Inchcock Today -Tuesday 7th March 2017



Tuesday 7th March 2017

Lithuanian: Antradienis kovas 7, 2017

I stirred in the second-hand £300 recliner chair around 0245hrs and thought of the dreams I’d been having, all I recalled was something about an interview in an office and my not knowing any of the answers to the questions demanding the same.This reminded me that I must search for the bank folder with the details and advice in it that I could not find last night. But first things first. 0300hrs: Out of the working shudderingly chair and to the porcelain room.

As I sat on the throne I had a period of febriculose. Although sore, Little Inchy had not been bleeding. Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding just a little, but nowt to worry about. Duodenal Daniel and Anne Gyna both felt a little less severe than yesterday, so things were not looking bad at all.

I decided to get the laundry done first this morning. Down to the laundry room and got the stuff in the washer. Back up and had a search for the bank package… not luck, and panic was setting in. Had I left it at Olive’s? Had I thrown it in the bin for some reason? Oh Heck!

2Tue001aSoon time to go down and move the washing into the dryer.Up to the flat and got the computer on, made a mug of tea and had breakfast.

Up to the flat and got the computer on, made a nice strong (Thompson’s tea bags) mug of tea and had breakfast.

Got started on the blog and the time soon shot by, so down to retrieve the clothes from the 2Tue03Laundry room. All done by 0505hrs. Into the bag. cleaned the filters and wiped surfaces.

Up and put the clothes away, and I had a deep search for the bank wallet thingy. Amazingly. I found it in the first place I looked! It was between the other wallets in a stack 2Tue04that I did not look in between. Huh, worra clot! But a bit happier clot now. Hehe!

I did the kitchen floor, swept and mopped it. For some reason or other, I used the old mop that was a bit bedraggled? No idea why.

Back on the computer, updated the Morrison Order.

Last night I tried one of the Polish Fasolka jars of bean, bacon and sausage stew in tomatoes. I added some balsamic vinegar, and it was very nice indeed, so I added some to the Morrison’s order for Wednesday delivery.


I’ve got a free 4-pack of Greek strawberry yoghourt coming as well? My first thought was that I could hand this in as a raffle prize at the Winwood Social Hour on Thursday. Then pondered on whether something else would stop me attending this week again? Will the bank manager ever call me like he said he was going to? Will the clinic change any appointments again?

2Tue08At least tomorrow, I only have three things arranged yet, according to my Google Calendar anyway.

I must not forget the dentist.

Finished off yesterday’s diary and got it posted off into the ether.

Started this one off.

Wonder if the bank manager will call me today? I got an email from their head office or whatever this morning, no, yesterday it was – Welcoming me to the bank? Yet still, I have no solution to the Proof of ID problem?

W3Did some WordPress reading.

Then onto Facebooking.

Then Graphicalisationing.

Got this one finished for the TFZers site.

Then set about starting the daily feast.

Today I opted for something a little unconventional.

2Tue09Mushroom Rissoto, a sliced apple, a small can of vegetarian sausage and baked beans to be followed with a pot of Lemon Curd yoghourt.

This decision was prompted partly by the lack of choice in the fridge, of fodder to choose from – induced by my having to stay in so as not to miss the call from the new prospective Bank Manager for two days, that still has not arrived.

However, it was delicious. I added a drop of soy sauce to the rissoto. Very tasty! Things will improve option-wise shortly in the food options area, I’ve got the Morrison delivery coming tomorrow morning, I hope, between 0630 > 0730hrs.

Must remember the 0900hr dentist visit, as well as the Clinic… oh and call at the bank too on Wednesday (Tomorrow). Luckily no cleaners, nurses (Enoxaparin injections), Susan Chiropodist or INR blood tests arranged on this day. 

Got changed and settled to watch some of the Dr Who DVD, then onto the TV… I don’t know why I bother mind, I’d kept drifting off and missed more that I watched. Nothing new there then. Hehe!

Early dreams that I made notes of that I found as I kept waking, but could not remember the dream or scribbling the notes? Not much of a clue. I’d written: Old dreams – Co-op, housing estate, delivery bike, ordering. That’s all. I assume with the word dream there, and that they were, actually notes about the dream, and not some sort of reminder of things for me to do? Sad innit?

Think I drifted off around midnight.

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today -Tuesday 7th March 2017

  1. “Toeing the weight!” might be an ok caption. I don’t think that guy has long to live. Fasolka sounds interesting. Dr Who will probably seep into your dreams.

    • “Toeing the weight!” – I like it, Tim! The chap is certainly pushing his luck! Hehe!
      Now you’ve mentioned not remembering your dreams, I can’t remember last nights, although I know they were there. Found I’d written some notes on the pad, but they were indecipherable to me this morning. Humph! TTFN, cheers.

  2. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had things vanish from where I put them only to reappear where they should have been all along. Glad you were able to recover the bank papers & I hope the issue resolves very quickly 🙂

    • I fank you petal. Nice and kind of you. It is now 0725hrs, and plans to actually attend the Winwood Tenants Social Hour are all on-line so to speak. surely nothing else can prevent my attending again? Hehe! TTFN. X

  3. All gone well, thanks, my Angel. Really did enjoy it yesterday. But as I hope you will read, things later did not go so well, a Whoopsiedangleplop of mammoth proportions… well not mammoth, but it arrived later, I had to laugh although I was annoyed with myself for the cock-up I made with the bus.
    Hope all okay our end. Have a good un flower. X

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