Inchcock Today 11 Oct 15: Papplewick Pumping Station 1940’s Celebration Day

Sunday 11th October 2015

Up at 0345hrs, WC made a cuppa, started laptop.

Feeling so drained this morning.

After spending a good while searching for me wrist-band alarm thingamajig I found it on me wrist. Oh dear!

Posted yesterdays diary to WordPress then went on Facebook for a good while.

Did some graphicasionalisationing for later use.

Got missen washed and ready for me outing and BJ to arrive, all excited like an ankle-snapper! Hehe.

BJ rang, coming in ten minutes.

Went down to meet him and we were off and on the way to the station.

Very very busy this year. Heck of a job parking.

DSC00103Met with BJ’s mate and locksmith Richard – a character he is, a good chap.

1940’s Cars lorries, ambulances, fire engines etc. galore.

Within five minutes I’d wandered off and lost BJ and Richard.

DSC00107I must say I liked the correct uniforms many of the displayers were wearing.

The mock battle around the water lake was good as usual, but so any people attending and enjoying themselves meant I could not get near enough to take any photographs of the actual battle.



Many weapons on show and the exhibitors were willing to have a gossip and natter with us.

Wandered around to my hearts content nattering away.

The period music sang by performers to DSC00120background music was really enjoyable and I spent a good while listening them. Mainly because i’d done so much walking and then sat down in a shady nook under some trees to harken to the singing and me knees froze and it was hell of a job to get up afterwards! Hehe!

The folk wearing their period gear DSC00126having picnics was impressive as they listened to the songs of Al Bowlly etc. It cheered me up especially with everyone being sociable too.

The music session ended and as I sat there building up the nerve to test me mettle and moved me knees to get up -A couple walked through the area with a little puppy that I just fell in love with. It took me about 15 attempts to get a decent photo of the little rascal as he hardly ever stopped jumping running and chasing around, but I managed to get one in the end.

It was odd seeing Gestapo officers and DSC00123American soldiers laughing together in uniform!

I’m going to make a photograph album of this visit to Papplewick and put all these and the other ones wot I took as well as and besides on me photo’s in it on me Facebook page.

I took a photo of the mini-railway train DSC00117as it passed across in front of me as I was on me way to the steam-house.

I near the cafe was, but previous visits were enough to warn me of the ‘Cat-wassiness’ of their tea – possibly the worst weak watery tea I’ve ever bought – so no chance of me having a cuppa there! I did have a stand around and DSC00116took some photographs there as well. Two chaps in genuine looking Wehrmacht Uniforms kindly posed for me get their images.

I spotted two Dachshunds with a bloke outside the cafe and wondered if they were a German breed?

I kept looking to see if BJ or Richard DSC00127were around without any luck as I wandered merrily around.

I went to have a look in the pump-house but it was so crammed with visitors I gave up and hobbled back out. No problem though, I can visit the pump-house any time of year.

Eventually I got too weary and returned to the bench in the croft and had a go at me crossword book while I listened to some records of old music being played.

That was when BJ fund me.

He told me he’s lost Richard as well and had just found him, and Richard spotted me and it was time to get going!

DSC00130We got back to the reception Cottage and I paid me yearly subscription. Took a photo of a beautiful pink Rose on the way out. Rather displeased with it I were, not very sharp at all. Huh!

As BJ drove me home, we were passed by the MG Sports car that Richard had fell in love with.

DSC00131It was in great condition.

BJ dropped me off at the flats, thanked him and made me way to the porcelain awaiting my attentions…

Me knees were giving me some gip, but I was glad that I had not suffered any dizzy-spells today.

DSC00132As I put the kettle on the sky view from the kitchen window suddenly became red tinted.

A weariness of great magnitude overcame me.

I decided not to bother making any nosh, just too tired. So I made a pot of the special offer Noodle Pot – had that and some crisps afterwards and started nodding straight away – but for some reason it still took me ages to get off to sleep proper like.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today 11 Oct 15: Papplewick Pumping Station 1940’s Celebration Day

    • Jolly decent of you Sir thanks. I was like a kid at the fair all day… bubbling almost. Hehe! Back to earth now and a tad sorry it had to end. Got the photo’s to remember it though – I’ve made an album on Facebook for them.
      I loved the music at the meeting, and everyone seemed willing and took the time to talk to me, nice that.
      I hope your doing well out there.

    • Now you mention it, I think your right gal – I might have got confused there. No wonder really Linda – I was all bubbly and happy at getting out on a trip. Hehe! TTFN X

    • He was like your two young uns Duncan, full of beans and stumpy tail wagging furiously! Took me ages to catch him standing still so I could photograph him. Hope all okay your end mate. TTFN

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