Inchcock Today: Sun 4 Oct 15:

Sunday 4th October 2015

01topj2Stirred and struggled to the WC at 0420hrs.

Problems with the haemorrhoids this morning – took a while to stop em bleeding and they were giving out an oddly, different pain?

The reflux valve had calmed down nicely. Arthur Itis and Ann Gyna were behaving themselves too. Little Inchy not bleeding so much as recently either. Good! 

Cleared up the washing in the kitchen. Made a cuppa.

WC’d again, then tidied up the kitchen a bit more.

Noticed the corner stand I sorted yesterday in the living room – I didn’t like what I’d done with it at all. Looked tatty and out-of-place somehow.

Another cuppa and took me medications. Laptop on, checked emails and finished diary for Saturday off.

Got a feeling that Duncan was calling to see me today. Or is it next Sunday? Memory man eh? Me? Huh!

Did some graphic creating to use later.

Got an email from Dunc, he was coming today – but he’s got a chance to meet and greet his new grand-son. I hope he has a great time. Be nice for him.

Spent far too long on the graphicalisationing, but got a few done and posted like.

BettySant2 ShutAdict DuncPark LynToe

Another cuppa and did some blogging.

Seasoned me tinned tomatoes ready for later to have with some bread and sausages.

Then got missen a good bath and changed and decided to do me laundry if a machine was free then I could have a walk though Woodthorpe Park to try and get some photographs of the wild life, I might try to get some of the animals as well as humans. Hehehe! while waiting for the washing to get done.

I set off, dropping me waste bags down the chute en-route to boot – Hehehe and got me washing in the machine and went for a walk to take some photographs in the park.

Perhaps if I’d remembered to put me SDHC card in the camera instead of leaving it in the laptop I would have had more luck in this mission?

Got back after me photographless walk and moved me washing into the drier. then set about a good session with me crossword book while I waited in the reception area.

P1020196Back up to the flat to find several more meat-flies in the kitchen? Where are they coming from?

I made short work of bagging them though – they don’t scare me!… much… well, only the bigger ones like.

I cleaned up the paintwork and corpses and said a few words of remembrance as I wrapped them up and put em in the bin.

Msherlock1To the WC, haemorrhoids leaking again. Huh!

Made a cuppa then put the laptop on and update this diary.

Did some more graphicationalising on Corel Draw X7.

Must remember NOT to go to the GP surgery fer me INR Warfarin blood level tests tomorrow – they are on Tuesday this week @ 0930hrs – then on Wednesday the audio clinic then Fri 1200hrs back to the GP for me memory testing test.

Cleaned me hearing-aids inside plastics. Then took me BP and temperature.

Sys 179 – Dia 80 Pulse 64 and Temp 32.4 Looks okay to me.

P1020198Got me nosh that I enjoyed.

Rated as 8.9/10.

The now familiar weariness overcame me and it took what seemed an endless time to nod-off.

Amazingly no trips to the procelain at all!

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