Inchcock Today Sun 5th June 2016: Got out for a bit of a walk – Arthur Itis not happy about it mind. Hehe!


A misty Sunday 5th June 2016

I woke around 0300hrs, passed some putrid scented wind and fell asleep again.

Jumped to life at 0440hrs, the memories of the dreams had lucid parts. I was definitely at Stalingrad 1943, no idea which side I was on, but I was ensconced in a battle-scarred building, had no food, ammunition or water and had a wound that had, wait for it… a Native Indian arrow sticking out of it?

The mind then considered the ailments, and I found that Anne Gyna was letting me know she was there, the sore throat a lot better, no coughing although I did sneeze a few times. Arthur Itis had bent the right foot to the outside right again, the itching across the chest and left arm had returned too. Nevertheless, Little Inchy was not bleeding, even if Hem Aroids was flowing again. Tsk! Overall, not too bad at all, though. Roger Reflux had gone down nicely as well.

But I must get a good wash of some sort early today… the pong yer know! And, also and besides, thankfully the rumbling stomach had eased off somewhat.

I pressed the down button on remote of the £30 second-hand Recliner, nothing happened, so I climbed carefully out of it and made my way to the porcelain to clean up the mess from Hem Aroids and get my clothes into the laundry bag, then made use of the accoutrements. Much blood, but it soon stopped after I’d cleaned, creamed and medicated the area.

09aInto the kitchen, kettle on and took this photograph of the dim view from the window.

When I looked at the outcoming photo, I thought the aliens were arriving?

Reckon it was the reflection from the kitchen light fittings?

Assembled all the thing needed for a good ablutionising session at the sink. Took a while having to collect everything from all over the place, forgetting where I’d put stuff when I moved it out to make ready for the shower work stumped me at times.

I stood in a bowl of water to soak and freshen the feet while I did me teggies and had a shave.

Tried to cut my toenails, but Arthur Itis was having none of that this morning.

Eventually after much hassle, I got it all done (Apart from the nails that is!) Made a cuppa and took the medications, then did the BP tests. Not too pleased with the test results this morning, though: Sys 133, Dia 66, pulse 70, temp 34f. Bit different to the usual. If I remember, I’ll do them again later. But I wasn’t feeling anywhere near as bad as yesterday, and no dizzies yet.


Well, up to now anyway! Hehe!

I thought I might risk a walk in the park and to the shops later, although being Sunday and no buses to catch back in case of bother from Anne Gyna or Arthur Itis, and they’ll be no fresh foods in the stores… maybe not? But I’d like to get out, fed-up with being stuck in.

Cleaned up the things from the stand-up bath. Thanks to Hem Aroid I now have extra clothing that needs washing and the laundry bag is nearly full – Humph!

Laptop on and started this, then finished yesterday’s waffle.

Decided that I would risk a walk out this morning, so set off for a hobble into Woodthorpe Grange Park, took my camera with me.

Plenty of dogs with tails wagging in the park. Stopped and had a watch of them on the way into Sherwood.

P1110012There were many of the Pavement Cyclist about too. If I’d photographed them, all the SD card would have been filled!

Got into Sherwood and called in the Co-op store. Spent a bit on the Special Offers. Walker’s Bugles and Blitz Towels. Got some English vine tomatoes, a fresh looking salad pack and a Newspaper.

I got some Vouchers at the check-out. One for £1 of your next shopping. One for 50p off your next shopping and one for 50p of any Co-op pizza.

Out and walked down to the bus-stop to see if a number 40 was due soon. I had time to nip down to the Wilko store and get a roll of black bags. When I got back to the bus-stop, the chap from the fifteenth floor was there. We had a natter, and I told him I’d bring the Sniper book up to his flat later.

We caught the bus the three stops up the hill and hobbled back to the flats. I took the bits back to the apartment and collected the book and took it up to his flat. He kindly gave me a cup of tea and let me take some photographs, from his windows and his kitchen.

P1110015 P1110013

P1110014 P1110016

His is a double flat. The kitchen is ginormous! Of course, it is for two people.

Lovely views. We had a good chinwag, and I had to leave because he was due to go out again. I thanked him and returned to my own single flat. It looked terribly cramped compared to his, but that is the beauty to me. Less cleaning!

I got the laptop on to update this, then did some graphicalisationing to use later.

The Nosh.

P1110017Appetising, Cod balls (No comments please, Hehe), Apple, radishes, vegetable crisps, mixed lettuce, great tomatoes, beetroot, red and yellow peppers, onions in olive oil and caramelised onion pickle. Ate some wholemeal bread thins with it.

There was a rather unfortunate incident, Whoopsiegangleplop with the small pot of low-calorie ice-cream, though. Tsk! When I was getting it out of the fridge I had to force it out a bit and the plastic bowl cracked. When I started to eat it I discovered that some of the shards of plastic had embedded in the food – and of course, idiot here got one in the mouth, and ended up with a bleeding gum. Hey-ho!

Took the medications and visited the throne. Good news, no bleeding from Haem Aroid or Little Inchy!

Everything I tried to watch on the box, I nodded off at the first commercial break.

Horrible dreams.

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