Sun 12/4/15 Inchcock: Worra Gloomy day…

Sunday 12th April 2015

0703aWoke up 0630hrs full of memories of the dreams I’d remembered and by the time I’d got missen on the porcelain in response to an urgent call to duty – I’d lost everything that I’d had in me memory of the dreams from 30 seconds earlier.

Gawd, it’s so annoying that! Tut!

Coughing and sneezing this morning, runny nose too.

Took a photo of the ominous looking sky as limped gently down the stairs to make me cuppa and a pot of porridge and take me medications for breakfast.

0702meatsWhen I took out the milk from the fridge I noticed the cooked meats I’d bought yesterday and just looking at the packs brought the flavour of them to me throat. Without doubt two of the most flavourful and tasty cooked meats on the market methinks.

The Sopocka is a delicate sweet flavoured low fat meat that goes so well in a salad.

0701weedThe Krakowska is summat to get your teeth into, mixed meats chewy and tasty too. Bit fatty here and there, but the taste stays with you all day after you’ve enjoyed eating this – the only drawback is the Reflux Valve isn’t too keen on me eating it, so I only eat it rarely nowadays.

Neither can be called cheap but they are so yummy!

Chinese cheese seaweed goes very nice with the Sopocka in a salad.

Back to me diary, got carried away there… sorry.

Laptop on and after rebooting due to Serif draw freezing I managed to get the header fininshed for yesterdays post and sent it off.

Started this diary and Coreldraw froze – I’m getting a bit down about this – surely someone can do something it can’t be beyond the realms of having expectations to want a laptop that Coreldraw9 and Serif Draw x6 can work properly on. I’m getting closer to the end, and taking more and more time to do me graphics – then have to limit what I do. Grrr!

Feeling a bit lonely now… no idea why, nowts changed. Funny that innit? Does this happen to you?

0703StAndSorting though me photographs and graphics in an effort to delete some to save storage space and came across this photograph that I took yeterday and forgot to put in the diary, of St Andrews Church on Mansfield Road.

I took it through the bus window as it travelled over the lights, kind of nice I thought?

Windy again this morning, the drafts coming under the door and up me legs and arms. Brrr!

I’ve used Google Photos storage in conjunction with Picasa – sometimes it rearranges the photos back in different folders – most annoying, but they are there and it’s a free service.

Osb01Found an old graphic here about out wonderful political leaders wot I dun ages ago – with the elections coming up I thought post it again. I’ve posted it on Facebook as well.

Thought of a funny idea about me Electionion Card, so I am about to open Coreldraw9 and see if I can doctor it.


LyndabutlerJill dressR

MerWWI’m back – spent a few hours doing graphics for me blog and Facebook – Graphic prog’s did not crash (Yet) but they came close.

When I got these finished I was weary and hungry so made missen a potatoe based nosh to nosh like, with BBW chicken wings.

IMG_0004Saute potatoes in extra virgin olive oil, microwave chips and some tiny BBQ chicken wings – oh I just said that didn’t I – Tut!)

Watched a New Tricks DVD – and nodded off for half an hour.

Doing some Facebooking now.

The wind’s still a-blowin’ outside.

Damnatiions! had two dizzies on the stairs – crickey they’re doubling up on me now! Hehehe…

Took me evening medications.

Must remember to fetch me medications in the morning.

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