Inchcock Today Tue 3 Feb 16: Struggling first thing, but it got better later!


A Wasted opportunity from this day in 1966

Tuesday 3 February 2016

I awoke in pain with the aching back and cramps along with the need to attend the porcelain throne. Little Inchy was bleeding away, the haemorrhoids were bleeding away, and I hit my head on wash basin when I dropped the toilet roll and tried to retrieve it!

For some reason, I was singing ♫ “Aching all over” ♫, then had a sensation of the dreams I’d had. Nothing concrete, just that I didn’t like them.

I felt the bad day yesterday would continue today as I said before; the aches and pains all over my body were my fault for trying to do too much sorting and cleaning in one go, I think. It’s just that I don’t get much time for getting the things sorted with all the appointments and my over-use of the internetting addiction.

At least the hot water was back on, but it was far too early for a much-needed soak yet.

The Radox awaits. Hehe!

I didn’t doctor Little Inchy or the piles, best to leave that until after the bathing.

Make a cuppa and took the medications. I should get the INR Warfarin Blood test results today.

Finished and posted Tuesday’s diary off and started this one.

Did some Facebooking and WordPressing, and then got to starting my graphic idea I’d had.

Had a good decontamination, and then I had a cleansing session. Not cutting myself shaving while shaving either.


I took the rubbish to the chute. Then I called at the Winwood Community Shed and left some Polish bread for the gals there. Back to the foyer to wait for the F9 bus to Arnold. Had a natter with some other residents and gave them some nibbles.

Out and caught the bus, dropping off (No, not falling sleeping, Hehe!), in Daybrook and called at the Aldi store. Bought some bread thins, Cod Liver Oil tablets, Frikadellen burgers, and a TV paper for next week.

Paid the sweet non-communicative, scary young girl on the till, and made way hobblingly into Arnold and the Sainsbury shop.

P1020968The had some good offers on that I took advantage of. Salt & Vinegar cooked almonds £1.40 down to 70p, Rankin potato farls £1.40 down to £1.00 and Irish Soda Bread down to £1.00 too.

The helpful woman on the till was amazed when she asked me if I had a Nexus card and I informed her I didn’t! Then I confused her when she told me the bill was £6.47, and I offered her the 47p in loose change to go with £20 note I handed her to save her change. The concept of my offering this only made the poor thing perplexed and annoyed for some reason?

Please note, I resisted the temptation of the Fresh Cream French Horns as I passed them in the fridge too!

Walked over the road and waited patiently to catch the bus back to the flats.

Managed to stay awake all the way back (Smug smile creeps on my face).

It was much windier than when I left the flats.

Got in and to the WC with proper timing from the bladder for once.

The Anticoagulation Test Results had been delivered while I was out. Up to 2.6, a lot better and nearer to the 3.5 target.

Cuppa and midday medications taken then worked on my idea for a graphic for a while.

A long, long while…

TreatmentMany hours later, I got it finished.

By then, I was well drained again and struggling to stay awake.D

Made my nosh, Frikadellen and potato cakes sandwiches.

Took the medications, washed the pots and collapsed into the armchair to read me Classic Car magazine at last.

Into a slumber and dreamt of one of the TFZ gals, Janet Arron. We were in a supermarket and having a whale of a time, singing dancing and cavorting. Can’t recall much fine detail.

The car magazine remained unread. It’ll become a classic in its own rights if I don’t get it read soon. Hehe!

Put the TV on, and it was still on when I woke up in the morning.


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