Inchcock Today Wed 2nd Dec 15: Visit to Jane and Fooey – Doctor, out late for me, messy day!

Wednesday 2nd December 2015

Water retention in legs – Dizzies & Little Inchy Bleeding etc.

Woke at 0430 hrs in need of the WC again, Little Inchy bleeding merrily away and stinging a bit.

I’ve had permission to visit me Sister Jane hubby Pete and cat Fooey last  night when she phoned.

Made a cuppa and took me medications. Checked me bag to make sure the nibbles and pressies were in it to take with me.

On me second trip to the porcelain a massive dizzy came over me – actually worried me it lasted so long. Must drop off at the GP on me way back and sort out an appointment cause they haven’t answered me email.

Finished Tuesdays diary and posted it – went to make another cuppa and another dizzy overcame me. Don’t like this at all.

Must have a bath at 0800hrs so I have time to get ready afterwards and catch the L9 bus into town. Don’t want to disturb me lovely neighbour before then.

Had a shave to save time later when I take me bath.

P1020559Me legs are still swollen and misshapen?

Did some WordPress work and then made another cuppa.

The last dizzy seems to be lingering with a very mild disorientation continuing after the initial attack… oh I like that description, I must use it when I eventually get an appointment with the GP.

Not heard anything from the building society, solicitors or Steve of Age UK, who said he would ring yesterday with updates on the house sale.

Gorra shave and bath and things ready and went down to the Community Shed to hand in some more letters received for Margaret the previous tenant. Nobody about so left some nibbles with the letters on the table.

Blooming windy this morning out here.

Back to the foyer to listen to the other tenants out of the wind as they gossiped away. Handed some nibbles out like.

Got into town and was soon on the number 7 bus out to West Bridgford and Janet’s home for a visit.

Got off at the wrong stop (Fancy that!) and walked to the domicile.

FooeynA nice cup of tea was presented to me and Fooey came out to seem for a bit of fuss.

Marvellous animal.

Jane, Pete and I had a jolly decent natter and I gave them their nibbles and treats.

I got a newspaper they had read in return. Hehehe!

I decided I’d call at the GP on the way home to make me appointments being a they had not replied to me emails.

This meant catching a different bus from town, dropping of en route to Carrington at the surgery, then either walking or catching a bus afterwards into Sherwood and walking up through the park to the flats. (That was the plan…)

Said me goodbyes and set off to the bus-stop – and was soon in the City Centre… where I forgot all about going to the doctors Humph! and had a stroll through the streets while having 40 minutes to wait for the L9 bus, that I shouldn’t have been catching anyway.

P1020562   P1020561Not many folk about in the slab square, the nosherys were not doing much trade. The Ice rink had a buxom well-built lass who worked in the rink, skating in short sleeves to show off her muscles and tattoos.

P1020563The food stall near the mini Helter-Skelter was giving off some nice smells, but no busy at all.

Ostrich, Reindeer and Kangaroo was on the menu.

Didn’t appeal to me though.

I walked up to the Victoria Centre and P1020564wandered down towards the L9 bus-stop, window shopping on the way.

The Nottingham pedestrians again showing their lack of interest in the difference between red and green lights.

Bless em.

P1020565Further on I espied some jewellery I thought might interest the gals on The Troll Free Zone.

They were in the second-hand jewellers shop and being older seemed to be more costly than the new to me?

Hope you can see the prices.

P1020566Got to the bus stop and waited a good while for the bus to arrive, then we set off. As the bus passed by Clinton Street I took a photo down it.

Even that street was busy today either

Then I remembered I was supposed to be getting the other bus to the GP surgery. What a plonker!

Got back to the flats and WC’d (Relief!), then checked on emails to see if they had made me an appointment at the surgery.

While doing this I got some mail delivered. Two for Margaret, to for me. Mine was some Asda bumf and me INR results, next date and dosage record.

So I emailed the doctors asking to book an appointment for next Monday for me Warfarin Blood test, and asking if they had made me an appointment to see the doctor about me water retention, bleeding Little Inch and dizzy spells. Maybe I’ll get a reply this time?

Still waiting.

Had a look at the available nosh and decided on a steak pie and beef slice with curried beans for nosh tonight would do me.

Just got it cooking and an email came in from the Doctors surgery – if I could get there quickly there is a cancellation appointment and Dr Vindla could see me. Answered it in the affirmative and  rushed about getting missen ready ASAP – made sure the cooker was off, taps and lights and made me way down and out, walked up through Woodthorpe Park while it was still open.

Soon realised I’d gone out and left me hearing aids in the flat. Tsk!

Hastened best I could to the bus stop on Mansfield Road, boy were the blown up legged giving some hassle!

Caught bus to the surgery and limped in out of breath. The Doctor saw me in a couple of minutes. What I love about Dr Vindla is she doesn’t faff about and gives it me straight.

Told her about little Inchy and she took a few prods pokes and examined the poor thing. “I’m a bit concerned about this” (So was I).

Then told and showed her me legs asking if I could go back onto the water tablets. She quipped “No, if I put you back on them again with all your other medications you might not complain ever again!” I got the coded message alright.

Then asked about the dizzy spells and she told me “There is nothing I can do about them! You’ll have to cope”.

Then she told me to wait outside while she rang the GUM clinic.

So I did.

She came out to me a few minutes later and told me they would ring me tomorrow with instructions/appointments. I asked the receptionist if it would be possible for her to email or message me on the phone instead of ringing and me possibly not understanding what is said. She said she would, instead of ringing.

P1020567Off into he night and walked back to Sherwood.

Then with the Park being closed, had to struggle up the Winchester Street hill and back to the flats.

Well shattered when I got in.

WC’d and thought about putting some of me Arthur Itis pain-gel all the way up and down me legs as well as the usual knees to ease the agony that they treating me to.

Decided not to, if it gets bad again during the night I’ll keep a tube of gel nearby to try.

P1020569Made a cuppa and rewarmed me rather unattractive looking pie and beans, then while waiting, got the laptop on for updating this and took me medications.

As I went into the kitchen to clean me pots and cooking accoutrements, I glanced out of the window and saw far away in the distance just one house out the thousands that had some Christmas P1020568lights outside, blue they were.

Titivated the kitchen and tended to Little Inchy.

After a day of running around (So’s to speak) I was well-drained.

Got into me jammies and sat down to read the paper that Jane gave me… Zzzz!

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