Inchcock Today 4 Feb 16: Hey-ho day


Thursday 4th February 2016

Woke around 0345hrs, to the porcelain, Little Inchy bleeding, piles, not bleeding, and I think the rumbling innards are starting again?

GladHoovGot on with a graphicalisation of one of out TFZ gals, Gladys from Texas.

She mentioned in a comment on Facebook a witty  mention of a ride-on-Hoover or vacuum.Then I did a graphic of Reg from the Troll Free Zone.

So I thought this one might tickle her a bit and give her a laugh.

Then I did a graphic of Reg from the Troll Free Zone.

Tomtrain01I put his partner in it in the bushes like.Next, I updated one from earlier of Tom Greene.

A Castle or mansion in the background as part of the English Country Garden series I’d done.

Hope they all like them.Next, I updated one from earlier of Tom Greene.

TomBusNext, I updated one from earlier of Tom Greene.

I added a squirrel to the graphicalisation I did earlier.

Hope it gives his daughter a laugh, as she suggested the squirrel would be most fitting to the Pascagoula graphic.

Again, I hope they go down well on Facebook.

Made a cuppa and took the medications, and looked at the kitchen realising it needed a good cleaning and sorting. But I’m still suffering from the cleaning and sorting of the living room yet! Poor, old devil!

Finished off yesterday’s diary and started this one off.

Made another cuppa, the temperature on the thermometer in the kitchen was showing 58º f. I couldn’t hear the winds, that was good. The forecast was for heavy rain and winds for the next few days, so no change there.

Decided to do yet another graphic that an idea came to me with.

The plans didn’t work out, though – I got a telephone call from the dreaded solicitors! They want me to call at their offices and sign something to say I have used the entrance to gain access to the old house? And they wanted all the details about the central heating and plumbing. Most annoying, because seven days ago I asked Steve Age UK to sort it after we had agreed on what to do, and he said he’d take care of it all?

Uptight now.

Then I got some mail delivered, two for the previous tenant Margaret, one a bumph letter and one from the Age UK Nottingham people with a form for me to fill in.

I began to get dizzy spells, one or two bad ones so I’m not going out, feeling like this. Not good at all now. Listless with it. Maybe I overdid the cleaning up malarky?

Stomach beginning to churn again. Oh, I’m fed-up!

Took midday medications and had some fish cakes and cod balls.

Just sat down and turned off best I could – then forced myself to get a bath and do my ablutions.

Got the laundry stuff ready, and went down to the laundry room. (It took me over 2.5 hours in total – Humph!)

The electrical engineer was working on the fire alarm panel and was constantly on his mobile phone trying to get some advice from someone as to why it wouldn’t let him reset it.

P1020972One washer was free, but both dryers were in use. I estimated that I’d have about an hour for the washing to get done, and then 15 minutes to wait for the dryer to finish so I could use it, then an hour for that to end.

There was a new poster up on the wall. and 

They tried to make it pretty, and the wording was straight to the point.and 

But the Burke who took his drying out still didn’t clean the filter on the machine.

I sat in the foyer and did my crossword book, and the old dear from the 14th floor came in, and I gave her some nibbles.

When the washing was done, I nipped into the laundry room to take it out and into the bag in case anyone else arrived wanting to use the washer, while I waited for the bloke to remove his clobber from the dryer.

P1020971He came in and took them out before the end time. I found out he had not cleared the filter, so I did it after he’d gone. Got it going and nipped up the lift to the flat and used the WC.

Back down, and had a walk around the block of flats as it began to get a bit dark.

The wind and rain had died down somewhat.

Back in the foyer, the electrical engineer was still on his phone discussing what to do, why it was not allowing him to reset and informing the person on the other end: There had been three-alarm activations today, in different zones? Well if there were, I didn’t hear any of them! Tsk!

Managed a quick little natter with some tenants as they returned from their trips out.

P1020973More failed attempts at the crossword book, and the dryer was done at last. I collected the washing and returned to the flat and put some of them in the airing cupboard.

It might not look very tidy in this photo, that is because it isn’t very tidy, but there is a system in place, oh yes! Socks front right, jammies to the left of them, flannels and towels next left, shirts/jumpers right rear, underpants left back.

P1020974Got my fodder ready. Chicken breast fillet

BBQ Chicken breast fillet, 3 small slices of soda-bread toasted. This was followed with a pot of strawberry cheesecake and two small sarnies with butter and Blackcurrant conserve.,

Can you see the pot of conserve on the tray? I got some of these pots with blackcurrant, raspberry and strawberry flavours, as they are ideal for me. I don’t eat it very often and buying a large jar, I end up throwing so much away. These mini-jars hold just enough for two sandwiches. Rated this one at 9.1/10. 

Fatigue and lethargy overcame me quickly. So I took me medications, washed the pots and got the TV on. The nodding off so often got to me, so I turned off the telly, and got my Classic Car magazine to read. Didn’t even get to open it… Zzz!


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