Inchcock Today Tue 8 Dec 15: Mental Mayhem… so much to do!

I used to be indecisive. Now I’m not so sure?

Tuesday 8th December 2015

Up and into the WC at 04:00 hrs. Cleaned up ‘Little Inchy’

Made a cuppa and took me morning medications.

Checked the emails, nothing from the GP about me upcoming (I hope) procedure for ‘Little Inchy’. However I did get some messages/comments that made me determined to lose this pathetic depression. Patti sent me something to try each morning, Tessa sent me wonderful encouragement and Dunc cheered me up. Thanks folks.

It was warmer this morning, temp in the kitchen up to 61ºF now. The winds are forecast to get up again and much rain forecast too, but nothing like earlier they say.

The heater advisor is calling tomorrow twixt 12:30 > 18:30 hrs.

I decided I will go out today instead of staying in moping and cleaning. This is part of me new ‘Get-missen-out-of-the-rut’ routine. As Patti tells me, ‘Do what I enjoy without guilt!’ So I’ll go on a bus trip to Derby and take some photographs of the ducks and pigeons! If all goes well, I’ll post them on here later.

Got me Tuesday diary done and started this one off. Between many cups of tea, some of which I actually managed to drink. Hehe!

Started a graphic for a Cyber mate’s birthday.BBcake

Well, it might make him laugh? Oh dear, I think I’m a day or so early with this?

Did some Facebooking.

Had a good soak in the bath and readied missen for the horrendous duties to be performed today!

Called in the Community shed, Obergruppenfurheress Julie in to ask advice about me rent arrears and the approach to take on me visit to Loxley House and the Nottingham City Homes people. No suggestions received.

P1020596Caught the L9 bus into the City Centre and made me way to the bank to see why I had no received any statements, but it was so busy I continued on through town to the Rent Offices at Loxley House to see about the rent arrears situation and my loss of Good Tenant Status.

Got in and asked the receptionist if I could speak with someone, sat on the rather low seats and awaited the arrival of the personage.

A Mr McKenzie arrived, and I showed him the letter I’d received and explained my concerns. He assured me not to worry all was in hand? And told me I never had a ‘Good Tenant Status’ to lose in the first place, despite the letter informing me I had lost it? The young man was patient and treated me decently.

He then helped me to get up out of the low chair (I did feel a fool!) and I departed. Feeling het-up over all the jobs I had to sort, I thought I’d get some Cream French horns from Tesco, but they had none in.

P1020598I walked down by the canal and fed some ducks a i walked over the bridge.

Then into Broad Marsh mall calling in a shop to get some ratatouille and carrots on my way through and out up to bank again, where they were not so busy now and got to talk to a rather automaton non-human adviser, who lacked any compassion or empathy, about me lack of statements.

Turns out, that they had changed me address on the system, but had put the wrong flat number. Now I must remember to ask Deana if flat 67 had returned any mail to her? Another job to forget Tsk!

P1020601Up into the slab square through the milling shoplifters of Olde Nottingham.

Called in Boots and got some diarrhoea tablets.

Caught the bus back to the flats.

The Christmas Tree near the lifts in the lobby had returned, and someone had P1020602decorated a chair there.

Up the lift and WC’d again just in time, took a while and when I got out and went into the P1020605kitchen…

Boy had the weather changed from minutes ago!

It was belting down, and stayed like this for a while.

Eventually, after I’d sorted me paperwork out, it stopped and looked P1020604likely to start again.

The mail was delivered and guess what?…

Another letter from FraserBrown the pretend Solicitors.

More forms to sign and return – to be honest I didn’t fully understand what they were about.

P1020603More Hassle! Must get the bus to FraserBrown (mockery of efficiency) Solicitors with it in the morning – and make sure I get back quick for the Nottingham City Homes caller who’s coming to explain the storage heater system and controls for me.

Got some nosh.

Sister Jane returned my earlier call. She probably regretted doing this as I waffled on about FraserBrown problems and me health. Hehe!

I was mentally drained. After I cleaned the pots I sat down and made notes of things that needed doing tomorrow, put the TV on made a cuppa and fell asleep.

The land-line rang, it was well dark now and I stumbled to get to it – it was BJ, wanted to know if I’d like to go to the Papplewick Pumping Station visit on Sunday. I explained about the ‘Little Inchy’ possible treatment and I might get short notice to go in for surgery. He said he’d phone Saturday to see how things were. Bless his cotton socks.

Head down again.

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Tue 8 Dec 15: Mental Mayhem… so much to do!

  1. Hello luv, Sorry I’ve been so absent lately. Between computer problems and making myself sick inhaling paint and alcohol fumes without proper ventilation, I just haven’t spent a lot of time on the computer. After setting my burner cover on fire today, I opened my window and turned the fan on to ventilate the smoke and fumes from that, and noticed a definite difference in how I’m feeling, so no more painting or fuming without opening the window first, and no more setting stove on fire either.
    I’ve been hoping your problems with selling the house as well as the flat occupation people would be settled by now, but it sounds as if the people in charge over there are the same as the ones here, All nincompoops, found at the bottom of the slime ponds in life. Makes me wonder if there is an honest lawyer left any place in the world, but I think the answer to that is “no, has there ever been”.
    We’ve had our share of rain lately, but this week has been warmer and sunny for a welcome change. Today I went to a thrift store and found a bread machine, and I’m in the process of cleaning it up now so I can make a nice loaf of some type of bread. Or maybe just have the machine knead the bread so I can make my favorite flat bread, almost impossible lately because of my shoulder hurting too much.
    Take care of you luv.

    • Well I’m so glad to know you were not poorly Angie. I’ve sent messages asking if anyone knows if your alright to me contacts yesterday.
      As for setting the stove on fire? Wotta Whoopsiedangleplop! I love your “All nincompoops, found at the bottom of the slime ponds in life.” about solicitors Angie, can I put it in me diary today please?
      Looking forward to seeing a photo of your first ‘Home Loaf’.
      The man at the Council offices who I spoke to about me arrears told me not to worry? When I took in the signed contract to FraserBrown the imitation solicitors I got a receipt for it.
      I got a loaf of sour bread last week and liked it, but it costs three times as much as the normal bread.
      Thanks gal, take care and don’t do too much at once, and no more Whoopsies please. XXX

      • You may quote me any time Gerry, especially about lawyers, solicitors, or whatever they are called in any country in the world.
        I’ve actually been baking bread most of my life, but no longer have the ability to knead the dough, so my breadmaker will do that part for me. I had my sourdough starter going for about 20 years when I moved, but had to let it go because it was getting out of hand. Kept trying to share it with people, and they all started crossing the street when they saw me, because not many want to bake their own bread any more. Not that many want to cook these days, for that matter. It’s a shame, actually, because home cooking is better than the stuff you bring in from the frozen food department and nuke in the microwave. It was almost traumatic watching my rooster turn black from the heat though. I’ll replace it some day, if I can find another one, but no biggie.
        I have more snowflakes crystallizing in the Borax solution now also, but this time I made sure the fan was on, windows open, and face covered before mixing the Borax and water so I wouldn’t be inhaling the fumes. That sure made a difference. Amazin’ what a little bit of air can do.
        I guess I’ve done it again as far as staying up all night and accomplishing almost nothing.
        Take care of yourself Gerry. And you watch those Whoopsidangleplops. I actually used that word in the grocery last week when I knocked a display over, and just backed up and looked at it, then said “OUCH! What a Whoopsiedangleplop that was.” I only got a few curious stares, and one person from the stock room to clean up the mess I made.

      • You’v accomplished the impossible Angie and cheered me up! I fang you! when I can get out (Tomorrow maybe I hope) I want to get some potato cakes, I’ve got the yearning again.
        Hehehe, so glad we’re spreading the Whoopsiedangleplop word gal, well done and thanks! but be careful you don’t harm yourself please.
        Awaiting to hear from the so called lawyers… expecting more problems from them – I wonder how much they will charge me for the letters about things I’ve already done?
        Going to have beef pie, sweet potatoes and mince for me nosh later? Does that sound aright?
        Take car flower. X

      • I approve of the sweet potatoes and mince pie luv, but you can eat every cow in the world as long as you don’t bring one around me. I chased those beasts miles and miles across the countryside while I was living out there, and the only good thing I can say about beef now, is I’m glad it’s lying there behind the butcher counter, and not out on four legs going “moo”. When it comes to beast they should join the lawyers at the bottom of the ocean, and all of them eat seaweed and shells.
        Whew! I feel better now, how ’bout you?
        Spent today shopping, and love that. Mainly I love driving my chair around the store, picking things up and putting them in my basket until it is so full stuff falls out, then sorting thru it just to see what’s in there. At that point most of it is put on a shelf, and the one item I went for is then located and bought. Except today, when I forgot about one item and will have to eventually locate someplace, maybe. Not sure if I’ll still want it in a few days so I’m giving it the “wait a few and see” method. If I haven’t changed my mind about it in one week, then I can go to the grocery and purchase it. I’m betting I’ll change my mind though, because it will require some effort that I’m getting too tired to use.
        Take care luv.

      • Well that’s cleared the air with cows then gal. I like it. Hehe!
        I’m a bit worried cause I feel better today thanks, no idea why but there you are?
        We share shopping habits it seems Angie.
        Decisions decisions eh?
        Going to do another search for me lottery ticket in a bit. Tsk!
        Taking me stick with me today, the dizzies are back. But not complaining so many of the other ailments have eased this morning.
        ♫ Hi-hoooo, hi-ho it’s off to the shops I go, French horns and sweets I won’t buy though, Hi-ho, hi-ho! ♫
        Mmm, we’ll see. Take cre thanks pet. XXX

      • Enjoy your shopping Gerry. I went again today, and will go again next week. Even if I don’t buy anything, I love to shop. Shop until I drop, shop, shop shop my life til I drop.
        Take care of you luv.

      • You see, we’re so alike in many ways gal.
        Gotted very wet in the rain – but also gotted some of the loose fitting undies I wanted.
        Had to go to Derby (23 mile bus trip) to get some, but worth it – I just wish I hadn’t spent so much on other stuff. Tsk!
        Should be going with BJ to the Papplewick Pumping Station today Angie. Rain forecast again, but still.
        Hope you are doing okay pet. Cuddles. X

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