Inchcock Today: Monday 6th March 2017


Monday 5th March 2017

Mongolian: Даваа 5-р сарын 2017

0300hrs or there about’s, I woke and lay pondering on the odd even for me, dreams I’d just had. A mixture of jobs I’ve had over the years all mixed up together. The mine clearance in Wales accident, chasing after the girls at Tesco, getting lost in the warehouse, being shot on security assignment, Rempston College nightmares, being made redundant and when I fell into a grave when on duty at Carlton Cemetary.

I’m sure there was much more but these I could recognise and remembered. Then it felt like I had snuffed it and in a queue in an underground railway station with thousands of other people all fighting to be the ones to jump on the line when a train passed by? I even thought in the dream; “Why am doing this when I’ve already crocked-out?” I gave up trying to win and went into a public toilet that changed into a casino when I went through the door. Surprising, ’cause I do not gamble or even like gambling, but the bank manager, Olive and cyber buddy Lynton Cox were all there of the roulette table and they got me making sandwiches and cups of tea and coffee for them… unsure what took place for a while then. But I found myself back on a wooden boat on the canal with it leaking and the fast flowing water, bubbling again… really oddly, I felt comforted and at home here having dreamt so often of similar scenarios over the years? Hey-ho!

Not until after I had made some notes on my pad to use to write this later, did I start to fret and worry about the bank situation, Duodenal Daniel and Anne Gyna were giving me the odd, uncomfortable moment again this morning.

Around 0400hrs, the £300 second-hand recliner worked perfectly to allow me out and to the wetroom to tend to the porcelain duties and have a good shave and shower. Little Inchy was not bleeding. But was damned sore for some reason. Haemorrhoid Harold leaked a little.

1mon03I had a great scrub up in the shower.

Did the first health checks, all looked okay to me?

Then made a nice strong mug of tea and had my breakfast.

Got WordPress going, and realised that I had lost the Premium Service. Contacted their helpline. Felt a right fool again, it was the


Grammarly, not WordPress. Is it time I was serviced and MOT’d? Or refurbished, or just put out to stud? Hehe!

Sent an email pleading for help with the Stones & Pounds format in the Health Checks page in Excel, to Tim Price. I’m not sure if I’m getting accurate readings for the weight averages using the form I am doing with only one decimal place?


I wonder which imbroglio I’ll get jargogled with next? Humph! It’s a good job I don’t suffer from Kakorrhaphiophobia innit.

drmaybeThen I did some diary work on these WordPress journals? Onto Facebook afterwards, still trying to keep busy and not have time to dwell on the problems.

Finalised the latest TFZer graphicalisation. Quite proud of this effort, I must say.

Waited from 0700hrs to 1315hrs for the call from the Bank Manager, no luck yet?

Did some more word finding storing them on Word in the Drop-Box. f

Going to call on Olive in a while, to ask her for some advice, because I have received an email from the TSB, welcoming me to the bank?f

Yet they told Olive Friday that they would phone me today in respect of the ID problem with the Council Tax?


This is what they said.

I’m really frustrated, more confused and depressed again now, Grumph!

Then I looked for the Introductory Pack I got from the bank last week and couldn’t find it!

Morose, I got the meal and settled down to stew away in deep pointless, lugubrious and pessimistic ponderings on life. Will I ever get my eunoia and or confidence back?

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Monday 6th March 2017

  1. You always have interesting dreams. I usually don’t remember my dreams.

    I think one decimal point is good for stones. You could go to two decimal points that would give 14.25 instead of 14.3, 14.75 instead of 14.8, etc. .25 and .75 seem more solid and comforting that .3 and .8.

    In pounds (weight not bills), there are all those silly ounces, but ounces are used for both weight and volume, it gets even sillier because the abbreviation for ounces is oz, which is also the abbreviation for Australia and the name of a place with a yellow brick road.

    Back to weight, 16 oz make a pound or two cups or a pint. 4 oz make a 1/4 pound or a 1/2 cup, and 8 oz make a 1/2 pound, or a cup. 12 oz make 3/4 pound or a C cup. 32 oz is 2 pounds or a quart or a DD cup or bladder buster soft drink. 64 oz a 1/2 gallon and 128 oz is a gallon. But it all goes whacky in the UK because 40 oz is a quart, 80 oz in a 1/2 gallon and 160 oz is a gallon. I’m so confused.

    So stick to stones, and drink your bricks of milk, so the weight of all this tracking stuff doesn’t break your bones, especially when you get dizzy from all those numbers and whoopsydangleplop.

    • Oh, boy thanks.
      I went dizzy digesting all this then Tim. Hehe!
      You made me think of an incident many years ago, when along with many others, I had an test at a Human Resources place, to see if I was suitable for going forward for an actual interview with the company for a job (UPS it was for) interview. It was a two-part job. One section all the questioned needed to be answered, the other, only answer those you know the answer to and was timed.
      The first question was something like this: They gave the dimensions of a room, each length in different measurements, millimetres, feet & inches, centimetres etc. Then work out how much area would need covering in square inches! I didn’t even think of answering that one. Interesting result two days later though, for me anyway. They told me I had the lowest IQ ever recorded, and the highest EQ ever recorded by the company. EQ was never known or spoken of in those days, I had to look it up afterwards. Hehe!
      Needless to say, I failed the test.
      Cheers ta.

      • You should have offered to run the company, since people with high EQ’s are said to make the best leaders and managers.

      • Nice thought Tim, thanks.
        I think it was around 1968 or so when I had the interview, but I could be way out of course. The job was at UPS’s first depot being built in the UK, at Sandiacre, about eight miles from Nottingham. After the second day and being told I’d failed, I, well everyone who failed, got a print out of why and suggestions for alternative careers to follow. My top one was a Police Officer, I suppose they didn’t realise that I was 5’4″ tall and the Nottingham police at the time had a minimum height requirement of 5’11”. Hehe!
        Take care Sir.

    • Thanks for the good wishes angel. Going to try and call into the bank later today when I get out of the dentist chair, before I go to the clinic. Hoping not to get any calls or letters today, the mind can’t cope with too much nowadays. Hehe! X

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