Inchcock Today Mon 7 Dec 15: Oh dear… Imitation Solicitors FraserBrown strike again!

Monday 7th December 2015

Didn’t stir until 0650hrs.

The winds had died down outside, but not in me innards – struggled to get to the porcelain in time. (Don’t laugh!)

Kettle on and put me record card in me bag with the nibbles for the nurses at me Warfarin blood level tests later.

Took me medications and cleaned me cup that the tea went cold in last night.

Put order in to Morrison’s for later today. Going in for tests then to Lidl to get some Frikadellens and cobs methinks.

Then weather permitting get a good walk back to the flats if i haven’t bought too much stuff it stop me walking too far.

Started this diary off and checked emails and messages in case owt had come in from the GP, clinic, hospital, BJ or Steve from age UK. None there, well it is holiday time and folk have other worries don’t they.

Gorra wash and brush-up, titivated missen and set off on me walk into Carrington via Sherwood to the surgeryP1020594.

Hobbled along alright, the rain just holding off but I was in better spirits this morning and even the pain in the feet didn’t bother me too much.

Down the big hill into Sherwood, left up the gradual hill into Sherwood and down the hill into Carrington and the GP surgery.

The nurse called me in and took me Warfarin INR blood sample for testing. She potted a mark on me face that was apparently looking like the one found last Aug that turned out to be skin cancer. She told me to arrange to see the GP on me way out.

I went to the reception and firstly reminded them that I had not heard anything from the clinic or hospital yet about me ‘Little Inch’ problem being sorted.

She looked on her computer and told me they were still waiting for details from the last GUM clinic tests to arrive.

She then in reply to my request for an appointment, told me to sit down and the Doctor would see me shortly!

Got me paper out and within 15 minutes I was in the surgery. she got a glass viewer out and had a look at the mark near me ear-hole and assured me it was malignant and I was off two minutes after going into the surgery.

I walked down the road and foolishly bought a lottery ticket from the paper-shop on me way to Lidl to get some bread and Frikadellens.

P1020592Lidl was busy, but I got me Frikadellens and bread, also one of their Lemon Curd and vanilla rolls. (Well…?)

Caught a bus back into Sherwood.

Arrived in Sherwood and had a wander up and over the hill to walk up through Woodthorpe Park and back to the flats.

P1020593I was stood looking at the people, most of them with their dogs pursuing balls for them with tails wagging.

The dogs tails wagging I mean

Another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly had me over as he belted by from behind me.

Got in and felt hungry.

So I made missen sweet potatoes with two cob of Polish ham.

Fell asleep.

Woke up with the land-line ringing way… It was a bloke from FraserBrown the imitation solicitors. Huh, the N.I. number I gave their receptionist who got it photo copied and then assured me “We now have al we need to proceed with the house sale!” had gone missing? What plonkers!

Interesting dealing with FraserBrown innit?… Please read me notes at the bottom of this diary rubbish.

Perhaps it was a good thing that he called cause the Morrison delivery arrived. Put the nosh away.

More hunger pangs so I put some waffles and a sausage -roll in the oven.

Feeling down again now. Humph!

FraserBrown Complications/Functions

Tue 20 Oct 2015:

Letter and folder received from them.

I asked Steve to have at it look for me.

Steve called Fri 23 Oct and told me to just file it.

Sat 24 Oct Got letter telling me they need to have current Passport or driving licence photo ID so they could check for money laundering. Couldn’t get hold of Steve.

Mon 26 Oct Went to their offices and had a word with lady on reception I was assured they have everything needed to proceed with the sale.

Fri 13 Nov Got letter telling me they need to have current Passport or driving licence photo ID so they could check for money laundering. Got hold of Steve and he went through the forms that should have been filled in originally when he told me to just store them..

Mon 16th Went into offices again and the lady rang someone, waited for them to ring back which they did, if I supplied them with my N.I. number that would do – luckily I had it with me and they photo copied it from my last wage slip – I was assured they have everything needed to proceed with the sale.

Mon 23rd Got another letter asking for the passport and or driving licence. Couldn’t contact Steve of age UK, Deana flats coordinator rang them for me and they told her they would ring back.

Wed 25th They rang her back.

Thur 26th I learnt they had rung her back – I was assured they have everything needed to proceed with the sale.

Mon 7th Dec: Phone call from them asking for N.I. number??? This after four times being told – They have everything needed to proceed with the sale.

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