Inchcock Today Weekend 5/6 Dec 15: Lethargy and gloom lessening now…

Saturday 5th December 2015

I did manage to nod-off last night around 0400 hrs for an hour or so, despite Storm Desmond’s high winds. Even with me hearing-aids out the constant noise drove me bonkers this morning! Hehe!

I soon realised that not only the high winds outside were noisy and bothersome as soon as I struggled up onto me blown-up feet, the innards became windy and rumbled… Just made it to the porcelain in time – but it was as close as ever it has been.

Got me cup to make a brew and spotted me last nights medication pot full of medications – I’d missed taking them. Tsk! (The reflux valve and ulcer etc. are going to remind me later, Humph)

Made me cuppa and morning medications taken.

Another semi-speedy hobble to the porcelain, again just in time.

I thought perhaps today a trip out might be an idea – but not to the shops. The rent arrears letter laid on at the side of the laptop – and like an Ostrich I filed it with the others in me box.

Off to the WC again and the wind coming in through from the kitchen into the bathroom decided me not to go out after all.

After I’ve had me bath later, I may try to get some stuff sorted into the drawers…?

Checked emails, messages and started this tosh off.

I went into a depression and just watched TV nearly all day.

Gurgling innards and WC visits rampant.

P1020583Around midnight I saw some flashes coming in through the living room window (I must get some curtains sorted!). Went into the kitchen to have a look as I thought it might have been from the Fire Brigade attending an alarm again.

I reckon it was a firework display.

Sunday 6th December 2015

With doing nowt yesterday I couldn’t get to kip last night until gone 0300hrs.

Woke around 0800hrs ashamed at me feeling sorry for missen.

The emails from Patti and Duncan in support made me determined to try to shake off me lethargy today. The rumbling innards kept me active with trips to the bathroom. Humph!

P1020584The winds had died down nicely and just the odd spot of rain on the kitchen window.

Laptop on and checked emails.

WC’d, ‘Little Inchy’ bleeding away again.

That made think about my not having heard owt from the surgery or clinic… or Steve, or Deana, or BJ. Sent texts to see if they were all okay or just didn’t want to communicate with me. As long as I know, I can understand.

I hope to find out about the ‘Little Inchy’ procedure/instructions in the morning, well nearer dinner time actually tomorrow when I go fer me Warfarin INR blood level tests.

I think I was feeling a bit less lethargic now.

Cuppa and late medications taken. Washing me pots later I broke me handled basin – yes maybe things were getting back to normalised conditions now then? Hehehe!

I’ll see later if a washing machine is free and get fully caught up with me laundry I thought…. Got the bag and accoutrements ready.

Had a bath and again doctored ‘Little Inchy’.

P1020586Went down to the Laundry-room and a machine was free, got me washing in and washing like.

Then I took a walk up via the back of the flats up the hill to Woodthorpe Park.

En-route there were many trees that had been damaged in the high winds.

P1020587It was a sad sight.

Walked up to near the main house where the footy pitches were marked out and watched a ladies football match for a while.

Didn’t see any diving or moaning to the referee like wot the lads do in their matches.

Turned back and down by the kids P1020588playground.

The Pitch and Putt ticket cabin was open, the cafe doing a fair trade and many ankle-snappers merrily playing on the rides and swings as they swore, spat at, belted and kicked each other as their parents drank their lager and Cafe Latte’s while checking their P1020589Instant lottery tickets at the cafe tables with their dogs tied to the chairs.

Carried on down to the flats, passing the now very barren and damaged looking Copse with its trees toppled by the winds and more branches on the floor than the trees.

I could sense a change in the weather coming up? I’ve no idea how or why I P1020590just knew.

At the bottom of the hill on the left just before the flat complex the tree that I can sometimes see the squirrels in as they would spring from tree to tree and try to take a photo of, had, had its biggest branch torn off.

Didn’t see any wildlife at all on me little hobble around the flats and park?

As I entered the foyer door to the flats I heard the rain come belting down on the doors behind me – boy did it pour down for a few minutes! After that it was drizzle for a few hours.

Got the washing out of the washer and into the drier, then sat on one of the chairs doing me crossword book and nattering to some of the other residents as they passed through in or out of the flats.

On one of the coffee tables some tenants has been left Christmas cards, and I noticed one was for Norman on the twelfth floor. Knowing he didn’t always get out often, I got the lift up and pushed it through his door, then returned to the foyer and the laundry room.

I actually started one crossword and got down to needing just one more to complete it all on me own! (Big head!) Clue: Rough mannered fellow – _I_E? That is unless I got one of the other ones wrong of course – it has been known.

Got me washing back up to the flat and put away, kettle on and stood deep in thought looking out at the drizzle and wonderful view from the kitchen window and pondered over so many things it was weird… like, unreal. I solved so many things in my head, Immigration controls were abandoned, love and respect reigned everywhere and George Osborne shot himself with his Purdey Under & Over Shotgun? Was it an awake dream or what?

Took me midday medications a little late again, got the laptop on and updated this tosh.

Titivated the kitchen and took a bag out of the ‘Rubbish Room’ (Bedroom) to sort. Unfortunately there was an old classic car magazine in it and I settled to read it. Do no sorting got done as I soon nodded off in the chair.

 Well dark when I woke up… made a cuppa and took me evening medications.

Had a beef pie oven hips and garden pea nosh despite it being so late in the day.

Actually stayed awake to watch a bit of TV – why I’m not sure, because I can’t remember what I watched now?

Nodded off again and woke feeling a bit less pessimistic for some reason – perhaps in the hopes that in the morning when i go for me INR Warfarin blood level test I can find out the pending situation with ‘Little Inchy’ and his treatment for the lesion bleeding problem?

Made another cuppa and nodded off…

7 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Weekend 5/6 Dec 15: Lethargy and gloom lessening now…

    • Well I’m glad you let me know Dunc mate, hang on I’ll check again… yes your right I’m still here. Hehe!
      Perked up bit now. Hope to get me date for surgery today from the GP when I have me INR test. Or maybe not? If they ain’t worried why should I be? Hehehe!
      Hope all okay your end Sir? (Not a pun). TTFN

    • Sorry Tessa flower. Fings not going well here, more hassle from me so called solicitors again now about the house sale bring suspended again. I’m so confused with it all. And Kentucky Angel emails are being bounced back. I hope she is okay.
      All my best and a cuddle sent X

  1. Glad to see you’re still alive and kicking youngster. I can’t sleep because the roosters outside my bedroom windows can’t tell time or keep a note. It’s the constant sound of turning the key while the motors running. Thought you might take a look at my first novel, just publishing on my blog. It’s a bit irreverent and just might bring a laugh or two over the next five months. Feliz Navidad y un Feliz Año Nuevo

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