Inchcock Today – Friday 8th December 2017

Friday 8th December 2017

Malagasy: Zoma 8 Desambra 2017

0400hrs: Stirred, pains from the chest, and fully aware that I had been having dreams, but not the foggiest idea what they were about, most annoying. A vague sense of triskaidekaphobia being involved lingered.

The innards still rumbling and within seconds, I was forced to relinquish the warmth and comfort of the £300 second-hand recliner, catch my balance, and hobble to the wet room and the Porcelain Throne. Yet again, a different session. I think that Trotsky Terence is getting a grip once more… Tsk!

To the kitchen and did the Health Checks.

Then, when I went to get the morning medications out,  I’d missed yesterdays morning dosages. I checked the evening ones, and I’d not taken them either!

The cramps in the fingers were playing-up, and I dropped the tablets as I took the morning’s out to take. Unsure of what would be best to do with the evening ones though. So I decided just one Warfarin blood thinner and one Trental vasoactive agent tablet. No doubt about it, the chest was a bit painful when I woke up.

I updated Thursday’s blog and got it posted off. Then went on Facebook for a while.

Then CorelDraw to finalise the TFZer Nursery Graphic.

Then started this post, up to here. Made some more top graphics for the coming days, this took a few hours. During which Jenny called me to see if Would be in around 0945hrs today, to have the builder’s assessment of the flat done, instead of the 13th, as the gal had a business meeting to go to on that day. I said I would be in, thanked her and got the ablutions done. Had to use Porcelain Throne half-way through. Back to solid with clear liquids now again?

Ablutions were done then dressed all clean and fresh, and the doorbell chimed out. Twas two people from the builders Willmott Dixon, and Jenny with them. Took a few minutes to assess and they were off. I thanked Jenny, she will get in touch before they arrive and assist me with what needs moving. ♥

Back to the CorelDraw and Inchcock Today page header humour graphics.

Jenny called back, she needed to move some stuff ready for when they come to do the heating. Handed her, her Christmas present, glad I remembered cause I might forget later. She thanked me and off she trotted, a busy gal.

Back to the updating. Got the graphics done and set up for four days IT’s. Took me three hours plus.

Got the nosh prepared. Cooked pork knuckle in jelly. I wish I could remember where I got this from, cause it was absolutely delicious. Sliced mini-tomatoes with balsamic vinegarette, and ready prepared Potato Gratin with masses of extra-mature cheese added. An apple and two slices of Irish Batch bread dabbled with Vegemite.

And very nice too!

Washed the pots and did the Helth Checks and took the medications.

The sun came out, and I opened the kitchen window to take a close-up view of the balcony, and the then, the ones below. All being readied for the installation of the new units. The man at the Heater Training Session told me that they will be installed from the outside.

The darkness soon descended, as did my tiredness. Got settled in the £300 second-hand Recliner and got the Boon DVD on. Watched all three episodes without any nodding off. Then put the TV on, and I was gone into dreamland in seconds.

I woke, having been dreaming the oddest nightmare. (In the morning I made up a graphic to help with the description, and added to the Saturday posting). I was in outer-space, in, I don’t if it was a planet or type of spacecraft, that resembled a giant car multi-storey carpark? I was being forced to walk between the levels, and on each one, was a Whoopsidangleplop or Embarrassing incident I’d suffered over the years, being replayed and I had to watch them? Most uncomfortable!

This dream, caused the grey-cells to become active, and I could not get back to sleep. So I turned the TV back on.

The weather forecast was on, warning me about this Sunday and the due snow, with Nottingham right in the middle of it!

Oh, dearie me.

I took a quick photo of the screen and made this up for a bit of fun before finishing the diary on Saturday.

I don’t know if it was the dream or this weather prediction, but suddenly I needed the Porcelain Throne.


Acute DjpegI added an ADRC capsule to the morning medication pots, so I didn’t forget to take it.

The Trotskies were taking over again, this time.

Got settled down again, and soon drifted off.

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 8th December 2017

    • Well, thanks for that advice mate. But I’m an Aquaphobic yer know.
      Will a bucket of sand and mud do?
      The Worthless Wizzern Wandering Wizard of Wolverhampton. (Nottingham really, burrit don’t rhyme)

  1. Nice graphics. Chest pains could be from missing your meds or from pixies and/or aliens dancing on your chest when you are sleeping or all of the above. Sticking your head in a bucket of water is not a very good idea. If you put those jellied pork knuckles on a bun, you would have a knuckle sandwich. If you get snow and go out in it watch out for crazy cyclists and out of control drivers. BTW I heard about a report that said Albuquerque is the most dangerous city in the USA to ride a bicycle. That probably has a lot to do with having the highest car theft in the country. Car thieves are running over cyclists with stolen cars.

    • Ah, I’d forgotten about the missdd doses, Tim.
      “If you put those jellied pork knuckles on a bun, you would have a knuckle sandwich!” Bum bum! Hehehe!
      I’m very weary in the snow and ice, Sir. Too many times I’ve taken tumbles and been hit or knocked into. By disabled scooters, cyclists and Walkers on phones to mention a few.
      I really would like to get some more of the Pork Knuckles, they were so good! I might try around afew shops that I’ve been to, to locate the one selling them.
      Take care of yourself out their Tim, with so many TWOC (Taking without Consent) criminals.
      Got to go out Monday, surgery blood tests, Doctor about the Trotskys (there was omething else I was going to see her about, but the memory fails me Tsk!). I just pray the snow will have cleared or got far less by then. That Winchester Street is a very long winding steep hill, and they tell me here, that when the snow falls and lays, the buses do not come up or down it. Oh, dear. Hehe!

  2. I write down a list of things I think the Dr ought to know as I can’t rely on my memory once I’m in the consulting room! Best wishes for Monday. I don’t know how far you have to travel but I’m wondering if a taxi would help on Monday if you cannot rely on the bus…?

    • Thanks for the kind thoughts Mon Ami. ♥
      The other tenants who use Taxis regularly, tell me that due to the steep route on Winchester Street Hill, often the buses stop in heavy snow and taxis will not risk the trip? It’s about, hang on gal, I’ll work it out on Google Maps. Back in a bit… Sorry to keep yer waiting. Done it. 1.1 mile.
      This morning (Sunday 0300hrs), it has really warmed up so I can expect some snow soon. Maybe it (The snow) will not be too bad, and or dissolve quickly I hope.
      Some days, I can cope so well with problems, others panic sets in. Thankfully today I’m coping. It helps when a few words of care and encouragement arrive, I fank you!
      Taketh care, hope all well with the clan. XXX

      • Apologies, I was going to reply this morning but then we had power cuts and an electrical item beeped everytime the power went off and came on again and freaked out Bertie. Poor boy. He use to be fine about such things.
        I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and hope you can get to your appointment.
        We have had snow today but it isn’t laying in our village.
        Sending love and best wishes 🙂

      • No problem petal. Bertie and me are the same then, we used to be able to cope but not nowadays. Hehe! Not a lot worse than power-cuts, hope you don’t get any more.
        Give him a cuddle for me please.
        Not good this morning weatherwise. Snow and ice, no idea if the buses will be running today yet.
        Might have to walk to the surgery. I don’t mind if I can get a bus down into Sherwood, the main road is usually salt-gritted tht sprays onto the pavements. The side roads and hills here have not had any.
        I might set out really early and carfully hobble my way there. Once down the big hill, it is only a mile to the doctors.
        I hate to be late.
        Keep yourself and Bertie snug, I’m sure you will. TTFN thanks. ♥

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