Inchcock Today Sat 4th June 2016:


Saturday 4th June 2016

I started yesterday’s diary with, 0430hrs: What a state I woke up with – Oh dear! A sore throat, coughing, sneezing, shivering, Rea Flux Valve was stuck open, headache and I was passing the wind from the rear quarters and reflux valve gratuitously, intermingled with some belching of a rather tenacious nature.

Well, Ditto this morning, I even woke at the same time! Although, the sore throat was not so bad. Took the medications with a nice strong cup of  tea, had a dizzy when making it.

Laptop on and finished Friday’s diary, got it posted and checked the emails. Sent one to the surgery to try and book the next  INR blood test in. The last result arrived yesterday, but I didn’t notice it until this morning sticking out of the letterbox. Down to 2.2, they increased the dosage instructions a bit.

04Anew001Nice one from the beautiful Patti, the artist, from Orlando.

Lovely lady, she offered me support when I went through some medical procedures while she was still suffering after operations herself.

She has bravely gone on to become an artist now, she gets commissions and gets her work into art galleries!

I’m so proud of her.

The tea had gone cold, so I made another mug and did the BP tests. Looks all okay to me.

Another dizzy spell, a bad one this time, when I taking a swig of cough linctus, decided me not to go out today. It might mean me losing my healthy eating habit, but I have plenty of tinned and frozen foods to get me through.

I got Corel Draw up and running, and sorted some photographs out and doctored some for later use. Coreldraw froze and another dizzy. Had to force close the laptop, don’t like doing this, but no choice.

Spent far too long on Facebook and graphicalisationing. Many many hours, Tsk!

A thin layer of dust had settled all over from the drilling and other work in the bathroom. No point in cleaning it up yet, they have more drilling, plumbing and flooring to do yet.

One or two dizzies this afternoon.

05I had the beef pie and two sausages from the freezer, tomatoes, potato chips and vegetable crisps for tonight’s nosh.

Not a lot.

Plenty of cans of soup, meat and vegetables in the cupboard to use during my can’t get out days while the shower is being sorted.

I must get things sorted out in the morning so I can get a really good ablutionisationing at the kitchen sink.

A quick flick through the TV paper and I found some programmes I fancied watching.

It didn’t work out like that, though – more nodding off than watching took place. When I gave up trying to watch the goggle-box, I couldn’t get to sleep! Huh!


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  1. Yes, we are getting along nicely, and the warm weather here means I can leave the doors open so they can enjoy the passing birdlife and other exciting stuff out there.The screen doors aren’t that much of a barrier, but they haven’t worked that out yet….!

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