Thu 10 Mar 16: Inchcock Today – Community Social Hour this morning


Thursday 10th March 2016

Woke very late, gone 0430hrs. No signs of any dizzy thankfully. Arthur, Gyna, Hem Arroids and the ulcer were all in a good mood, only Roger Reflux was giving me any real hassle this morning.

No signs of any dizzy thankfully. Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna, Hem Arroids and the Duo Denal were all in a good mood, only Roger Reflux was giving me any real hassle this morning. And, no blood from Little Inchy either!

Remembered the Winwood Social Hut Meeting was on at ten o’clock (Looking forward to this!).

Noticed the large bag of washing, still awaiting my attentions. I must see if any machines are free after the ‘Social Hour’.

DSCN0054Got the laptop on. Made a cuppa and took the medications.

Out of Nicorandil, but the regular statins and beta-blockers were there. I must get to the GP surgery to try and get a prescription sorted.I know, I’ll email them now asking for one and check when this months dollop of medications will be ready for me to collect. Hang on a second

I know, I’ll email them now and ask for one and check when this months dollop of medications will be ready for me to collect. Hang on for a second, please. Got it done and sent via email.

Got the nibbles and gifts ready in the bag for the meeting.

Finished Wednesday’s Inchcock Today, and started this one off, then I had another session of starting the next ‘It’s Been a Funny Old Life’ Part 6.


I only got as far as doing some graphicalisationing, the header and some smudges ready to use later on, though. Had to get the ablutions done so as not to be late for the Social session.

P1050158Did the teggies, shaved, used the throne then got into the luxuriously doctored bath. When I around to sorting ‘Little Inchy’ out; Oh dear! The blood flowed and flowed, hell of a job stopping it. Used the Betamethasone cream, but it was ages before it stopped leaking the red stuff.

I must tell the GP about this and get another appointment at the GUM Clinic sorted out.

CG poorly2Then, as I was cleaning the bath after my scrub up and little soak, I noticed the bruising on the right arm where the Obergruppenfurher Nurse had used another vein after so long using the same one without any bother.

Also, a mystery burn mark on the back of the hand?

Confused about that one I am!

Off down to the Windwood Hut, not so many folks there this morning, but we all had fun and laugh. Gave the organisers some prizes for the raffle. Eddy, the 93-year-old chap we all love was absent, he’s had to go the doctors go for an inoculation. I won a mini-bag of Marshmallows, my hearing aid batteries both packed up and BJ arrived late (Fany that!).

I tried to use the Instax mini camera, but it would not work for some unfathomable reason. Tsk!

I gave some of the girls a small Smarties Easter Egg and I was tickled pink when they all said they liked them.

P1050159P1050160BJ reminded me he was lifting me to the Carpet place in Arnold after the gathering. He also offered to lift the 82-year-old lady we sit at the same table with, who was sat on his right today in this photograph. That was jolly nice of him!

I left a  few minutes early so I could get to the flat and put some new hearing aid batteries in.

I met BJ at the car park and then collected the lady from Winchester Court. Dropped her off on Mapperley top, and carried on to the carpet place. I got one for £20, no plain coloured ones available again.

BJ offered to lift me to Asda, also in Arnold so I ould get some bread.

We arrived in Asda car park, and BJ checked his tyre pressures while I went in the store. Where I got carried away once more; Got TV magazine, Irish Batch bread, Irish potato thins, several desserts including Lemon Sundae, Strawberry and Raspberry desserts and a ready meal of Lamb and Colcannon mash.

BJ ran me back to the flats, loaded me up with the bags and roll of carpet and departed, saying he might come again next week. I hope he does, cause the old dears like him now.

Deerhat1As I entered, I saw one of the washing machines was free; So I nipped up and put the things away, got the washing and accoutrements and went back down and got the washer going.

Then started to read my book. Lilly turned up, and luckily I’d got some chocolate coins in my pocket to give her, she expects some nibbles when she sees me now, in fact, she demands them, bless her cotton socks!

I moved the clobber into the dryer and went back up and started to update this diary somewhat, and titivated some of the graphics to use later.

Went down and the dryer had finished, packed the clothes into the bag and back up to number 72.

P1050161Did some more of this diary, but was feeling fatigued as usual. So I got today’s last of the lamb chops in the oven, to slowly cook through.

Put the baked beans in the saucepan ready. The Irish Batch bread at hand, to dip into the sauce and beans.

Just hope I stay awake long enough now. Hehe!

Did some Facebooking.

P1050162Finally, the fodder was ready. A simple fayre for a pure fool.

Baked beans, lamb chops, Irish Batch bread followed with a very lip-smackingly sweet Honey flavoured yoghourt.

The lamb chops, well, at least, one of them, was 70% bone – but what meat there was, was so tasty! The excessive amount of bone kept the rating down to an 8.9/10.

A Whoopsiedangleplop followed, well I say, Whoopsidangleplop. More a minor hiatus. I was looking at a terribly poorly made produced and performed DVD film. So bad, I decided to throw it away afterwards. It was an insult to prisoners in the concentration camps.

I watched some TV, and when I cleared up and took the rubbish bags and threw them down the chute and returned to the flat – I realised I’d thrown away the wrong DVD. James Bond and Miss Moneypenny had bit the dust! Hehe!

Got me head down, well I fell asleep watching Law & Order.

TTFN all.

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