Inchcock Today Thu 3 Dec 15: Gloomy day in many a way…. Hehe!

Thursday 3rd December 2015

Didn’t stir until gone 0600hrs – that would be due to me horrendously busy day yesterday and having to stay up far longer than usual with the late GP appointment and walking the dark streets back up the hill to the flats to get back.

WC’d and found Little Inchy once again covered in sticky blood – cleaned him up.

Made a cuppa and got the laptop on to finish yesterdays diary off. Bad day and good day in some ways yesterday was. I got to see Fooey at me sisters, got an unexpected late appointment with the GP and hobbled back to the flat in the dark wearily up the big hills.

Not feeling too great this morning mind – not as mobile as I usually am and it’s preventing me doing everyday tasks that involve bending. Never thought I’d say that… Hehe!

More meat flies appearing in the flat again?

Spent far too long on the web.

Had a bath to try and shake missen up a bit and into life, then decided to force missen out and have a walk into Sherwood to use me money off vouchers at the co-op.

P1020570Little Inchy was painful and bleeding again and the stomach rumbling once again, as I set off out of the flats and called at the Community shed with some more mail for Margaret the previous tenant.

On up into the park and down to Mansfield Road. Pedestrian cyclists in abundance.

P1020571Into Sherwood and the Co-op store. Bad news… they have stopped baking the Beetroot & Apple bread!


Pottered around and spent me required ten pounds to claim me £2 off voucher.

When I was leaving the store another dizzy spell came. Oddly it didn’t get to me like normal… no that’s not right, what I meant was I accepted it as being normal and expected now.

P1020572On up and down to the park gates, a few yards up the hilly footpath and I had to stop and put down me shopping to get me breath?

Never had that before with such a light load?

On me way back to the flat I remembered the GP telling me to get me thing ready for going into the hospital on possible short notice.

P1020574So when I got in I sorted me things into a big bag and stored it in the rubbish that needs sorting room (Bedroom).

Think I’ve got everything in there, shaving tackle, toothpaste and brush, carbolic soap, jammies, socks, undies, dressing gown…

Sat down for a cuppa and drifted off into the land of nod again… for hours! Woke with Little Inchy in a mess, legs swollen summat awful, stomach churning and an instant dizzy spell – it must have been comical seeing me try to get up without toppling back again. You’ve got to laugh! Then tottering over to try and turn the light on. Hehe!

Thought soup would be the best for nosh tonight. Had me luxury beef and veg soup, added some Bovril and a tin of died potatoes and slowly slowly warmed it through, stirring all the time. I put a beef pastie in the oven to go with it.

P1020573Got it all done, and had two of me cheese cobs I’d got from the Co-op with it and a banana. Took me medications.

Feeling a bit rough as I did, I wondered what made me cook this load of nosh in the first place?

Still, I actually did eat most of it, despite me rumbling innards.

No message email or phone call from the GP surgery.

I didn’t do any cleaning up (Naughty!) afterwards, but watched some Sherlock Holmes DVD episodes. Well I say episodes, I kept falling asleep and rewinding the same episode ‘The Scarlet Claw’ – never got to the end of it though… Hey-ho!

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Thu 3 Dec 15: Gloomy day in many a way…. Hehe!

  1. I don’t know how you do it, but more power to you! I know (for nearly becoming extinct a couple times myself) that a good attitude is a wonderful thing to get you through the worst life can give you, and it seems you have both the right attitude and the worst life can give you. Whew!

    • Ta Sir. Not the luckiest of people me. Hehe!
      Now I find I’m in rent arrears through no fault of my own. Humph!
      And the winds from Storm Desmond are keeping me indoors. Missed taking me medications last night, in which i got no sleep at all due to the winds howling – I feel for the other tenants who have good hearing, it must be driving them wild. Not heard owt from the clinic, hospital or doctor. Being Saturday now I don’t expect I’ll hear owt before Tuesday.
      But, plenty of nosh in stock, the internet connections is working and the hot water is hot so I can have a bath later, and the lifts are working. Not all gloom then. Hope you are doing alright out there Sir.
      Give the lads a bit of fuss for me feel like I know em. TTFN

      • The kitties have had a proper skritching, courtesy of your request! Purr~purr~purr! It was a hit, as always. Their needs are simple enough, and I manage. The weather sounds dreadful. I live on the High Plains of North America. In pioneer times, pioneer wives were said to go crazy from the wind howling down on them. It is intense here at times, and seeming unending. Saw a silent film on television once. I think it was even called “The Wind”. I showed one of those High Plains women (Lillian Gish, as I recall, looking quite becoming for a frazzle frau) fighting the wind as it overtook her home. The dust was the big thing, but it sure as heck beat the plagues of grasshoppers that occasionally descended on the poor pioneer folks. Be so many of the buggers even that cats got bored with them, wouldn’t eat them, would just lie there, staring vacantly at the sky. Crazy, no doubt, too, in their own little kitty hells! Whew!

      • Thanks Weggie.
        The winds have lessened this morning Sir. Bit if drizzle at the moment.
        Watched a proggy on TV last night about Weird weather. Part showed a dust storm in America but i can’t remember where it was, but it was awesome. It came across the plains ans covered a town it was 4 miles wide!
        I’ll have to have search for ‘The Wind’ on YouTube.
        Cheers Sir.

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