Inchcock Today Wed 9 Dec 15: I think things might be getting better… very worrying that! Hehe!

All I ask is a chance to prove that money can’t make me happy.

Wednesday 9th December 2015

Up and mind working straight away about the things that need sorting today – even more things than yesterday I think.

To the WC at 04:10 hrs. Cleaned up ‘Little Inchy’.

Made a cuppa and took me morning medications, laptop on and finished Tuesdays diary.

Got paperwork readied and in folder to take to FraserBrown (The mock Solicitors) this morning.

Got some Facebooking in before getting missen cleaned up and double checking I have all I need for me visit to the con-men later.

Tried to catch Deana in the Community Shed on me way out to ask her if number 67 had returned any mail to her that was for me

She and Obergruppenführer Julie were in. Gave them some nibbles and told them about the letter from FraserBrown and let Deana have a look at it to see if I’d done right like.

01W01bBless FraserBrown.

Went back to the reception area and has a jolly goo natter with some of the residents who were waiting to go out into the wind and get the bus.

P1020610Caught the L9 bus into town. Read me Classic car paper en-route and dropped off on Queen street.

Sneaked some seed to the birds as I walked through the slab square and up Friar Lane to the solicitors dwellings.

A different lady was on the reception this time.

P1020609I handed her the paperwork and asked if she could give me a receipt for it please. No sneers tuts or scowls today! I liked this gal.

As I left, the usual Concentration Camp guard-like receptionist like one returned – lucky there I missed her. Maybe me luck’s changing at last for the better? Hehe!

P1020611I wandered around town a while calling at various shops searching for some ‘loose fitting’ underpants without luck. Tried Marks and Spencers and Debenhams.

Shame that.

Caught the bus back to the flats, called into the community hut but Deana was out and about.

Got to the flat and it seems the tablets I got are working and me visit to the bathroom porcelain was getting less er… well it was a somewhat firmer experience shall I say.

P1020614Got the laptop on and recorded details of me visit to FraserBrown the imitation solicitors.

Photographed me receipt just in case.

Made a cuppa and the chap from the Nottingham City Homes Works arrived to check out me heaters.

Decent sort of chap. Patient, explained things well to me.

Cleaned me carpet in’t the living room. I should have enough hot water for a bath later now.

P1020615Got me nosh on, Beef pasty, sausage roll, diced onion, mashed cheesy spuds and green beans.

Took me medications.

Updated this load of twiddle while it cooked.

Rang Sister Jane to update her on things. No reply.

Fatigue dawned again and for the rest of the night I watched TV and DVDs in between falling asleep. (I’m getting good at this again ain’t I? Hehe).

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Wed 9 Dec 15: I think things might be getting better… very worrying that! Hehe!

  1. Sounds like things are finally going your way luv. We can hope, anyway. I won a yarn bundle contest this week, just a small one, but a start. Maybe we will both have better luck soon. Something to hope for, at least.
    A box of doughnuts fell into my cart the last time I was at the grocery. I have no idea how that happened, especially since I wasn’t even near that area, but I found them when I was unloading at home. Well, why fight fate? I ate one. Also shopped at a thrift store and bought a breadmaker, or did I already tell you this? Have it cleaned up now, so I think I’m ready to take it for a test drive today. Mmm, fresh homemade bread with melting butter. Who could ever want anything better.
    Take care of you luv.

    • Cheers Angel. I’ve got to ask you what a Yarn Bundle Contest is Angie please? Whatever it is I’m so glad for you pet!
      I see the doughnuts in America have the same traits as those in the UK? No good fighting them is there Angie… Hehehe!
      You did tell me you were going to have a look at them gal – tickled pink you’ve got one now! I can smell it now.. yummy!
      Keeping me fingers crossed gal, would be amazing if we could both get a bit of luck at the same time – oh I must have another look to find me lottery ticket. Tsk!
      Have a good day full of good luck gal! X

      • It’s a bundle of yarn, of course. More than one ball, and expensive wool at that. So I just entered my email address, and someone pulled my name out of the thousands from around the world. Along with the wool come some crochet hooks, useful when we have our raft or barge, or whatever we can stea–I mean purchase, of course.
        I was a good girl today, and while fighting the cookies at the store, noticed the fruit looked good (especially with my peach soda), so while my friend, Rhonda got the cookies, (biscuits), I played nice and got fruit –my favorite bananas to have with my favorite peanut butter, or even better, Nutella. Nutella is always kept in a safe place where the kids can’t find it, except they are tall enough to reach it now, but they have enough respect to stay out of my cupboards unless they receive permission to open them. Just to make it more difficult though, I took it out of the original jar, and put it in a container that is a storage container like all other stuff, not the treasure that one contains. And now, thinking about it, I want some, so that will be my dinner.
        I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you now, so hold your tongue just right when you look at your lottery ticket. You never know, this could be your week also.
        You have a wonderful day, and take care of you luv.

      • Glad you’re making plans for the barge Angie. Some place mats for the customers in your floating-restaurant perhaps?
        A cunning plan that for the security of the Nutella gal!
        I must do another search for me lottery ticket when I get back from the clinic later Angie – I just know I put it somewhere safe… Er…
        I also intent not to look for any cream French Horns in the supermarket today, definitely not! I’ll buy a lettuce or carrot instead. (He says with crossed fingers Hehe)
        TTFN flower, thanks fro being you. X

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