Inchcock Today Wed 25 Nov 15: Huh!

Wednesday 25th November 2015

Woke at 0220 hrs, depressed and feeling sorry for missen over yesterdays Woes and cock-ups.

The house sale being put on hold once again is really frustrating, as twice the solicitors who have put the stop on, have informed me that all they need to progress has been received, my going down twice to talk with them and getting soaking wet in the process, and as I say being assured they have all they need now to progress – this third stoppage and their demanding a valid passport and or driving licence with photo – and my not having either – yet I explained this to the woman at reception in the offices on my last visit and she phoned someone and got a call back, then she told me if I supplied my NI number on an official document that would suffice. I had a wage slip, the last one where I got my redundancy pay and she photocopied it – I AGAIN asked her if she had everything needed to progress now, she assured me they had AGAIN.

Then getting the letter yesterday telling me everything had stalled because I had not supplied a valid passport or driving licence and must get in touch with them urgently.

Then I told Deana the flats coordinator who had called to check my health-alert wristband, and she rang them (The comically called Solicitors FraserBrown) for me and got an answer-phone. It’s very frustrating – no, bloody frustrating!

I could do with someone with a bit more umph than I, going with me for a fourth (Or is it fifth now?) time and trying to sort out once and for all what’s what here!

Now, I await an answer from Steve Age UK – not much chance of that I fear for some reason. Or the so-called solicitors getting back in touch with Deana and Deana getting in touch with me… and a plan of action designed… or summat!?!

Made a cuppa, but I’m feeling morose and bitter.

I called Steve UK no answer – left a message asking him for advice. (Fool that I am, I actually expect I might get some, but not yet…)

Laptop on finished Tuesday’s diary. Then started this off, but with little enthusiasm. I feel so depressed again now, convinced I cannot win whatever I do and am doomed to failure frustration and desperate measures. Sorry, but that is how I feel.

Desperately need progress, good news and or a bit of good fortune here if I am not going to lose it.

Steve Age UK is so busy with other clients so to speak. At least he’s helped me get out of the old place and avoid the yobs, but into all this bother with the selling of the house. Deana is trying for me, but the solicitors FraserBrown of Friar Lane Nottingham that the Nottingham Building Society engaged for me to use are just not being helpful at all, each time I tell them I have not got a valid passport or driving licence… then they assure me they have everything needed when I asked the specific question of the receptionist and am assured I get on a high, only to be brought down again with another letter like the one yesterday demanding what they have already demanded to progress with the sale, and down I go again. Help of some sort must be available, I’m not sure I can cope with so many let-downs, oh sod-it.

Now today, I have to wait in, just in case someone calls to explain the storage heaters to me. Not that I have any interest in doing anything anyway, other than involved with the damned solicitors and getting the sale of the house moving again… See, I’m back on this subject again. This is doing me health no good, although I don’t seem bothered about that, it suddenly has little value or worth to me now – I might ring someone up for real help with me mind going warped? But who?

I made another cuppa and took me medications, plenty of them around, can they be the answer? Hehe!

No point in writing when I feel like this really, I’m only going to moan and moan and feel sorry fer missen

0350 hrs now. I’ll write more when some good, or at east neutral news arrives.

Got an email from Deana the coordinator saying she asked the FraserBrown woman who is supposedly dealing me house sale if a bus pass would suffice as picture ID? She didn’t know (Fraser Brown strike again?) but would ring back.

That was yesterday, Deana told me via email reply that she’s still waiting to hear from FraserBrown so called solicitors of Friar Lane in Nottingham.

I had a good bath and shave – only one cut today, I’m getting better… well the hands are shaking less despite me being uptight.

Did a mammoth sneeze when coming out of the warm bathroom into the cold hallway – one of hearing aids I’d just put back in popped out!

Even I managed to laughed at this Whoopsiedangleplop… then again when I struggled to get up after bending down to retrieve it. Haha! Can’t have this laughing in case FraserBrown the imitation solicitors get to hear of it. (Oh I’m getting sarky now!)

Checked the thermometer in the kitchen, and it’s up to 58ºf.

For some reason I thought about the mystery disappearance of me Dixon of Dock Green DVD and had another look around for it – humph!

The mail arrived, two for Margaret the previous tenant, two for the Dynamic Nottingham Pensioner… me.

The INR Warfarin blood level results and new doses. INR is down to 1.7 and the doses increased.

The other one was from Nottingham City Homes re the visit I’d stayed indoors all day for someone who was calling today to advise me on how the storage heaters are controlled properly – to inform me that someone would be calling on Wed 9th December between 12.30 > 1630 hrs to advise me on how the storage heaters are controlled properly. Tsk! No problem I’ll have croaked out with pneumonia by then! Hehe!

Fell asleep and when I woke up an hour or two later, I decided, feeling down a bot still, I’d cheer missen up and watch me Life on Mars DVD, not watched it for years now.

I tried to get the slot thingy in the TV to accept the DVD – only two buttons on the DVD slot, pressed the in different combinations and eventually the missing Dixon of Dock Green DVD came slowly out of it!

P1020516I put it in the box with the other DVD and inserted the Mars DVD – eventually getting it going after much guesswork with the remote control thingamajig.

Got the DVD going and fell sleep again. could I get it (the DVD) out of the TV again? I imagine this is what happened with the Dixon DVD earlier?

I couldn’t see any eject button on the remote? Toshiba are tosh! Played again with the buttons, got into a TV mode I knew nowt about – turned it off and on again, more buttons tried and the DVD still remains in the slot?

Made a cuppa and then checked emails to find another one from Deana.


More professional confidence boosting message from the farcical solicitors FraserBrown Incompetents, and no apology!

They’ve certainly mucked me about, lied to me and given me many nervous and worrying sessions. I just hope that this time they do not change their minds again… The Sneezlegobbling nerve testing gits!

No wonder me ulcer’s started off again. Can I sue them do you think? No, then they would start doing their job properly if they had to defend themselves. Swines! They seem to be hanging out the sale of me house for some reason?

I put the TV into TV mode and watched some police programms… well, that was the plan. Fell asleep, doing an awful lot of this nowadays.

Woke early hours.

Must remember to increase me Warfarin tablets in the pots I’ve done up in advance tomorrow.

Hello, the stomach’s rumbling again.

Nodded off again…

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Wed 25 Nov 15: Huh!

  1. hi inchy – can’t really see the controls on that pic of your remote control
    but if no obvious eject button (usually a triangle pointing upwards), look for a button with a square on it, This is usually close to the Play Button on the remote (the one with a triangle pointing towards your right)

    Pressing the button with the square on it stops the dvd playing and if no separate eject button on the remote then often the ‘square’ button doubles as the eject button but you have to press it twice (or 3 times) to eject the DVD, i.e., press the square button once to stop the dvd, press it twice (or 3times) to eject the DVD

    give it a try and see if it works – if not, look to see if there is a small button underneath (or to the side) of the DVD slot in you TV that allows you to manually eject a DVD if the remote isn’t working

    • Thanks Dunc. just tried it mate. If I press the square button on the remote, then an upwards triangle near the slot it works now! cheers for that advice mate.
      Might be able to get me Dixon of Dock Green DVD watched now? Hehe!
      Hope all well your end, TTFN Sir..

    • I did thanks cocker – today (Fri) started at 0333hrs with the fire alarm belting way. Hehe!
      I couldn’t hear it inside the flat of course, but I opened the door when i thought I could hear faint music coming from somewhere? So next time I think I can hear Green-sleeves music, I’ll know what it is.
      Also left the hot water tap running again – no bath for me again today! Tsk! Take care Sir.

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