Inchcock Today Sat 3 Oct 15: Ah well!

Saturday 3rd October 2015

Stirred at 0400hrs – Disorientated and misshaped hanging half out of the chair I’d fell asleep in. Hehe!

WC, made a cuppa, laptop on to finish yesterdays diary.

I got carried away for hours doing Facebooking and graphics, with only making cuppas and WC’ing stopping me.

P1020190Guilty feeling then.

So I gave the corner stand a last bash and decided I was not going to get it any better now and put in the living room next to the DVD stand for now.

Popped some photo’s on it. I’ll sort out what I’m going to do with it after I ask Duncan for some advice on Sunday, see what he thinks.

Got me baked beans marinating in me special seasonings ready for later and put it in a storage box in the fridge. Sultanas, unrefined demerara sugar, BBQ seasoning, tomato purée and by mistake, some rosemary went in the mix. Hope it comes out alright? 

Back on the laptop to start this diary off.

Then got missen spruced up shaved and bathed and ready to have a walk through Woodthorpe Park to the Co-op shop in Sherwood to try and get a Beetroot and apple loaf to have with the beans and sausage.

P1020191Back in a bit…

I walked up into Woodthorpe Park and down to Sherwood. On the way down I noticed a lady and her two dogs having a tail-wagging time. (The dogs I meant).

As I got on Mansfield Road another of P1020192the numerous dangerous Nottingham Pavement Cyclists was encountered.


plodded down to the Co-op store and managed to get some beetroot bread, and a Special Offer Pork and pickle roll to have with me seasoned baked beans later. Also got a TV paper and some Cox’x pippins apples.

Came out and called at Wilkinson’s and got another tin/can opener and a  giant kitchen roll.

P1020193Walked back up and back through Woodthorpe Park.

The sun faded for a while as I took a photograph of the horizon as I approached the flats.

Had a look for any birds or wildlife to photo but didn’t come across any on the walk.

P1020194However as I was about to go through the entrance door, I spotted a squirrel on the slabs. As I waited to see if the squirrel would turn to face me and tried to get it in focus a crow walked into the view.

Not a good photo at all, but different.

Had a lecture from two women in the reception area as I entered about not feeding the birds. I informed them I was feeding the squirrels and they seemed to think that was alright though.

Obergruppenfurher types all over this place yer know!

Got back in’t flat and got kettle on. Cleared me washing things up, stirred me marinating beans gorrum in’t oven, got laptop on to updated this diary while they heated up.

P1020195Had me nosh and bread while watching an Alan Partridge DVD.

Went down well. Rated this one an 8.4/10.

Felt the damp warmth. Oh dear.

Went to the WC and found an awful lot of bleeding from my rear-end.

After that I went downhill a bit. Weary, so weary, tired, drained.

Sat and tried to get off to sleep.

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