Sun 3/5/15: Inchcock Today: Out in the gloomy weather

Sunday 3rd May 2015ou

Woke at 0550hrs. Managed three hours dream filled kip.

In the dream Marie was working with me. Can’t recall actual details though.

IMG_0030Stirred took a photo of the bleak weather – obviously we’ve had some rain overnight though.

Stirred and made a cuppa.

Then did me BP things: Sys 147 – Dia 83 – Pul 80 – Temp 30.2

WC’d, no bleeding!

Started this diary off.


Abluted and got the goodie-bag for Jane & Pete ready – bus-pass, mobile phone etc.

0701Caught the bus into town due to the rotten wet weather like.

Into town down Trinity Walk and into the Pound Shop for ponder while I had to wait for the bus into West Bridgford.

Only the one pigeon to keep me company so he got some seeds and earthworms.

Got some bits fer Jane and Pete to add to their goodie-bag.

Caught the 7 bus out to West Bridgford and hobbled to their Mansion.

0704Had a natter and Pete took a look at setting up me new Lumia 625 mobile phone.

Another natter of sorts (We’re all deaf yer know – Tsk!).

Pete got me on the internet with the phone – told me how to answer a call and said he’d come with me back to the EE shop to sort the photo transferring out.

When I got the phone a chap said there was a lead in the box to transfer them straight to the laptop. There wasn’t one – so when I called back to the EE shop again, another chap said the lead from the charger comes out and I use that to transfer the photo’s to the laptop. I showed Pete the charger, and the lead does not come out ot it?

0703He might be free a week on Monday to go with me. Just hope I don’t get any appointments at the clinic or hospitals for that day.

Jane told me they got a 6 pack of Marmite crisps for me when they went shopping – nice I thought – but they’ve eaten five of them but gave me the last one… the bag had a hole in it.

I gave them their Goodie-Bag consisting of: 20 disposable Gloves – A microwaveable Lamb knuckle – Choc biscuits – 2 cream Profiteroles – Medicines – Plasters – Crackers – Microwave Oven dish – 2 ordinary Oven trays – Train ticket –  and some cheesey seaweed.

0705I liked the blouse Jane was wearing.

They were going out so I had to get going.

Sarcastically I thanked them for me punctured bag of Marmite crisps and Jane was not amused! (Only kidding, this piccy was posed for, honest!).

Plodded to Central Avenue and called in Iceland en-route and got an Iceberg lettuce.

0706Caught the bus into town.

It had brightened up now, the rain gone the wind low and the angina starting to kick in Tut!

I stood for a few reflective moments and watched the Nottingham folks in the Slas Square, some lazing, some drinking, some smoking, some arguing but they all had something in common – they didn’t look happy!

0707Had a walk around and fed the pigeons in Trinity Square.

Being as I missed me walk into town earlier, I decided a walk back from town would be a good idea.

The shoplifters being removed from Victoria Centre and placed in the back of a police car were rather verbal and aggressive.

0708CycA few hundred yard up the hill on Mansfield Road and the first Nottingham Pavement Cyclist, although going slowly along as he was talking to his fellow ogre walking beside him – he still came so close to hitting me – I had to sidestep to avoid him. Swine!

The sun was coming out now.

A few hundred yards further up the hill and another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist approached.

0709CycHe nearly hit several people as he flew passed me with his headphones giving of a whining screeching noise – I’m not certain, but I think they call it ‘Music’ nowadays?

Up to the top of the hill and down the other side – the angina caused me to stop a while and pretend to be looking at the scenery like.

As I started to hobble down the road (On the pavement like!) Yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist belted passed me – and this one was a danger. He was on his mobile phone and rode so close to everyone he passed – Grrrr! Discourteous Young Flogging Deserving Swine!

But he didn’t bother me like…WPlie

Amazing how good the Arthur Itis in me knees has been today… I may regret saying that later?

A bit further on near Hucknall Road, the Sterling Moss of Nottingham Pavement 0711CycCyclists flashed passed me making me jump – he was so fast he was nearly out of shot by the time I took the photo – and I had the camera ready in me hand. Swine!

As I changed hands to carry the bag – that well known stiffening of the fingers came – ‘Cramps!’ Gawd I hate this.

The sky had gone back to how it had looked over the previous couple of days and the wind picked up a tad.

0712Got in the flea-pit and made for the WC – Just in time, Phew!

Prepared me nosh – of Saute microwave potatoes, lettuce, cooked beetroot, me last Chicken Sausage, bread thins and a Cox’s apple – followed by an iced lolly and a tub of ice-cream.

0713nosh Oh, and me evening medications with a good strong cup of Yorkshire tea.

I struggled to eat it all – but managed.

The finger cramps became bothersome again and stayed so for hours it seemed.

Still, no feet or legs cramps… yet?

Started to watch a DVD but didn’t get to the end of it as I zonked out for an hour or so.

Did this diary and then did some Blogging and Facebooking.

7 thoughts on “Sun 3/5/15: Inchcock Today: Out in the gloomy weather

  1. You had quite a day Inchy. Those crampy fingers really are the pits though. I get them too, and never at a good time. Don’t know when a good time would be though. Take care of yourself now, stop irritating those sidewalk yobs. Or better still, get a huge dog that will start taking huge bites out of them.

    • Thanks gal. Got to go out in a bit before it gets too late and get one of them touch-pen things to operated me new phone, a thermometer to replace the one that’s disappeared and a flask to replace the one I broke… Tsk! o sorry to hear you suffer with the crampy fingers gal – oh dear what a life sometimes innit? Knowing my luck a dog may decide I’m tastier to chew on than the yobs… Hehehe! TTFN pet.

      • No, you get a dog that likes YOU, feed it good food so it really wants to make you happy, and then growl at the sidewalk people. If they come close to him or you a couple of times the little puppy will learn to protect you by attacking them. I think a Rottweiler would do the trick. They love their person, and are very protective of them. Or a nice German Shepherd. I used to have those, and they are so loving to their person, but they don’t want anyone to get too close to them. Such sweet babies, they will take care of you and give the yobs something to think about.

      • You’ve got a point there Angel, thanks. I used to work with German Sheperds in the security industry in another life (Years and years ago). Take care gal.

      • Then you know what lovely dogs the German Shepherds are. I sure wish I still had mine, but it would have been too cruel to bring him to town with me when he was used to having the whole farm to run on. They are my favorite breed, but I also miss my little Pekingese that I adopted from the shelter after I moved to town. He was a good guard dog also, because he would grab onto an ankle and they couldn’t shake him off. I miss my little friends.

      • It is so sad Angel. For me, it would not be fair on the dogs to have one now – I couldn’t look after it properly. ood of you to understand the dogs needs gal. TTFN pet.

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