Inchcock Today – Friday 1st December 2017: Acidea overcame me

Friday 1st December 2017

Dutch: Vrijdag 1 December 2017

Woke up around 0005hrs, with a craving for something to nibble. Had a feel around the tray on the side Ottoman and thought I had found a soft nougat sweet to have. It turns out it was a chocolate covered brazil nut. As I bit into it, trying to recall some dreams, I knew that I’d had but couldn’t – Snap! Out came the loose incisor! I very nearly swallowed it.

Later I took this photograph of it with what looked like a metal strip protruding from the bottom of the tooth. Could this be part of the filling I had a few months ago? And, why did it go all brown and green within minutes of it coming out?

I arose out of the £300 second-hand recliner in response to the need for the utilisation of the Porcelain Throne. A lot better session this morning.

Got the Health Checks done and medications taken.

The computer on and yesterday’s dairy updated and finished off.

Started this one going.

Then did WordPress Reading and comment replies. A chap from New Mexico mentioned oil filled radiators to use as an alternative to the electric fire when they take away the storage heaters to fit new ones – this triggered the grey-matter, and I got out the one I bought from Amazon last year and had forgotten out. Sad!

Had a peep on Facebook. Oh, dear, it’s sticking again! Turned everything off and restarted, seems a bit quicker now.

Spent hours on Coreldraw trying to get some more TFZer Food themed graphic done.

Got the ablutions tended to and changed into warm togs ready to go out.

Sorted the bin bags and took them to the rubbish chute.

Then it dawned on me; I can’t go out today, Susie the Foot Lady, Chiropodist, podiatrist, or otorhinolaryngologist,  is calling around 1230hrs to overcharge and give me pain. Hehehe!

Got the glass jars and bottles ready for the recycling bin, took them down. A lady sat in the foyer asked if wanted to buy some raffle tickets at £2 each. I explained that I had no money with me, cause I only nipped down to put the glass in the bin. The look of dissatisfaction and displeasure with my answer brought a feeling of opprobriousness to me.

Back up and had a Porcelain Throne session. Then spent another three hours on Corel drawing, accompanied by the noise outside and the cold in the flat. I put the extra oil filled radiator. But it was still too cold for me. After Sue had been, I can get the warm jammies and dressing gown on, that’ll help a bit.

Thought about what to have today for fodder. I was very disappointed in not being able to eat all the Chinese chicken, mangetout and etc. on the plastic plate. Why I was hungry, I don’t know. I was when I was cooking it?

Foot Lady Sue arrived and did me tootsies for me.

Got nosh on.

Seasoned baked beans, Scottish bread and Frikadellens. Lemon yoghourt.

Ate it all up apart from two slices of the bread. Then crossed my fingers that the baked beans would not make Trotsky Terence annoyed and inflamed.

Watched some ‘Boon’ DVD episodes and settled down in the recliner.

I noticed some pain coming from the side of the right foot when I moved, and that the fluid was building up in the legs again.

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 1st December 2017: Acidea overcame me

  1. Happy you remembered you had a radiator. What does the foot lady do to your feet? Fluid buildup and inside foot pain doesn’t sound good. The tooth finally gave way? It may be all for the better. The Frikadellens look good. You never know how baked beans will react with the system.

    • Thanks to you, I remembered the radiator, Tim. Sad, when I rely on somewhere, how far is it… (I’ll check on Google… back in a bit… Got it. It says) 4,839 miles Distance from Santa Fe to Nottingham, to rely on being reminded of things. Hehe!
      The fluid retention this morning seems to be alternating between the legs? Very odd. One minute I feel like I have a Popeye leg on the left, and hour or so later it’s on the right? You’ve got to laugh! Hehe!
      I was going to have one last effort at photographing the tooth, sneezed, dropped it, and I haven’t seen it since. Tsk!
      The beans fed Trotskys range I’m afraid.
      TTFN Sir.

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