Inchcock Today Mon 5 Oct 15: Lost in his own pathetic little hypnagogic world

Monday 5th October 2015

Stirred around 0345hrs – cranked and encouraged the knees to allow me to move and get up and hobbled rapidly to the WC. They were not very keen on the idea thanks to Arthur Itises intervention this morning.

Nearly didn’t make it!

Thought of some dreaming I’d had:

I was in a massive house, and had opened all the doors and windows, made a pot of tea and waited for someone, anyone to call and have a chin-wag with me. For some reason I had a big stack of books and nappies (Diapers) at the side of the barbed wire covered settee I was sat waiting on? I kept cleaning the leather covered throne ready for me visitor and as soon as I wiped it crumbs reappeared on it?

Nobody came in, and as I was locking up the place a little dog came in, his tail wagging he went into this glorious kitchen with all the room one could need and every extra it seemed, and suddenly I didn’t know where I was and as unsure but thought I might have then been breaking into this luxury house and the dog belonged to someone who owned the house?

The dog jumped into the open dishwasher and came out with a blue plastic plate and dropped it at me feet – as he did a booming voice declared somethig along the lines of: “This is not lean enough – you will get a driving ban of two years and will have to take sewing lessons!”

Then some people appeared, belted me around the head with a walking stick, not mine though this one was made of gold?

Then they dragged me outside and threw me in a swimming pool. I shouted “I can’t swim!” And a woman of wide girth stood forward from the what was now a crowd of jeering people and said “You can’t wash pots properly neither – die you swine!”

Then I was in  a trench full of bodies with someone telling me to get to the end of the line?

This dream was vivid, and I remembered a lot of it I’m sure there was sure there was much more to it. I cannot recall ever remembering parts of any dream so lucidly?

Made a cuppa and took me medications, laptop on to record these memories quickly before they were lost in the ether.

Facebooked then got ready to receive me Morrisons delivery.

Could I find me hearing aids?

Well yes I did eventually.

Decided to go to town today and take a big bag to get some of the giant paper rolls.

Had a wash and shave, the Morrison man cameth. Put away the things and got ready to go and catch the bus to town.

01topj2I was going to wear me mew skull cap today that I bought yesterday… but it had shrank.

So I put me waxed Andy Cap on.

Had plenty of time so I went to the Winwood Community shed first. Told Deana and Julie about the meat flies and gave them some nibbles (Deana and Julie I meant) and the letters I’d received for previous tenant Margaret.

Had a natter at the bus-stop then caught the bus into town.

Dropped off and wandered up in the rain to the catering shop. Good job I put me waxed cap on now.

The shop was very interesting and not too pricey, they had some ideal trays for sale but I couldn’t carry them with the rolls I’d bought and I hoped to get some cheapo bobble hats from Primark afterwards.

got the bag of 6 rolls, just fitted in me other large carrier bag nicely.

P1020201Walked into town centre slab square. Where they were taking down some demonstration tent and buildings.

As I went into Primark the police were taking two shoplifters to their van.

It’s a very popular attraction for the Nottingham Shoplifters is Primark yer know.

P1020199I got a bobble hat, a cardigan and another Andy Cap.

Came out and meandered towards the L9 bus-stop on King Street.

Not many folk about with this drizzly rain today.

P1020202I noticed a different or new giant wicker floral Trail display near the Brian Clough statue..

A Teddy bear with a pot (Honey?)

It hadn’t been vandalised or had any fag-ends stubbed on it yet, so I assumed it was a new one like.

Nipped to the public WC in response to the urgent message from me bladder.

P1020203Limped up to the bus stop and once again, under a sign telling us that Nottingham had been declared the cleanest city in the Midlands was what you see in the photo on the left.

Some of it looked like it used to be part of some coleslaw, other bits were anyone’s guess?

I decided not to sit on the bench while awaiting the arrival of the bus.

Which arrived early and left early.

P1020204Managed to fall asleep on the bus journey back to the flats, but luckily only once and managed not to miss me bus-stop today.

Got in and put me hats away in the hanging drawers on the Ikea clothes rack, and the blue rolls next to em.

WC’d then made a small cuppa, took this photo and got the laptop on and checked me emails.

Did some preparatory graphicalisationing.

01topj3Got me nosh.

Very nice, rated this an 88.8/10.

Had a dizzy-spell and sat down for a few moments…

That turned out to be six hours as I drifted off.

Woke in the morning and fretted in case I’d left something on or a tap running and checked around – all seemed okay. Phew!


One thought on “Inchcock Today Mon 5 Oct 15: Lost in his own pathetic little hypnagogic world

  1. You’ve been having some strange dreams luv. Don’t think I like the one about being buried under the bodies. I wouldn’t even want to remember that one. For your skull cap, maybe you can still save it. If you have a bowl about the size of your head — get the cap wet again, then stretch it around the bowl and let it dry that way. Any time you wash wool it has to be stretched out into shape while it dries, or it will shrink to baby size. I learned that the hard way — by not doing it the first time I washed something. Also learned not to wash red stuff with white underwear–especially my son’s undies. They didn’t appreciate wearing pink to school, even tho I knew not to do it, and the red cap got in with the whites by accident when I was not feeling well, and just grabbed the pile, plus apparently, one red item with it.
    Watch those dizzy spells luv. Take care of you.

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