possession while nursing it and 4) by transporting it to the vet. I don’t know how strict they are England, but here in the high desert in the southwestern portion of the US, an over zealous vet-tech would have turned you in to the authorities, and you would have been arrested, jailed and fined. Even though you plead innocence because you didn’t know there was a 10,000 page bat protection law, let alone read it, the authorities would say “Ignorance of our massive law is no excuse!” The forces that be would let a real felon out of prison to make space for you, and while they are waiting for your cell to be opened up, the authorities would probably discover you are a Christian and double the sentence and penalties. By this time you feel fortunate that your are in a state that recently repealed the death penalty.

      While I exaggerate to some extent, I’m not too far off reality when it comes to the treatment, sentences and penalties given to innocent people who make uniformed mistakes, as compared to the revolving door legal system that continually allows serious, violent criminals back on the streets in the city and state I live in.

      Speaking of sick bats, I once called the authorities about a bat hanging in the screen door. Communication went south somewhere, because the B.A.T. Mobile arrived some time after I made the call. ¡Que Pasa! I asked the tech when they drove up. We have a bat hanging on the screen door, there’s not a drunk in sight! The tech said they got a call about an old bat with a hangover. B.A.T. is the mobile breath alcohol testing unit operated by the local police department. They proceeded to test the little bat, since they responded to the call, and decided the bat was still drunk, and it just needed to sleep it off. We were told to just leave it be and use another door.

  4. I’m guessing there’s no news on the packet 🙁 That’s sad because I wanted you to have something for Christmas day. Please know the thought was there and I’ll try again after Christmas 🎄🎅🌲🎁
    Tracey xx

  5. Happy Christmas, my friend! I see in the comments that you have heard from some of the real Santa’s that live eternally in our hearts as opposed to the tongue-in-cheek Santa’s that hang out at the mall. Thank you for blogging me along and I’m looking forward to everything that comes next! You Brits know how to say it best, CHEERS! 👍🎅
    ^^ Buffalo Tom

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