Fri 10/4/15 – Inchcock Today

Friday 10th April 2015

I woke up around 0730hrs IMG_0053WC’d and made a cuppa, consumed me breakfast.

While nibbling away I remembered remembering “Well I’m bound to remember that dream” earlier. But could not remember it – so galling innit!

Medicationalised missen then on the laptop and at the ‘When will Coreldraw9 freeze today’ stage.

No solutions to this problem in sight – Tsk!

Meeting brother-in-law Pete at 1230hrs in town at his bus-stop, then going to the NHS Treatment Centre with him to have his mole removed.

IMG_0054Spit and polished I set off to the bus-stop, feeding Fatima and Fred on the way, and took a photo of the traffic when I arrived at the stop.

The weather was nice and warm.

For some reason it was ages before a bus arrived – when it did it was like getting into a tin of  sardines!

I had to stand in the narrow bit near the luggage thingy – and at every stop there was someone getting on and off – and every one had to squash by me, thus causing the boil-on-me-bum great pain! Tsk!

Got into town and met Pete, who seemed a tad preoccupied. We caught the bus out to the Queens Medical Centre and walked through to the rear and the Treatment Centre.

IMG_0055Very hygienic cold and clinical it looked to.

To the ‘G’ station top floor and Pete logged in and we had a farcical chin-wag (Us both being hard of hearing like).

Pete was called in and I got me book out to read and waited until he was released.

He seemed happy with how it went – said a Chinese chappy had done the cutting out of his mole and seemed to think it went well – also Pete mentioned the red patches that were appearing on this face and the Doc gave him a prescription to have filled on site.

Good that I thought.

We walked to the Chemists place and put in Pete’s prescription. While we were waiting a lady with a child handed in a prescription and the lady asked if she had any allergies… It took the woman ages to list them off, she must have told of about 8 at least… poor thing.

Pete gave me a look at his back and the plaster was already falling off of the wound where they had removed his mole. I pressed it back on best I could.

IMG_0057Pete’s prescription had some of the same things in it that were in my G.U.M. cream.

We poddled (Still chin-wagging of course) to the bus-stop and it was ages and ages until one came.

Took a posed photograph of Pete as he was getting a bit irked at not being able to get back to Jane as soon as he would have liked to. I think he forced a smile. 

IMG_0058Pete was taking a photograph of me at the stop.

Me looking  in my usual cheery ebullient happy-go-lucky upbeat self.

Then it rained for all of 30 seconds and stopped.

We caught the Airport bus back into Nottingham and dropped-off in Friar Lane.

Said farewells to Pete who wanted to rush back off to Jane and left me as I crossed over to and through the Slab Square.

IMG_0059I lot of folk about so I hobbled through the square, noticing that the fountains were well used by the young kids enjoying themselves under the water and getting thoroughly soaked and loving it.

I thought best not to take a photo of these kids, because someone might get the wrong end of the stick like… yer know?

IMG_0060In front of the Council House on the pedestrianised area were apprentice yobs doing wheelies on their bikes – the CPO’s doing nothing about it – yet last week when I sheltered from the rain they moved me back into the rain on so I didn’t block the entrance for the wedding guests… Didn’t bother me mind… I had a word with them…

IMG_0061Having realised how late it was and seeing  the size of the queues at the bus-stops I decided to walk it back to Carrington.

Walked up through Trinity Square onto Mansfield Road and further examples of the Nottingham (Sod the pedestrians) Cyclists were discovered.

But they don’t bovver me like…

Onto Mansfield Road and up the hill out of IMG_0062town to the Cemetery.

Although I felt tired, I was in fine form as I hastily hobbled up the road.

I reckon Arthur Itis was giving me a nice break today.

Anne Gyna too!

Half way up the hill and the roadworks had caused the usual chaos with the traffic.

IMG_0063The usual collection of wino’s and alcoholics that would be gathering outside the 24 hour store that sell the high content lager were conspicuous by their absence –  odd that?

On this stretch of Mansfield Road one can get a variety of pongs that are maybe not available elsewhere yer know… The different brewery smells, the pizza, beefburger, Turkish foods, Chinese foods, wonderful smells from the ‘Tings Caribbean’ store, The Plava Laguna aromas, the Umar Kayyam restaurants smell of IMG_0064grease, Chez Cors noshery, Jalisco Eatery, Daylan Turkish Cuisine, The Uni Take-away, The Lobster Pot etc.

Another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist threatening on the way up the hill. Tsk!

Totally oblivious he rides along hand on hips.

I walked up and over the brow of the hill and down towards Gregory Boulevard.

IMG_0067Another Pavement Cyclist who belted passed me making me jump and then carried on to do it again to pedestrians lower down the hill.

IMG_0065Yet another damned Pavement Cyclist on Mansfield Road threatening!

Further on, a mere few hundred yards and what do I find?

Yes, yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist.

This timeIMG_0066 even more dangerous perhaps?

As he gets his head down and doesn’t even look where he’s racing to?

I did try shouting at this Herbert, but it made no difference he plodded on – I rather hoped he’s slip off the kerb and get crushed by the bus – but then felt rather guilty.


As I walked limpingly now through Carrington to the twitchel – I espied the Chinese Takeaway was open – so I treated missen to a Vegetables in bean sauce and a bag of chips – then hastened back to the flea-pit made a cuppa and enjoyed eating this delightful concoction with relish and me medications.

WC’d no bleeding.

Fell asleep… ahh!

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  1. Sorta able to get back into my blog sideways today, and loving your post. Have to keep up with your daily travails, doncha know. Just to make sure my friend is doing okay and all. Hang in there Inchy, you sure make me smile.

      • You always make me smile Inchy. Still having computer problems, but they will work themselves out eventually. Or I’ll die at the ripe old age of 250, whichever comes first.

      • I’ll have a chat with you up near St Peter’s Gates and we can find and tackle Bill Gates and charge him with fraud! Hehe…

      • Let’s do that–see you in 250 years. I think he spelled his last name wrong. It should be spelled Goetz. That’s the way my last name is spelled, and I’m sure he’s a long lost cousin or something, and really wants me to share his bounty–just can’t seem to find me because of the spelling change. Someone really should let him know about that.

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