Sat 11/4/15 – Inchcock Today – Pavement Cyclists Galore in Nottingham!

Saturday 11th April 2015

I woke up in a contorted position in which I nodded off in last night – early last night too – must have needed it because I reckon I got a good 10 hours kip in! Had to think a bit to work out what time and day it was… Hehe!

WC’d – mammoth results. Then remembered having the vegetables in black bean sauce last night and understood.

01M04Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Whilst searching for me  photograph of me morning medications I came across a graphic wot I created some time ago and am not sure if I used it before.

I think I made it for me relating of me dreams 0603perhaps?

Any-road I’ve posted it here.

I couldn’t recreate anything like this nowadays as the so called newer and more powerful laptop I got to replace the old deceased one, will not let me use Coreldraw or Serif Draw without freezing as soon as I start doing anything of an intricate nature on them.

Couldn’t recall any bits of me dreams last night – or indeed if I had any at all? Most unusual for me that!

Took me blood pressure and recorded it – treated my haemorrhoids (By the way, that is the very first time I written that word correctly first time – hehe).

Drizzling but sunny this morning – not that I’ve ventured out yet like.

Did some Facebooking, got yesterdays diary finished and posted and some blogging.

Titivated missen and went for a walk into town – with the intention of getting some shirts from Primark – topping up me pay-phone and getting milk… but we’ll see what happens once I’m out and about and me mind wanders. Tsk!

0604The sky was pretty when I left the dump to catch the bus to town, instead of walking due to the horrible high winds.

Got into the City centre, plenty of fold about this morning – in fact I had to keep an eye out for those on mobile phones, disability scooters and cyclists for fear of having me over like.

0605The sky had changed completely from earlier but the winds were still playing havok and a-blowin’ summat rotten!

I limped on down Miltn Street and to the crossing over Upper Parliament Street where the Nottinghomians usual try to commit suicide by bus bu ignoring the cross/don’t cross signals at the junction traffic lights.

As I stood waiting to cross the lights, I noticed the welcoming I’d have to tackle on the Clinton 0606Street pedestrianised road – a bit like going into a cup final.

I went into the EE shop (Yellow sign on the left of the picture) to top-up me pay-s-you-go mobile – but there were so many folk waiting I gave up and walked out and around to he Primark Store and had a poddle around for a while.

I did notice that they had some… er… erm… thingies like necklaces for the ladies on sale 0607that were only £2 to £5 each.

No idea what they made of but thought they looked nice so I took a photograph of them for the TFZ gals, then ignored the ‘rum’ look I got from an assistant and wandered back into the menswear department and tried on some hats.

None were big enough – Huh!

Ended up buying some socks and a pair of light jammies.

0608Left and wandered over the Slab Square where there were plenty of people but none of them using the fountains to play in today, it was far too windy.

Had a wobble down Wheeler Gate to Lister Gate to get me Mobile phone topped-up – again that one was too busy.

I came out a poddled back towards town and spotted a Car-Phone Warehouse shop and tried there – ah… not many in here so I got it done there.

Came out and slipped the Saxaphone player a quid.

Also sneaked some seeds to the pigeons.

0609Back through town and up to Tesco in Victoria Centre.

Where I wanted to get me milk from: ended up getting Marmite Crisps, crispy bacon, cheapo mini-roll cakes, underarm spray and mouthwash as well as me milk.

Limped back to the bus-stop via Trinity Square again, never known so many folk there.

Got on a bus using me pensioners free pass (Hehehe – I love it!).

0610Eventually we moved off and as we turned the corner into Milton Street the driver, quite rightly honked his horn at a bloke crossing over against the lights – the chap turned and glared at the driver. I reckon he was lucky the driver was on the ball and saw the idiot at all.

There were many pavement cyclist about in town, but being crowded and me feeling lazy I missed the opportunities to snap them.

We soon arrived at Carrington and I got off at the Co-op store and had a dizzy – as I recovered in seconds two pavement 0612cyclists appeared and with a nonchalantness called out for me to get out of the XXXX way as they passed!

Cheeky little monkeys…

I’m really glad I don’t own a gun now.

IMG_0040The twitchel was hoody free so I nipped through and back to the dump – Fatima and Fred popping down to be fed as I did.


Got a letter confirming me appointment that is to be at the Nottingham Treatment Centre ran by a private company using facilities in the new IMG_0002building behind the Queens Medical Centre.

Tuesday 21 April 2015 – 1440hrs – Dermatology – Doctor  Srgyridetian Schiouness. 

Made two burger sandwiches and ate me last bit of pork pie with em – followed by an ice lolly, lemon yoghurt and an apple.

Did this diary to here and then intended to do some Facebooking before I drifted off again…

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  1. after reading of all your gadding about on buses, I’ve had my picture took in one of them passport photo machines, filled and sent off the application form – and will soon be travelling into Birmingham and Walsall wi’ my own free ‘auld bugger’s bus pass 😆

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