Inchcock Today – Wednesday 9.3.16: Persistent Rain kept me indoors today!

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Wednesday 9th March 2016

I woke at around 0400hrs and visited the porcelain. Good news, Little Inchy was not and had not been bleeding at all – but the haemorrhoids were leaking badly. However, Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis were such a lot easier this morning; Roger Reflux was not any better, but still, a good feeling the hassle being less than of recent. And, dare I say it? No dizzies lately, Ace that!P1050106

Made a good strong cup of Yorkshire tea and took my medications.

The rain was, as forecast, must have been pouring down all night, and still coming, fine raindrops but persistent like.I opened the window because the rain was falling away from the flats at this stage, and Chestnut Walk below looked more like a river!

I opened the window because the rain was falling away from the flats at this point, and Chestnut Walk below looked more like a river!

GC (2)I got on the laptop and finished Tuesday’s Dairy, then started this one to here.

A day indoors methinks today. I mused on maybe being able to get the laundry done, but of course, all the other tenants without transport will possibly be doing the same and hibernating for the day so they will be after the laundry room as well?

Did some Facebooking. Then some graphicationalisationing. Then some WordPressing. e

Watched the Leeds v Colchester Cup Match from 1972 on YouTube. I did enjoy that, not as much as when I watched at the time mind.

Had a nibble, some biscuits and a bit of Honey BBQ Beef Jerky.

The rain was continuing to fall outside.

Deerhat1I put some clothes in the bowl to soak and realised the difference between the size of detergent I thought I’d ordered, and size I received.

Got the din dins cooking. Largish potato baking, with a minted lamb chop, mini-tin of garden peas and beetroot to add.

Lamb not cooked, so took the potato out and gave the lamb some more time. I did ring Sister Jane to ask how long to give the chop, she rang back while I was taking out the potato. We managed a little natter, that was cut short my need for the porcelain.


No bread was consumed with this nosh!

She suggested I put the alarm on so as not to let the chop burn, goos idea, so I did.

Got it all on a smaller plate, not eating so much cause I had that naughty nibble earlier.

Rated it as 9.45/10.

I must try to get some more of the large baking spuds next time I’m out and about.

LyzziI used the plate sent to me from America by cherished TFZ site Cyber-Friend, Lucious Lyzzi.

I’ve still got some Minted Lamb left, three small pieces that I might have tomorrow with some flavoured baked beans and soda bread?

Cleaned the pots and then it came; the dizzies! The next four hours were not very nice. Stopped using the laptop and even watching the TV made it worse. Tried reading my book, a definite no-no that!

Around 2200hrs, I nipped to the throne and the dizzies dissipated afterwards, thank heavens.

I put the TV on (A bit late, for me like), and fell asleep during the first commercial break… Zzz!

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