Inchcock Today: Sun 1st February 2015

GCgazeSunday 1st February 2015

Got some kip at last – but the dreams were ever present and I can only recall bits and pieces of them again.

I actually forgot more as I was writing these down on the laptop – using the free Apache Open Office package. Which I can recommend to anyone.

  1. I was in a muddy field I think after chasing after someone – clothes were torn and dirty – found a head (skull) and kept throwing it at someone far away who was shooting at me… each time I threw it another one appeared and I threw that…?

  2. Again in a cargo ship of some sort, massive it was, had cities in it. Kept getting lost and killed by various occupants, think I was shot stabbed, blew-up, bayoneted and a woman tore me head off at one time and I was looking up at me body that was then floating in the sky with eagles and vultures attacking it?

I forced missen to gerrup cause it were time fer me medications and I had to pay a visit to the porcelain rather exigently.

Made my cuppa and took me medications – noticed no snow yet, but the wind was vicious

WC’d again – no blood from the rear-end this morning, Arthritis is bad in knees and feet, but fairish in the hands and fingers also Anne Gyna is not too bothersome either.

Finished off and posted me diary for yesterday on WordPress blog and Facebook.

Did many hours creating graphics, posted a few.

Started this diary then started a new post for WordPress.

Tried out the new art packages, but couldn’t get into them so went back to try Coreldraw9 again.

Did some graphics until Coreldraw9 started freezing again.

Had me braised beef and garden peas in onion gravy with a bit of bread and yogurt followed my a Lion bar. (Gordon Ramsey? Phwert!)

Back and tried to do some graphics on Coreldraw9 again.

It again froze and I lost some more work… Gnash!

Went to visit on the porcelain again and the piles were bleeding – by now I was getting a touch fed-up with everything seemingly going wrong.

Cleaned missen up and listened to some Billy Fury music while I gave it another go on Coreldraw9.

Took evening med’s and devoured me nosh.

Struggling to get to sleep again.


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