Inchcock – Friday 7th April 2017

Friday 7th April 2017

Portuguese: 7ª Sexta-Feira Abril 2017

After laying here for five or so hours trying to get to sleep, I rose at 0420hrs in response to the new pain under the left arm near the ribs to get an extra painkiller.

P1050106Made a nice strong brew and took the normal medications at the same time.

But this mug of tea did not get drunken… oh no!

Had a freeze thanks to Arthur Itis and the mug is now deceased, broken, kaput!

Then, when getting down to sort the mess out, I had another dizzy spell. Not the best of starts to the day?

Got the prizes and nibbles in the bag ready for the Thursday Winwood Tenants Social Hour that should have been yesterday, but Penny who now runs it (Sometimes like Stalag Kamp Guard) had got to a funeral then.

The stabs of pain from the ribs under the left arm continued.

Computer switched on, many emails arrived. I found 862 Spam messages? Looked through them and changed some that I knew.

Had a bash on Facebook.

Got the ablutions tended to in grand style – Teggies all cleaned (all eight of them, Hehe), a good shave, carbolic soaped me all over, deodorised the flobby-body, pain gelled the feet and knees, antisepticated the areas needing it, haemorrhoids creamed and got ready to go to the meeting.

Met some tenants on the way down and hobbled to the Winwood Community shed.

Very short on numbers today. But the few who did go seemed to have a good time. Obergruppenfurer Penny. Who told me a free fish and chip meal is going, on Wednesday 26th and would I like to go. I said yes, and that seemed to shake her up a bit? She told me I’ve got to meet at the bus stop at 1130hrs on the day, must not be late, do not take any bags with me, not to forget my colostomy bag (How does she even think she knows these things?) and inform her immediately if I change my mind about going.

Had a  laugh or two and got back to the flat, made a cuppa and on the computer. Decided to save room in the WordPress gallery by permanently deleted 154 photographs in it. Then realised I’d removed the page headers with them! Had to make some more up. That was well over two hours lost. Tsk!

Rang Olive, no answer. I think it might be her Whist drive day?

Updated this dairy.

Went on Facebook.

Started new graphic, hours and hours spent on it until I lost the flipping thing! No the foggiest idea what I did, but when I closed things down to get the meal started and sorted then returned, I could not find where I’d saved the graphicalisation to? Very irksome!

It was getting late now, I wondered how the day had gone so quickly?

5Fri05Got the meal started, not that it took much bother tonight.

Think the eyes were bigger than the mouth… no that’s not right, is it?

Eyes bigger than the stomach, that’s it. With the sandwiches I mean, I overdid them a good bit. I’ve never thrown so much fodder away in one go before!

Within an hour the breadbasket innards was a rumbling contumeliously and noisily gurgling away!As I lay there, naked

Rinsed and changed into the jammy bottoms, took a swig of antacid and the evening medications with an extra Codeine.

5Fri10As I lay there, naked chested I swear I could see down to the outer part of the tummy bulge, the well-swollen stomach bulge at that, moving as if something was inside and wanting to be outside of it?

Reminded me of that space movie where creatures burst out of a woman’s belly. Even the already over sufficient grab-handles seemed bigger than ever? Hehe!

Got the goggle-box on and stayed awake for a couple of hours despite feeling so tired and weary?

Hey-ho! TTFN each.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock – Friday 7th April 2017

  1. “What big eyes you have” the sandwich said. “Does your stomach match your eyes?” The sandwich is looking mighty Dagwoodish (I started to say Dagwoody, but wasn’t the best image or connotation).

    It’s just not right for grandpa to gum grandma’s ear. Two old folks sitting on their porch in rockers reminds me of the story of two old guys who sitting on the porch shootin the breeze, when a car stalled in front of their house. I man gets out of the car, walks up the walkway to the porch looks at Earl and asks “Sprichst du Deutsch?” The two men look at each other back at the man a shrug. Then he asks Jed “¿Hablas Español?” The two shake their heads “No!” He looks back at Earl and asks “Parlez-vous Français?” They shrug again. One last time he asks Jed “Parli Italiano?” They both just stare at him in silence. The man walks back to his car and starts pushing it down the block. Jed turns to Earl and says “Ya know what Earl, maybe we aughta go and learn us one of them there fereign languages?” Earl replies “What are you dadburn talkin’ about Jed? That feller there spoke four of them there fereign languages and it didn’t do him no good no how!”

    • I reckon summat in that sarnie might have started me stomach churning and swelling, or not as the case may be. No wonder my weights shot up. Tsk!
      Hahaha! Enjoyed the Two old folks one Tim.
      Cheers Sir.

  2. I think the first occurrence of of “chestburster” was in Alien & it was a dude it happened to, though there have been numerous sequels, possibly prequels & it’s iconic/shocking nature has also had it cloned & spoofed within a number of other movies. Kind of irrelevant trivia, lol

    • Well nice to know anyway Tim.
      I didn’t actually watch the film, but the clip was all over the TV.
      Talking of which, I must get another one or get help to sort out why the DVD is not working. Beyond me… as is so much stuff.
      Hehehe! TTFN

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