Inchcock – Thursday 6th April 2017

Thursday 6th April 2017

Swedish: Torsdag 6 Apr 2017

Blimey, the dreams I went through last night! I was ensconced up high in a room in a bombed-out skyscraper, which was aphotic. I was an artillery signaller with the largest pink coloured binoculars and an RT. Most annoyed at being strafed by ginormous noisy flying armour plate covered crows? Might sound a bit way-out like, but this is all I can recall of the perhaps, dozens of the little dreams? It seems I woke up every few minutes throughout the night because at 0400hrs I sprang awake desperate for the utilisation of the porcelain throne feeling so weary and drained, fatigued and heavy eyelidded.

This did not stop the flood of almost manic thoughts, ever changing that raided my limited sanity for the next half hour or so. Getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner I felt the legs and ankles were far less full of retained liquid, Arthur Itis had returned to give me some hammer, and I really must get a move on to the porcelain… so I did, a bit of a dizzy en route. Settled on the throne and wallowed in agony (Well, pain, but suffering sounds so much more dramatic dunnit? Hehe), as the evacuation took on the proportions of a life threatening situation. Relief was welcome after a while, and success achieved. Had to clean-up the area and myself due to the accompaniment of much blood and ichor during the session, during which I managed to read a chapter of Stephen Fry’s book.Finished the cleaning up, and off into the kitchen

Finished the cleaning up, and off into the kitchen, worrying about the bank fiasco, which was soon replaced by concerns over the holes in the wall. After I’d I’d got the kettle on, made a cuppa and took the Health Readings, which were far better I think this morning: Sys 147 – Dia 70 – Pulse 79 – Temperature 37.1 and weight down, I say, Down to 14.66, fair enough only a tad down, but in the right direction at last! Hope yet? Hehe!

Fretted then over why the monitor machine had to have three attempts to get it going? The state of frettingisation this morning was great. Thankfully it did not last long.

Took the medications and got the computer going, and a new pain showed itself, left-side of the ribs half way up. An aching with stabbing like ones joining in. Humph! You just get one ailment calming down, and another visits you! Haha!

I then fretted over neighbour 93-year-old Norman. He has a taxi picking him up to go to the surgery, and they will return him to the flats. I asked them to call and let me know when he gets back so I can call on him and see how he is.

I remembered that the Winwood Centre Tenants Social Hour had been moved to Friday this week. (Amazing, me remembering something. Hehe!)

Made a start on this diary after finishing yesterday’s off.

Worked on graphicationalising and done this one for the TFZers site.

TFZers Pattie, Marie and me in a garden. Hope they all like it. I thought Marie might use it for one of her Jig-Saws?

I rang Olive to see if I ould call on here. She told me to visit in half-and-hour.

I put the CCTV view of the foyer on the TV. Showing the entrance. So I could see when the taxi comes to collect or drop off Norman later.

Emptied and swapped two of the waste bin bags, and took them out to the rubbish chute. Met Obergruppenfurheress Deana on the way back. Told her about the bank situation, she said to contact her if it doesn’t work out this time. She said Norman had cancelled his appointment for today.

Got the Easter Egg and jar of Wilkinson’s & Sons Strawberry Preserve and off to see Olive. She looked absolutely radiant this morning. Had a nice chinwag and her family called, so I had to depart, giving her an unashamed smacker on the lips as I left her apartment.

Down to catch the bus into Sherwood with some other residents. We’re going to miss this L8 service when it stops. Sob!

Walked down to the Continental Shop and got a brown sliced loaf and some Roast belly pork with herbs. It was warm but windy today.

The legs were already aching badly, and I must have looked a proper cripple as I limped back up Mansfield Road and called at the Birds Fresh Cream Cake shop to sample one of their Iced, Cream-Buns – but they had sold out! Sob again!

Called into Wilko’s to get some kettle descaler. I bought two at £1 each. They had the Airwick Citrus Sprays on offer from £3 to £1.50, so I got two of them and a wash fragrance Boost of their own label. A lovely scent and only £2.50 compared to the Big Brand ones at £6 each, same size.

I met BJ in the store, and we had a natter outside for a bit.

Met Roy up at the bus stop, who kindly told me he had been watching me struggle to walk up the road and I looked like a right cripple. That cheered me up. Hehe!

Up to the flats on the soon to be sorely missed and lamented L8 bus. Roy purloined some thrown away drawers in excellent nick from the skips waiting to be collected, and I helped him up to the flats with them.

The caretaker came out and had a sarcastic word or two with Roy, and I said to him: Who are you then? Oh, yes, our caretaker, that ling since I’ve seen yer I thought you croaked out! We all laughed, but only Roy and I meant it!

4Thur08Back in the flat, I got the descaler going – but made a bit of an Accifauxpa with it… I know, what a Plonka!

I opened the sachet and added half a kettle of boiled water, put it in the sink, as instructed and left it for ten minutes.

Meanwhile, I poured the Fosalka beans and tomato4Thur11 juice into the saucepan and got the caramelised onion gravy granules, tomato puree and the oven dish ready to use to bake the bacon later.

After the ten minutes had been up, I emptied the kettle in the sink and rinsed it out well.

But there were still bits sticking to the bottom of the kettle! So I had to use the other sachet of cleaner and do it again.

05Thu12I reread the instruction to see what I’d made a Whoopsiedangleplop with… I was supposed to have put the whole unopened sachet into the water, not empty it into the kettle.

I mean, look at the oh-so-clear capital lettering on the wording: DROP-IN-BAG!

Sad innit?

A good job I bought two of them. Humph!

So I redid the descaling once mo4Thur07re.

Took this delightful photograph from the kitchen window while waiting for the ten minutes to pass again.

It came out alright this time.

Gave it good rinsing several times, and then made a fresh brew of Thompson’s in the mug and enjoyed it.

4Thur09Took the evening medications with it.

Got the bacon in the oven on a low light… a low light I says: That takes me back to old days when I had a gas stove. Swore at the time I’d never go on to use an electric one. At that time, of course, we were on all gas, even the lights.

I think we were the last houses to be converted to electricity, in the Meadows area of Nottingham. 6Sat20 I hasten to add, I was only an ankle snapper then, of course! Hehe!

Added the puree and onion gravy to the beans.

Updated this diary.

Did some Facebooking again. Moved the bacon into the saucepan with the beans. Kept a stirring the concoction. Added black bean sauce and mushrooms to it.

4Thur03The broth, come stew, come soup, come Beans bacon mix was cooked to perfection for me. But a bit of a disaster with the plan to make enough to last two meals and days.

Whoopsiw02 After laying it all out on the tray and took this photo… I foolishly thought what a good idea to transfer the fodder contents left in the pan, into a container to keep it fresh in the fridge for tomorrow…

The fingers decided to freeze at just the wrong moment, and the kitchen floor claimed the contents instead. By the time I’d cleaned the place and me up, annoyed Arthur Itis I had to reheat the stew again!

Took the edge right off the meal this Whoopsiedangleplop. I did not enjoy it much. Felt so foolish and annoyed with myself. Then had a dizzy while sat eating it!


Put the things in the bowl to soak overnight, sat down a drifted off seemingly having a dream immediately? It seemed like I remember the Woolworth stores restaurant used to be, but an office. Three girls from the TFZ site (Marie, Pattie and Sandie) were all sat at the table with me. My old English Imperial typewriter was on the desk along with plates of food, and the gals were putting nibbles (Cream cake, Marmite Crisps, Cheesy potatoes, Black beans in beef were amongst the treats) into my mouth and smiling at me? I was in heaven and somehow knew I was dreaming? I was annoyed when I woke up, annoyed at waking up! And, surprised to realise I’d only been sleeping for a few moments!

Got the TV on and fell asleep again, but kept on my waking on and off all through the blooming night so regularly, I was drained when got up at 0420hrs.


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