Inchcock Today Sat 10 Oct 15: Duncan’s Visitation today!

Saturday 10th October 2015

Up at 0415hrs, WC. Immediate thoughts of the Wilko Whoopsiedangleplop yesterday permeated the pain from the duodenal ulcer, no doubt kicked-off by the hassle with Wilko?

Then found haemorrhoids and Little Inchy both bleeding – not feeling so bright, then remembered Duncan (Robertson) is visiting me today and cheered up no-end. Looking forward to hearing his tales about seeing his latest ankle-snapper grandchild.

Made a cuppa and took me medications along with a dollop of the ineffective medicine for the ulcer.

Started laptop and finished yesterdays diary then started this one. Coreldraw to create the header, rather pleased with the header for this one.

01topj4Came cross this photo from last years Papplewick pumping Station 1940’s Celebration do.

Tomorrow is this years, BJ said he’s take me with him, looking forward to that and hoping the ulcer will not ruin the day-out for me too much.

Did some Facebooking then got missen washed and brushed up a bit.

Duncan arrived met him in the car park. So nice to see him again.

A cuppa and a jolly good chin-wagging later, then he had a go at sorting out the remote-control on the TV for me. He joined a famous group of failed remote-control sorter outerers: BJ, Steve from Age UK, Caretaker Robert and myself being the sole members.

Displaying 4684781356_ed6158ac0c_o.jpgHe sent some photographs from his ipad Google thingy and sent them to me email. This one above is of two of his dogs Susie and Spice when they were about SusieSpice24 months old. Then he shown me some clips of them with Rab, his older terrier, who is just resigning himself to the newcomers in the family.

Rab’s expression says a lot to me: “Flipping ankle-snappers!”


Susie and Spice are sisters.

Duncan then set about helping me to P1020258master my new pet ‘Hoover’!

He found out how to increase decrease the power, empty the containers and we tried out the three connectors, flat floor, carpet and pets.

The pets on, though narrow, it amazing at getting the carpet cleaned.

Dunc took some photos of your truly so I could doctor and use them later.

Further gossiping and nattering ensued and he showed me some more photographs it was DSC00098soon time for Dunc to hit the road back to Birmingham.

I really enjoy Dunc’s visitations.

Sorry to see him go, but he had cheered me up no end bless his cotton socks.

Saw him off and thanked him for his visit.

Bit low now he’s gone. Back to the flat WC’d and I got the kettle and laptop on to update this diary.

DSC00091Earlier Dunc nipped to the porcelain and caught me having a senior-moment when he returned to find I’d nodded off again – Tsk!

He told me I could use this photograph to demonstrate me dynamic personality like!

Caught me good he did!

I think he just might possibly have said that comment a bit tongue-in-cheek like?

IMG_0003Got me nosh started, Rostis, beetroot, baked beans, mushroom-pate, roasted red potato slices some bread thins, tomatoes and Lemon Swiss roll!

Very nice too!

Rated this one 9.4/10.

Gobbled it up and did some Facebooking afterwards.

Called BJ to ask what time he’s be arriving in the morning so as to be down to meet him, no reply.

Put TV on to watch Keeping up appearances, nodded off…

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    • Hehehe! I’m not feeling very good this morning Dunc, still getting dizzy-spells. Oh dear.
      I really enjoyed yesterday mate thanks.
      Waiting to hear from BJ. Cheers Sir Duncan of Whoopsiedangle Fame.

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