Inchcock Today Fri 4 Dec 15: Rent Arrears! Storm Winds, Sorry for missen agen! Tsk!

01W01Friday 4th December 2015

Up with a start at 0430hrs. Urgently attended the porcelain – messy.

Cuppa and medications taken.

Laptop on. Checked emails and messages to see if owt had come through from the GP, nowt yet though.

Nothing from BJ or Steve of Age UK either. Steve said he’s get in touch about the NBS letter last Monday.

Fooey3cDid get a message from Jane’s Pete. He sent a photo he took of me when I visited them the other day – I was talking away to Fooey while Jane held him lovingly.

My legs had gone down nicely this morning, no hassle from the reflux valve, Anne Gyna or Arthur Itis either. Dizzies and ‘Little Inchy’ were not so kind. But I’m not complaining. Still waiting for the appointment/instructions from the GP surgery – they were due yesterday, should come today surely?

Must keep the mobile in me pocket today, so less chance of missing any important call.

Finished yesterdays diary off and posted it. Started this one-off – then did some Facebooking.

Tummy rumbling again – just soup and bread for nosh later today methinks?

Checked emails again for any messages from the surgery, none yet.

P1020577Although feeling a trifle lethargic I decided to get me laundry done. Then I might meet some of the other tenants and get a chin-wag in?

Got me things ready and plodded down to lobby and laundry room. No one about.

Got me laundry in the washer and took P1020576some photographs of the Christmas stuff been scattered about the place for us.

They even put some on the window ledges near the entry door.


Nice unexpected touch this. They had even left cards on the desk for some of the residents, nice touch even if I was missed off! Humph! Don’t mind really though.

Back up to the flat. WC’d and updated this diary. Made a cuppa while doing it.

Back down to wait for the washer to finish and move me togs into the frier… er, dryer. No idea why I typed frier?

Took me crossword book and nibbles with me, cause the first bus crowd should be there when I get down.

Back in a bit.

Got the washing into the drier and had a good natter with some of the residents and they helped me wiv me crosswords. Handed out some nibbles.

Spent tome downstairs doing me crosswords and nattering to a few tenant as the came in and out. Cheered me up a bit that did.

The togs smelt nice when they came out of the drier, folded them and back up to the flat.

I’d had a letter from the Nottingham City Homes people delivered – telling me I was in arrears with me rent and had failed to be in for a gas check visit and were pleased with either of these things. They told me to ring them ASAP. I was under the impression that I’d arranged for the rent to be paid through direct debit? Though Steve of Age UK had sorted it. Rang him, no answer.

Then I emailed Deana the flat coordinator asking for help in ringing the City Homes people, I know for certain I have difficulty in hearing them from past attempts.

Put me togs away in airing cupboard and on hangers on me cloth-racks.

Updated this diary, and a but concerned about me rent arrears, I got me hat and coat on and visited the Community shed to see if Deana was in so I could speak to her about the Rent Arrears situation.

Back in a bit again…

Obergruppenfurher Julie was in the hut – and kindly rang them or me. I had also lost me Good Tenant status.

They had apparently been being paid to little though me direct debit since I’ve been here? Thought they would have informed me sooner?

I’ve £292.03 in arrears. They increased the amount, and Julie told me to appeal the loss of me Good Tenant Status through the website.


Rent Arrears – Rent to increase by £372.20! Humph!

Went on the website afterwards but could not find whereto appeal? Thanked her and returned to the flat and wondered if the increase would cover the arrears? No mention of me settling the arrears was mentioned? So I could still be in arrears then?

I hope that Deana can find time to talk to me on this issue and get it sorted before I go in for me surgery. (If I ever hear from the Surgery or clinic that is?).

I don’t think I’m going to hear from them now at this time on a Friday night. Frustrating not knowing if, when, how, where or what the procedure will involve.

Made a strong cuppa and updated this tosh.

No communications received from BJ, Steve Age UK, Deana or The GP Surgery yet. Humph!

So stuck indoors waiting to hear.

Had me nosh, sausage and tomatoes. Took me medications.

Some good old stuff on the TV tonight. Planned me viewing and nodded off, when I wake an hour or so later I wondered what was happening, took me headphones off, I immediately felt sorry for the other tenants with decent hearing – Storm Desmond’s winds were raging outside.

No sleep at all for me, gave up trying altogether. First time I’ve been up so high in these kind of winds – so glad I’ve got me nosh in, and glad now, that the hospital haven’t contacted me about going in!

Wondered if it would ever ease off… Yet the temperature on the kitchen thermometer read 61ºf, the highest all week, despite the winds coming in through every crevice and hole in the walls and windows?

The constant noise drones on! Ah well, another day indoors tomorrow methinks…

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Fri 4 Dec 15: Rent Arrears! Storm Winds, Sorry for missen agen! Tsk!

  1. would definitely appeal loss of your ‘good tenant’ status

    that you are in arrears with your rent is not your fault but theirs – they should have informed you much sooner if the amount you were paying was not sufficient

    I would also check with your bank whether your rent is being paid through a direct debit or a standing order

    as I understand the difference, a standing order is a regular payment for a set amount to be paid regularly out of your account into housing associations account – since this is a set amount, I can see how you could go into arrears if amount is set too low

    a direct debit, on the other hand, gives permission for the housing association to take any money owing for rent directly out of your account so only way you could go into arrears with your rent would be if they had mistakenly been taking too little money out of your account for your rent – in which case, the arrears are definitely their fault and they should restore your good tenant status

    • I’ve flummoxed and confused with everything happening here mate. Tried to find the appeal on their website but couldn’t. I’m going to see the flats coordinator Deana on Monday, if I’m not called to the hospital or clinic, ans ask her for advice. If not I’ll go down to see them in town.
      Just confused mate with so much going on. Tsk!
      Are you able to eat properly yet Dunc?Take care,

    • They do look nice. Suppose the Storm Desmond’s winds will soon have the glitter all over the place when the doors open. Hehe!
      Hello, got the runs again… TTFN again…

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