Thu 10 Sept 15: Inchcock Today

Thursday 10th September 2015


Woke at 0515hrs – Feeling a bit perkier.

WC’s, cleaned and creamed me bleeding parts. Tsk!

Made a cuppa and took me medications. Laptop on.

MarieHoovDid some graphics in response to an email from Marie Young hoping she might use it.

Finished off yesterdays Diary and got it posted, then started this one-off.

The lump from me Whoopsiedangleplop yesterday has gone down a lot.

The Iceland delivery arrived and I put the stuff away… ish!

WC’d and got me things ready – The laundry and accoutrements, rubbish beg and recycling bags to put down the chute on me way down to the laundry room, bag with me crossword book in it, and set off to the chute, then lift… realised I’d not got me hearing aids in – nipped back to the flat and put em in like.

To the lifts again and down t’laundry room.

P1000045Only the first machine free so used that one.

It started, the indicator telling me I had 25 minutes until it finished.

Now the lady last week told me it took an hour?

Had I miss-heard her? Had I selected the wrong programme?

I nipped to the Community shed but no one was in again.

Returned and did me crosswording for about 15 minutes, then I nipped in to check the machine – and it now told me I had 45 minutes left???

Back to the crosswords.

Eventually it finished and then I had to take out someone’s drying from the drier as it had finished a good while earlier, to put mine in. I knew this machine took an hour after having used it before like. So I nipped up to the flat and got the donations for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop in a bag, and took a walk P1000046through the park into Sherwood

Half way up the hill into the park there is a bench near the gravel path until.

Here I noticed a new species pf plant growing next to it.

I think I’ll Christen them ‘Stella-Di-Alcoh. Hehe!

On into Sherwood and dropped the stuff off at the Hospice shop.

P1000047Luckily  a bus was due as I passed the stop, so I caught the bus back to the flats. Had a chin-wag en route with some other tenants who were on the bus.

I realised what the noise must have been that I heard earlier when I saw the contractors equipment opposite the flat. No sign of any workers now mind.

Back in the laundry room it wasn’t long before me togs were ready.

Up to the flat and just made the WC in time. Put me togs away and got a meal on – It was supposed to be a treat for missen – Beef and Veg in black bean sauce, potatoes and chips (Only a few mind!).

P1000048I got it in the oven and started to update this diary – later I smelt the burning…


Despite what it looked like, I added some beetroot and dried roast onions to it and ate the lot – it was right tasty too! In fact, I rated it 8.8/10.

Took me evening med’s.

Getting tired now and I have to stay up for a visitor coming between 9 and 10-pm. I deliberately didn’t tell you it was me Morrison’s delivery to keep you guessing… oh, sugar, too late now.

WC’d again and cleaned the oven and some surfaces.

Got an email from the doctors asking me to make an appointment for me next INR Warfarin blood level check. Got in for next Monday at 1030hrs. Put it in e Google diary.

Tomorrow I plan to attempt to open the kitchen window (I just couldn’t manage it today,  fingers you know) and get it cleaned. I just hope me fingers will let me hold the knob and Arthur Isis permits me reach up and pull it around and down. Then tackle the kitchen surfaces, then the kitchen floor mopped up. We’ll see eh?

If I manage it and have any energy left, I might clean the bathroom up then…

I didn’t nod off while I stayed up late waiting for the delivery. Rare that!

Tried putting on the TV and that did it – off I went. Luckily I’d set the alarm for just before the delivery came.

The Morrison man arrived and I stored away the stuff. I got some plastic trays again so should have enough to use in the 1967 G-Plan designed cabinet.

I thought about Patti Bekert and her art-show. When I get some more piccies of her art I’ll do another graphicalisation.

I wondered how Angie was doing with her move to another apartment. Bet she’s so busy, I hope she manages okay. Sent her a hug and best wishes through the ether.

TTFN all.

8 thoughts on “Thu 10 Sept 15: Inchcock Today

  1. And Angie’s doing fine, with the Internet back on again. I’ve been wondering about you also luv, hoping you are well, with no more whoopsiedangleplops while I’ve been restlessly waiting for my Internet to be hooked back up. So what do I see first thing? You had another one yesterday. I’ve been good, no new falls, only one stubbed toe, and much photographicallization, while you’ve not done the same. Now I can get back online and go to my favorite places, I might never have time to untangle that yarn. I will have to be good for a change of pace, and try to stay out of trouble.
    Take good care of you luv. You’d better, because I’m here to make sure of it again.

    • I’m chuffed to hear your doing well pet.
      I’ll be good and careful flower… er… mind you I have aught me knuckles against the wall when I tried to open the window mechanism to allow me to turn it round to clean the outside of the window. Tsk!
      Keeping out of trouble is a good idea Angie, do yer best please.
      I’ve still got tons to do here. Tsk!
      Thanks again for looking after me lass. X

      • At least you can open your windows to clean them. I can’t open mine, and being on the 16th floor, I don’t think I’ll be climbing up to wash the outside any time soon. The best I can hope for is to keep the dust off the blinds, something I didn’t have in the old place. The curtains there were horribly dirty, but too high for me to take down for a wash. I can use an extender duster to keep the blinds cleaned, so that is good. Still need a few more storage ottomans, mainly for my afghans that are in progress, but not finished yet, if I can find the yarn again and put it all back together. About 6 of them, now scattered in several shelves, mixed together willy nilly. I guess it will keep me off the street corners for the winter.
        Take better care of you luv.

      • You keep on being Willy-nilly Angie – no harm in that pet.
        I’ve got no blinds either.
        I reckon I ought to get an award or summat for doing the windows today – got injured like, crushed me knuckles trying to kep the atch open while i turned the window. Then had a dizzy – but at least I got the one done in the kitchen, and cleaned the tops and cupboards and floor – I’m well tired out now Hehe! Still, I might get some sleep in.
        So glad your sorting it out, don’t try to rush things please, no Whoopsiedangleplops if yer don’t mind Angel.
        Cheers TTFN.

      • No whoopsiedangleplops today as of yet luv. Came close when the fire alarm went off and started screaming in my head. It’s enough to wake the dead, and I’m not dead yet. I have good hearing at the moment, but if that noise goes off much longer I don’t know how much more my ears can take. Even my ear stoppers didn’t block the noise much. Guess I’ll have to find a way to add a muffler to the speakers. I might just stick that yarn ball up there, instead of trying to untangle it.
        Some construction person came up to check my dishwasher, and they will order a replacement for me. I thought they could just fix it, but it seems too many of them are not working right, so they are replacing them while they are still under warranty. Sounds good to me. Now if they will just fix the fire alarm so it will stop malfunctioning at all hours of the day and night, I could really enjoy this place.
        Take care of you luv.

      • A good suggestion for the yarn balls – you could use that as an alternative use for them if you ever try to sell them Angie?
        The fire alarm here goes of pretty regular gal, but I can’t here it in the flat unless I’ve got me hearing aids in! Tsk!
        I’m particularly pleased to hear you are still alive and kicking, and hope to emulate you for a while pet. Hehe!
        Dishwasher eh, very posh that. Like you though, I don’t have enough pots to wash to warrant one. I would like an automatic tea-maker if they make one… but perhaps not, it would be too weak with to much milk in I’m sure. I like a strong cuppa with just a bit of milk and no sugar – so now, when I come over in me mega-raft to visit, you’ll know and can pamper me a bit… please?
        TTFN Pet X

  2. Strong with a bit of milk, no sugar. Got it. I like mine just the opposite, no milk but honey and lemon added. Is Earl Gray okay? Or do you prefer a different, kind?
    My yarn ball is growing, so I’m sure it is having babies in there some way. Not very sure how yarn multiplies, but I’m pretty sure this is doing just that. Now I just need a rich person somewhere to suddenly realize I’m their long lost love child, and send me a huge amount of money to make up for all the lost years, so I can get some closed in shelving to hide all this mess and the place just might look neat again — in both rooms. Three large storage closets at about $125 each would do the trick, so a nice check for $500 would cover the price with a bit left over for a filing cabinet for my paperwork, next to the computer. If you’re gonna dream, you might as well dream big, right?
    Take care of you luv. No more whoopsiedanglewhoppers.

    • Oh dear, Earl Grey is too sweet for me I’m sorry. Love the breeding yarn idea for a story?
      Here in the UK my favourite teas are Thompson’s Punjana and Yorkshire tea.
      I might call in India on the way to see you in me raft and get some direct and bring it to you.
      If I had your details I’d send you the money gal – soon as I sell me house!
      TTFN pet. X

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