Inchcock Today: Tuesday 16th December 2014

02Tthermo02T01I stirred passing wind violently (that was a funny feeling) and laid there a while once again trying to remember the dreams I knew I’d had, but without any success.

Giving up on that, I checked the haemorrhoid situation and tended to them.

Little Inchy sore, but again absolutely no blood – I think things should be okay in that department now.

Started the laptop and made a cuppa.


Inchcock’s Launderette – conveniently sited next to the Chemist he frequents

Posted on Inchcock blog and did some Facebooking. Coreldraw9 crashed twice!Got myself scrubbed up, then got the laundry things ready – two flaming great bags full!

I struggled to carry them to the launderette. They had got a new bigger washing machine installed that took all my washing in one go.


Griselda and Mandy

It cost £6.90 mind, and tool a bit longer to perform its procedure, but the washing was well spun at the end.

I gave the girls some nibbles and a box of chocolates for Christmas, as they were ironing in the back room and took their photograph. It didn’t come out too bad.

I’m still confused by the ‘brackets’ and symboles that appear on the screen of the new camera when viewing, and for some reason it failed to take the photos a few times?

Technology and me go together like Miliband and Farage.


Papplewick Pumping Station

Bill John said he was hoping to go to the Papplewick Pumping Station over the holidays and asked if I’d like to go with him.

Many thanks and please I replied.

Then he offered to take me shopping after we had done at the launderette.

Damnably decent of him.

I said my farewells to the gals in the laundry and set of for Asda in big Johns car. I could tell the girls were sad to see me leave because they ignored me.

02T03bWe arrived at Asda’s car park, and I could not help but be impresses with the gloom ridden shoppers ability to look tired, threatening and irritable all at the same time.

Nervously I hobbled round, the angina playing up nastily now.

Got some Bitter orange drinks, cooked chicken drumsticks, cheese curls, Raspberry ripple mousse, Cox’s apples and bleach.

Enjoyed a good  chin-wag with Big John on the way round – paid and out into the car park.

The people around still seemed gloomy to me?

02T03Big John put the stuff in the boot, and along with the washing in the back of the car ran me to my front door and even carried the goods to the door for me as he knew I was struggling with the angina.

I thanked him and off he shot.

I then visited the WC.

Took the washing upstairs… one bag at a time mind… I have not desire to go tumbling backwards down the stairs again thankyou very much.

Put the togs away and went downstairs (Still carefully as I was struggling a tad with the breathing then), and put the goods away that I’d bought.

Went up and started the laptop.


Made a cuppa, then had a good time searching for my reading glasses. Any guesses where they were?

I ate one of the Cox’s apples… and boing! One of me front lower teggies broke!

Ah well, I’m due to see the dentist in January.

I continued to eat the apple while on the laptop and hey-ho cut me tongue on the tooth!

Must take care… how I’m going to suck me chicken drumsticks later I don’t know.


Not in the best frame of mind and feeling a little nervous I soon nodded off.

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Tuesday 16th December 2014

  1. Fortunately, we have our own jumbo washing machine and matching dryer, so no trips to the laundry for us. Good you got a ride. I broke a tooth on a slice of pizza over a year ago. Still need to get it fixed. Ugh.

    • Luxury that a washine machine at home. My last wo packed up on me. And waiting to (hopefully) to be moved into sheltered housing I decided not to invest in another until I actually move. That was four years ago, Tsk!
      You miss a lot by not going to the launderette yer know – being mugged, slipping on the ice, dodging the mobility scooter maniacs and cyclists, avoiding beggars and alcoholics, and the scintillating conversations with yourself as you go senile waiting for the driers to dry your togs.
      Hehehe… Take care.

      • I imagine some of our laundromats here are more like Breaking Bad! I have to image, because I’ve never seen Breaking Bad, but seeing some of the people in the laundromats as I’ve driven by, and since I’ve known people who worked in laundromats, they don’t sound like much fun.

      • I’m not familiar with Breaking Bad either Tim. (A film I assume?).
        Your spot on about the not much fun aspect!
        Still, got to me done – reluctantly.

      • Breaking Bad is a TV series that was filmed in Albuquerque, and it’s super famous all over the world, although, I’m not surprised that you haven’t heard of it. It’s about a science teacher, Walter White, who has cancer and becomes a meth maker/dealer and all the bad stuff that goes with it. The series ended after 5 seasons, and now people come to Albuquerque from all over the world to see the places associated with Breaking Bad and Walter White. It’s one of those series that even though I’ve never seen an episode, I know all about it because that’s all some people talk about.

      • We haven’t had TV for over 30 years. One time a was changing service levels on our land line (still have one) and the sales girl was trying to sell me a bundled upgrade of phone, Internet and TV. I told he I didn’t have a TV, she paused and then continued on her sales pitched. I repeated that I didn’t have a TV. There was silences and she said “Really?” in a very unbelieving tone. She couldn’t believe that someone in this day and age would not have a TV. I’m of the opinion with the Internet, entertaining cats and blogs to deal with, why anyone would still have a TV in this day and age.

      • That could have been taken from my mind Sir.
        I fully understand and agree with you on that scenario.
        Well, we know of at least tow fold nowadays without a goggle-box. Hehehe.
        Cheers Sir.

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