Inchcock Today: Monday 20th October 2014


01 01

Up wide awake at 0240hrs. WC.

Decided to get up anyway because I wanted to get me LOMM posts done before I go out on me medicalisationing visits.

03W02Laptop and me, still sluggish.

Cuppa and took medications too early really but still I took em.

Did a lot of graphic work and did some posts, despite my shaky fingers this morning.

Good job I did gerrup really early, cause it took me five hours to gerrum done!

I think I remembered to take me medications?

Brother-in-law Pete rang up, said he was sorry he’d not called for ages but had been busy and kept forgetting to.

Well, I can apprehend, sympathise and identify with that, no problem I told him.

Sad innit?

Got myself prettied up and tidy, put the cream on me ‘Inch’, only a tiny spot of blood and I think the redness and swelling is going down too – good stuff. (Many a word eh?)

01 02Set off, deciding to walk to town due to the wind and rain, to the bus stop – got about 300 yards and realised I’d forgotten me Anticoagulant therapy record card, so went back and collected it – just as well really, I’d forgotten to shut down the laptop. Silver lining? Tsk!

Got into town, the rain has lessened a 01 03bit, and caught bus out to the Queens Medical Centre, hobbled up the for flights of stairs as it appeared only one of the lifts were working and the queues for it were enormous!

In and out of the clinic within 15 minutes and back down to the ground floor haematology dept. Hell of a crowd waiting. My own fault for not going earlier really.

Took a ticket and got a free Metro newspaper, filled in me record form in advance and read the paper for the hour or so until my number was called.

Only two nurses working and they looked displeased bless them. Got done and gave 01 05em some nibbles that cheered em up a tad.

Out into the rain and wind once more to catch a bus back into the City.

I called Tesco in Victoria Centre and got some cheesey seaweed, a loaf, and some iced lollies. Well why not.

Came out and walked through Trinity Square’s new Food Plaza – couldn’t see anyone inside any of the expensive fooderies at all. Even the pigeons and the Big Issue seller were missing. I wondered if David Cameron knew about this? (Hehe)

01 06Poodled down to the bus stop and caught the bus back to Carrington dropped off as the rain was easing again.

Got in the hovel and WC, then put the kettle on.

I didn’t know if i should mention this, but decided to: As I went upstairs I felt a tiny ‘Plup’ as a minuscule amount of air was released from my rear end – Cor Blimey! It seemed the fowl aroma filled the entire house! Never had that before, and don’t want it again. Erugh! Nearly gassed missen!

Updated this tripe.

The sudden weariness came over me again, so I thought get some nosh and off to kip Young Inchy. (Young Inchy I ask you Young Inchy… the things I come out with. hehehe!)

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