Inchcock Today: Fri 9 Oct 15 – Memory Test Today – Steve coming from Age UK – Wilko Whoopsiedangleplop!

Friday 9th October 2015

Up at 0455hrs. WC’d – Little Inchy bleeding badly, took ages to get it to stop this morning. Bloodied me new pyjama bottoms too – Huh!

Cuppa and took me medications and finished yesterdays diary and started this one off.

P1020250Falling off to sleep last night I didn’t post me nosh. So here it is: A salad of such a size I could only eat part of it – definitely a case of me eyes being bigger than me stomach! Hehe!

Red peppers, mushrooms in oil, pork pat’e, pork & pickle pies, pickled egg, mixed leaves, beetroot, bacon…

The large slice of the lemon curd Swiss roll got eaten though. Rated this dollop as 9.2/10.

Checked me emails and replied to em.

Got me Memory test today at noon at the GP surgery.

Steve from Age UK calling later to tell me about how things went with the £850 house clearance man, and the next stage in getting the old house sold. It seems to me I was young and had hair when Steve first told me: “No problem, we’ll soon have this house sold!” Almost 6 months have passed since he uttered those first encouraging words to me… Gobbleblottingcrap!

Still, he’s a nice laid-back bloke. Gave him a tin of Cadburys Celebration chocolates for Christmas yesterday… thought it might encourage him to get a move on…?

I get visions of his chasing after the hearse with me in it on the way to the cremated, shouting out “It’s sold… the house has gone…” Hehe, might as well laugh it’ll probably happen!

01topj4One of the new can openers fell to pieces as I was opening a tin of beans to marinate wiv me special seasonings. Gave up.

That’s the forth one since I’ve been here in this flat! No wonder I buy two at a time!

I seem to remember as a kid using one like this one in the photo. And it lasted for donkeys years!

I’m moaning again ain’t I?… Tsk!

P1020251Had a bath and shave and set off on me walk to the doctor’s surgery.

At the end of Chestnut walk as I turned right down Winchester Street. I couldn’t help but notice the beauty of the trees changing colour and took a photo of one. Absolutely beautiful!

P1020252Towards the bottom of the road was something, looked like paint to me, had decorated it and the vehicles had made the spillage whatever it was into Art-Deco street art!

It doesn’t show up well on the first P1020253photo I took of it.

At the junction a klaxon-blaring paramedic car went through towards the City Centre and I noticed whatever it was got sprayed by the tyres as the emergency vehicle belted passed.

P1020254When the traffic eased when the lights changed I took another photo.

It looked to me like a vehicle turning right had spilt the stuff when it was hit from behind.

I plodded on up the hill to the Sherringham Park practice.

Got in and booked missen in, checked with the receptionist about the time of me INR blood test on Monday are, and when me next monthly prescriptions will be ready.

The nurse called me in for the Memory Test.

She asked me what day it was, what the date was, then told me name address and colour to remember. Asked me to name the months backwards, then asked me what the name address and colour. I got the town wrong.

She left the room and returned, said they were going to send me to see some people for further tests, one at the City Hospital, one at the Queens and i was not to worry about seeing… not sure if she said Psychologist or Psychiatrist now.

she was her usual friendly self and said she was certain that when I got rid of the house worries and it was sold and done with, things would improve for me on their (Or should that be there?) own.

I gave her some nibbles and shot off to get the bus into town, to try to get some coasters that would fit under the chair legs to stop the carpet getting misshapen and torn.

P1020256Got in town and boy it was busy!

Went in Wilkinson’s store and asked a member of staff if they sold owt that would protect me carpet from the wooden chair legs.

The young man walked me (I struggled to keep up with me though) to the shelves where they were.

I pondered over them and bought some I thought might do the job. Glides they were called. Also got some Velcro-squares that could be useful, and some stick on little clear hooks to hang me stuff on the wall in the kitchen. Good job Duncan is visiting me tomorrow to help out bless him.

P1020255Had a walk around town for a while and the place was even busier than it was when I arrived.

Walked to the bus-stop and waited for the L9 bus to arrive.

There was a carer with a chap in the queue and the poor man was looking a tad threatening as he kept leering at folk who passed and was leaning in their direction. But it was obvious he was in some way handicapped. I said Good morning to him and he tried his best to hold a conversation. I think the carer was surprised when I tried to speak with the chap and I purposely did a lot of smiled in his direction. Poor bloke.

I said Cheerio to the man when they got off the bus, and the smile on his face made me feel so proud. Bet I meet him again… I hope.

Struggled to stay awake on the bus again.

Got back to the flat and put down the times of the appointments on e Google diary while I thought about it.

The gliders were too large for the chair legs and keep coming of each time I move or adjust the chair! Tsk! I tried me bestest.

I ordered some stuff from Wilko on the net, hopefully the last I’ll need. Spent another fortune. I paid for a Premier delivery not knowing what this was. When I got the email confirming the order, but didn’t know still when the order would be delivered as it said: Premier delivery the next working day! Was the next working day a Saturday or Monday? Bad news if it’s a Monday cause I’ve got two medical appointment then. oh dear!


Moments before it all collapsed! Tsk!

Steve from Age UK arrived. He tackled the problem with the delivery an sent then an email.

The told me the house was now all cleared. Told me next week he will talk to the building society about getting the house on the market.

Still going at a snail’s pace to me – but he thought we’d done well getting this far? Nice chap, good bloke Steve really.

He looked at the temporary curtaining I’d put up – and it collapsed! Ah well, it gave him a laugh. Hehe! He then good-naturedly let me take his photo and posed for it like King Neptune!

He also took some photo’s of me that I could doctor and use later on the web bless his cotton socks.

He then had a look at and worked how me Hoover works for me. At last I can use it! Hooray!

After Steve had left – I got an email from Wilko – All it did as confirm they had received it and it would be studied and read with 72 hours! Gordon Bennett I still don’t know when the delivery is coming now! Shit!

He also looked at the TV remote to work out why I kept getting blank screens and the set jumps into different modes – he gave up as well, just like I did.

IMG_0001Got me nosh made for later – and further Whoopsiedangleplops on the Wilko order developed…

A lady rang to tell me they were delivering on Monday – I struggled to get all she as saying at first but I asked her to speak slower and it all then okay. She changed the delivery day to Tuesday between 0800 > 1800hrs. I explained about the need for them to press 72 on the panel in the reception for me to let them in, and using the lift to the 12th floor… where she stopped me to check on the insurance for the deliver couriers and see if they can come up 12 floors? Good this innit? Keep up… Then she returned to tell me it is up to the couriers if he delivers up the lift or not – if I come down to meet him, he can tell me if he’s prepared to go up the lift or not!!!!


So, after doing the order, and 30 minutes on the phone with the nice lady, my effort to spend £100 plus £8 delivery charge with Wilko, it seems I have to wait 4 days to find out if I’m actually going to get the delivery or not… Amazing!

I will not either way be tempted to spend any-more with them I can assure you! That’s if I manage to this time of course!

Pissed off nicely I had me nosh and felt rather down.

Huh & Tsk!

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Fri 9 Oct 15 – Memory Test Today – Steve coming from Age UK – Wilko Whoopsiedangleplop!

  1. after telling you how I’m forever forgetting to lock the front door when I leave the house, I was pleased to find it securely locked when I got home this afternoon

    however, I congratulated myself too soon – i’d left the back door open 😳

    still, one out of two isn’t bad, eh ?

    • We’ll have to form the ‘Whoopsiedangleplop sufferers league’ Duncan. when I bade you farewell I went back up to the flat and found I couldn’t find the key to get back in! Went down again and found them on the floor near the reception door. Tsk! What a pair we are… Hehehe!

  2. Oh dear, luv. I constantly forget if I remember things or not, so when I had my memory test I concentrated on the 3 things I had to remember and didn’t pay attention to the rest of it more than necessary. I remembered those things for almost a month — much longer than I wanted or needed to remember them, Forgot where I put my toothbrush, but I could still remember those 3 items.
    Your nosh looks so good, but that is a huge amount of salad for anyone. Do you do leftovers? I always make loads of any recipe at a time, and have leftovers for several days after the first part of the meal. All but the meat or fish serving. They aren’t all that good when left overnight in the fridge.
    Take care of you luv.

    • That’s odd, cause I can remember the two of the three things I got right too!
      I did a classic Whoopsiedangleplop thi morning – searched for a while to find me wrist-alarm thingy… yes I bet you guessed straight away, it was on me wrist! Humpf!
      Had a smaller nosh yesterday, going to try to do that regular from now on, using a smaller plate I thought.
      Duncan who came to see me yesterday, who is another Whoopiedangleplop sufferer like wot we are – got home and was pleased to find he’s remembered to lock his front door this time out – then found he’d left the back door unlocked!
      I don’t usually save stuff Angie, but yesterday I only used half me beans and saved them for later – if I remember there in the fridge of course when it come to me next nosh.
      Like you photo of your storage box’s on you site, organised like wot I’m not, well done pet! X

      • I had to search for those boxes luv, and found them on sale at a store a block away from my building. The best part is that I can not only store stuff in them, but they can also be used for extra seating when the family visits. I pull one up myself when I am down looking for things close to the floor. Easier than trying to get up off the floor if I have to sit there to look.
        My computer chair has been collapsing on me lately. A couple of trips to the floor the hard way have me extremely leery of sitting in it now. Had it “fixed” enough that I could use it with support thingys around it, but a couple of grandsons were here, and instead of using my new seating ottomans, they just HAD to start spinning around in the desk chair, even after I screeched at them to stop doing that. My kids just laughed at me, even after I told them it was broken and had caused me to fall on the floor two times already. Only then did they stop their kids — because they didn’t want the kids to get hurt. Didn’t seem to care that Mom now has to start therapy again. Ungrateful brats.
        Take care of you luv

      • The little monkeys! You get a visit and that cheers you up and then they go and do that! Tsk, Huh and Gormleyshanks!
        I can’t get any more Ottomans now Angie, the shop where I got them from don’t know if they’ll be getting any more. Tsk! The one I have is perfect for putting me feet up on – of course getting them off again after falling asleep is tricky. Hehe!
        Spoke to a chap yeterday, an American who had attended the 1940’s Memorabilia show I went to in an American soldiers uniform. He came from Orlando, I think he said from Lockheart? His name was Guy.
        Take care pet. XXX

      • Hmmm, Orlando is in Florida, and maybe it’s Lockhart AFB. I would have to check with my brother about the Air Force, but my Uncle was stationed at that base (if that’s the name) the last 15 years of his AF career, and I still have cousins in that area.
        That Uncle was not a good person, but my Aunt, who brought him into the family, was wonderful and deserved someone so much better than he was. She raised her kids to be wonderful as she was too. Just wish they lived close to us.
        I can’t get any more ottomans either now. I bought all of the sale ones they had and now what is left is too expensive for my skinny pocketbook.
        I’ve always wondered if people named Guy have identity problems. Do they have that name because there was some doubt when they were born? I know a few with that name, and they always seem to be trying to live up to it, like there really is some doubt.
        Take care of you luv.

      • I’m pleased your Aunt was a nice person and you gave her a nice mention Angie, good when the good are remembered. X
        I got a lottery ticket yesterday gal, so when I win big, we can both have apartments both sides of the pond and as many Ottomans as want! I anticipate winning several millions so that should be enough for us to commute in style, although I have a feeling that if I came over there I might want to stay? I could get a posh properly ran apartment for us each to get a flat in?
        Oh course, there is slight chance that I might not win the lottery I suppose. But I can still send cuddles and best wishes through the ether…. until the Government find a way of taxing that. Hehehe!
        I’ve only ever known one guy named Guy. Perhaps the parents had a girl and a boy and got confused as to which was which? Wonder what they called the girl?
        TTFN pet. XXX

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